Hyper Pigmentation Causes and Treatment Tips for your Skin

Hyper pigmentation is a very common phenomenon these days, which is amongst young as well as old people. Our skin is always exposed to pollution and heat throughout the day. As a result, human skin is always prone to a host of problems related to skin. At times, pollution is not the only factor responsible for such problems. Your genetic history has a lot to do with the health of your skin. Moreover, bad hygiene at home or workplace can lead to various skin problems too.

Hyper Pigmentation Causes Treatment

Such diseases are very common. Hence, numerous treatment options are available in metro cities as well as towns. Advanced medicines have come up because of research work. This has helped people to treat them through proper medication. At times, home remedies also work well for the skin. But if the problem is severe, consulting a skin specialist is the best option to save you from further damage. One such skin problem is hyper pigmentation which is very common these days.

It is very common to fall prey to diseases related to skin. If you are among those people suffering from skin problem, then also find out the root cause of the same. It is very important to know the root cause of the problem so that finding a solution becomes easy and quick. Hyper pigmentation is usually caused due to more than natural production of melanin by the melanocyte cells of our body and skin in particular. This increase in production of melanin is an abnormal process which can be caused due to various reasons.

Hyper pigmentation can be caused due to many factors. Some of the most common causes behind the excess melanin production are given below.

Causes of Hyper pigmentation:

Allergic Reactions:

When you find any allergic reaction in your body, you skin is going though some inflammatory reaction. Try to avoid being in contact with something that is severely allergic to your body because your body might react in an unusual way after this causing continuous irritation and hyper pigmentation. In the worst case the reaction might end up activating the melanocytic cells, resulting in hyper pigmentation.

Go for medication:

Take proper medication on proper time is one of the best ways to get rid of hyper pigmentation. There are many medicines which will help you to keep hyper pigmentation at bay. Antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs, hormone medication, Topical retinoid, non-steroidal drugs as well as chemotherapeutic drugs can lead to hyper pigmentation. Take care before you take any medication because some of them are so strong that they can cause hormonal changes in our bodies which can again start the production of melanocytic cells. Hyper pigmentation can be a side effect of many medications, which one might be forced to use.

Genetic causes:

At times, hyper pigmentation is caused due to genetic reasons. It is embedded in their DNA. You never know, when you will become victim to such skin diseases. If you have someone close in your family suffering from hyper pigmentation, chances are you might also go through this problem. If this is the case, your skin type also leads to hyper pigmentation at times. For example, even the slightest allergic reaction, sun exposure, hormonal change or skin damage can cause hyper pigmentation.

Inflammation Caused by Sunlight

When we go out in the sun without covering our skin, it causes tanning. This tanning is not uniform throughout the skin. This can lead to hyper pigmentation. Our skin is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun which produces inflammatory response. Initially when your skin is exposed to sunlight, you don’t feel much difference, but with continuous exposure for a long period, the inflammation level increases. During this time, our body starts to produce inflammatory mediators. This hormone contributes much for many of the skin reactions. Likewise, melanodytes are also activated due to this action. If skin is continuous exposed for years, melanocyte remains permanently active causing hyper pigmentation.

Skin Damage:

A simple cut or a small pimple, both can lead to the production of melanin continuously. Thus, when you skin goes through further damage, you body reacts by producing an inflammatory reaction. Since your skin is injured, it might not be able to regenerate the skin pigments, which were there before. Due to this, darker pigments get generated over the damaged area. Thus, any type of skin problem like eczema during this stage can be a major factor behind hyper pigmentation.

Identifying the reason behind hyper pigmentation is very essential. Similarly, choosing the right kind of treatment is equally important. Here are some of the commonly used treatments.

Best Treatment for Hyper-pigmentation:

  1. Try out these home remedies. Aloe Vera cream or Vitamin E oil shows instant results. Also try to include lots of water in your diet so as to flush out all the toxins in your body. Rubbing a slice of lime over the affected area or applying multani mitti added with rose water also helps much in improving the condition. Try mixing honey and few drops of lime; apply this pack on affected areas to see quick results.
  2. Over the counter medications help when you want to treat the problem yourself. Try using skin lightening creams which can help your situation. Go for those medications which contain Retin-A or alpha-hydroxy acid.
  3. Microdermabrasion is a medical procedure newly used these days to treat hyper pigmentation. This wears out the topmost layer of your face. This is a delicate process and, at times, leads to internal skin bleeding. Thus look out for an expert if you want to go through this process.

The prime root of hyper pigmentation is excess of melanin production. It is good to prevent such diseases than curing them at later stages. You will have to spend a lot of money if you are going through a medical treatment of this problem. Thus, taking proper care of skin is very essential. Protect your skin from sunlight and pollution and save yourself from hyper pigmentation.

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