Important Health Benefits of Body Massage

At times you feel so tired and worn out that you wish for some relaxation. Here we will talk about s technique that can make you fully relaxed and rejuvenated. Are you wondering what it is? Well, it is the body massage!!

Body massage comes as a blessing for all those who have had a hectic week or month. It is recommended for men as well as women. But make sure that you go to an experienced person for your body massage, so that it is done properly, using the correct techniques. In a body massage the skin, tendons and the muscles are manipulated, rubbed and pressed in a proper way. Usually the hands and the fingers are used by the massage therapist for this purpose. In some cases, they also use their elbow and forearms to massage the body. A good body massage benefits your body as well as your mind. To get the full benefits of body massage, go to a professional massage therapist who knows the correct techniques of the body massage.

Body Massage Health Benefits

Advantages of Body Massage for Health:

Controls pain and symptoms caused by cancer:

Cancer patients often suffer from pain and a number of other symptoms due to the chemotherapy done and a number of medicines taken. Massage therapy is an excellent way to get relief to such patients. Body massage is said to be more effective than the traditional medicines to reduce pains and other symptoms. It helps them to feel relaxed get rid of pain to some extent.

Deals with depression and anxiety:

Depression and anxiety make you feel low and disinterested in day to day activities. A good body massage can help you overcome these feelings. This is because body massage reduces the levels of cortisol, which is a hormone responsible for causing stress. Body massage is also good for increasing neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which are beneficial for the treatment of depression.

Hypertension: Manages blood pressure better:

High blood pressure is turning out to be one of the major health problems and many people suffer from it. Studies made have shown that high blood pressure can be reduced by body massage. Body massage is said to be a non-evasive and a soothing way to treat high blood pressure. It also does not have any side effects as you may have by taking medicines.

Helps improve posture and body mechanics:

Nowadays you can see many men and women with incorrect postures. Such postures can be unhealthy and may lead to other problems as well. Sitting in front of the computers for a long time without even getting up is one of the main reasons for such postures. By undergoing body massage you can correct these postures. Body massage helps in making your stuff muscles relaxed. The sore joints also get great relief by massage therapy.

Improves Body’s immune function:

The immunity of the body depends on the proper levels of white blood cells in the body. If there is a lowering of these blood cells, your immunity power is also reduced. Studies have shown that body massage helps in increasing the levels of white blood cells in the body, thus enhancing the immunity.

Manage respiratory disorders and breathing:

Massaging of the body helps in the treatment of respiratory problems and thus helps you to breathe better. You also get relief from bronchitis, sinus and allergies by going for body massage. If you need inhalers and medicines for breathing properly, go for a body massage and you will be able to breathe well.

Neuromuscular Massage: Relief from headaches:

Headache is a common problem with many of the people. When you spend too much of time in front of the computers, go out in the sun, sleep late at night etc, you suffer from headache. Stress and anxiety also cause headaches. What you do when you have headache is to apply a good pain relief balm. This can give your relief only for a short period of time. If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraine, these balms are not enough to get relief. It is seen that for such headaches body massage is very beneficial. It is very effective in reducing chronic headaches and migraine.

Pain Management: Manages pain more efficiently:

When you undergo a body massage, chemical changes take place in your body and this help in reducing the pain in the muscles, ligaments and other parts of the body. According to studies made, it was shown that regular massage of the body can get you relief from muscular pains.

Rejuvenating sleep:

Many of you might have suffered from insomnia and sleeping problems which can make you irritated and affect your work. This is common with men and women of all age groups. Insomnia can be due to various factors like stress, too much of work, taking of some medicines and stimulants and so on. Whatever the reason, you can correct it by having body massage. Body massage provides you a good and deep sleep and this in turn helps the body to repair and rejuvenate the cells.

Speeds up recovery from post injury and surgery:

After a serious injury or a major surgery, your body needs time to recover. Under such circumstances it has been proved that proper body massage can be very effective for a fast recovery of the body. Massage increases the circulation of the blood in the body and provides relaxation to the tired and weak muscles of the body. Body massage helps in providing the required oxygen to the organ in the body. As a result, the healing process after an accident or operation is made faster. Athletes often suffer injuries and may have twisted knees or sprained ankles. They benefit a lot by going for special types of massages.

So you can see that body massage is great for your body and makes your muscles well toned and in good condition. It also removes pain and stress and provides you a good sleep.

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