How to Tweeze and Shape your Eyebrows Perfectly?

If your eyebrows are well groomed and in good shape, your personality and the overall look is greatly enhanced. The arch, thickness and the length of the eyebrows can greatly affect the appearance of the eye area. You need not be a professional to get a set of well shaped eyebrows. All you have to do is to follow certain basic rules and tips when you groom your eyebrows. These are as follows:

How Tweeze Eyebrows Perfectly

Tips for Shaping Your Eyebrows:

Choose the perfect setting:

When you tweeze your eyebrows, you can use a regular mirror to see the result. Bright light is also important as this allows you to see clearly each hair on your eyebrows. Some even use a magnifying mirror so that it is easier to see each hair. After doing a few tweezes you have to check and see if it is correct and you are not overdoing it. Just step back and see on the mirror.

Good to Tweeze eyebrows after a warm shower:

Tweezing the eyebrows is often quite painful. If you want to reduce the pain while you tweeze your eyebrows, you can do so by taking a hot shower just before you do tweeze. This makes the hair follicles open. So, when you pull out the hair on your eyebrows, it comes out easily and you feel less pain.

Every Face Shape is Different – Study your face:

The shape of your eyebrows must match well with the shape of your face. So, it is the shape of your face which decides whether you must have thin, thick  or fuller eyebrows. The arch of the eyebrows is also important and you must take care not to make it too high. The beginning of the brow must be aligned with the center of the nose and the arch should be at the back third of your eyes.

So Many Tweezers – Choose the perfect one:

Choosing the perfectly shaped tweezers is also very important. Using a slant tipped tweezer helps in plucking the hair more precisely and you can also prevent pinching of the skin by mistake as you tweeze.

For Creating a Shape Use a creamy pencil:

Before you tweeze your eyebrows you must draw the shape of the eyebrows you want. You can use a creamy kohl pencil that is white or black in color for this purpose. Mark the shape you desire with this pencil. Do not use waxy pencils because they may clog the pores and stick to the hair, making the process of tweezing difficult. Once you mark the shape, you can remove hairs that are outside the line.

How to Determine Eyebrows shape?

The shape of the eyebrows you choose to have is very important and if you do it correctly, it can make all the difference to your face. Here is how you can determine which shape makes your eyebrows perfect.

  • To determine the shape of your eyebrows, you need a long pencil or a thin brush. Line it along the side of the nose as the brow always start right above the tear duct.
  • Now let the pencil make a 45 degree angle with one end of it on the side of the nose.
  • The invisible lien that you imagine must go through the pupil of your eyes and meet at the eye brows. The point where the line touches the brow should be considered as the highest spot and this is where the arch of your eyebrows must come.
  • Next you have to place one end of the pencil on the nose line and the other end at the outer corner of your eyes. The line thus formed must extend to meet the eyebrow.
  • To have a perfect pair of eyebrows, it must have a slight arch. So, you must not make the arch too high. It will spoil the shape of your eyebrows.
  • Using a tooth brush or a brow brush, brush your eye brows in the upward direction. This way you can check if you need to trim them.
  • Join the spots you have made with the pencil and put an outline so that you get the shape you desire.
  • The hairs that come outside the line are unwanted and you must pluck them.
  • If the hair is long, you may trim them.
  • After you are done with the tweezing of eye brows, you can apply aloe vera gel on the skin to sooth the skin. This is good for getting rid of any redness caused as a result of tweezing.

Additional Tips you can Consider:

  • If your eye brows have gaps in between or if there is uneven growth, you can fill in the gap with dark brown eye shadow. You may also use a brow kit. This will make your eye brows look natural and will not show any gaps. Use a color that goes well with the color of your brows. However, if you have blond eyebrows, you have to use a color which is one two shades deeper than the color of your brows.
  • Using black eye shadow must always be avoided as this can make your brows look unnatural. Always use a shade lighter than black.
  • You must take care not to over trim your eyebrows. Trimming should always be kept to minimum.
  • If you want to keep your eye bros in shape for the whole day, you can use brow gel or transparent mascara. You may even use a little of your hair spray and rub it gently over the eyebrows. This helps in keeping the brows in shape.

So, now that you have seen how to tweeze and shape your eyebrows, try it at home by following the tips. After a few tries, you will see that it is not a hard task as you thought it to be.

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