How to Improve Hair Texture? Natural Home Remedies

Long and thick hair can always increase your beauty. If you are looking for ways to have gorgeous and voluminous hair in a natural way, read on. Using chemical base product that you get from the market can harm your hair. The best way is to use natural ingredients on your hair.

Hair Texture

Before you try to make your hair look healthy and beautiful, it is important that you know the type of hair you have and its texture.

Determining Hair texture:

The texture of your hair is based on the thickness of each hair strand or its circumference or the condition of the cuticle. If you have fine hair, the circumference of your hair is small and it has closed cuticle. Coarse hair on the other hand has large circumference and the cuticle tends to be more open. This makes your hair to be more porous. Basically there are three hair textures, whether your hair is wavy, straight or curly. The 3 hair textures are – medium, fine and thick.

Fine hair:

Fine hair appears to be almost translucent when you hold it in light. The strands that shed are very hard to see even on a contrasting background. When you roll a strand of fine hair between your index finger and the thumb, you hardly feel its presence. It will feel like a strand of silk. They have only two hair structures, which are the cuticle and the cortex. They are very thin and break easily. Fine hair gets damaged easily. They are smooth and are shiny. So, they cannot hold hairstyles.

Medium hair:

This type of hair structure is neither coarse nor fine. When you roll a strand of this hair between your index finger and thumb, you will feel it like a cotton thread. It is not tough and stiff. This hair has two layers of hair structure, the cuticle and the cortex. It may also have the medulla. They do not break easily and have a bounce.

Thick hair:

Thick hair is also called coarse hair. If you roll a strand of thick hair between your index finger and the thumb, it will feel wiry and hard. You can even hear your hair as you roll it back and forth. This is one of the strongest of all hair structures. This hair has all the three layers, namely the cuticle, the medulla and the cortex. Being rough and heavy, they hold many hairstyles well.

Hair types

Just like various texture of hair, human hair also comes in different hair types. The hair type is based on the thickness and the amount of curl in the hair strand. There are four types of hair, which are straight, wavy, curly and tightly curled.


Type 1 hair has curls and it is naturally straight. This type of hair is shiny and oily because it has no curls in it. Being straight, the oil present in the scalp comes down to the hair shaft. Type 1 hair is divided into 3 sub categories. First type is flat from the root to the tip and has no curls. Many Asian girls have this type of hair. The second type of hair is now completely flat and it has more body in it. It also holds curls. It has bends here and there and the ends also tend to curl slightly. The third type of hair is straight and it has body. Few areas of this hair are wavy. It also bends slightly.


This type of hair is naturally wavy and forms an S shape. It is neither oily nor dry. Type 2 hair type has three sub categories. The first kind has loose and natural waves all over the scalp. The second kind has waves. This type of hair also does not have any bounce. The final kind of hair also has waves consisting of loose spiral curls. This is most frizzy type of hair in this category.


This type is also S shaped and naturally curly. It consists of ringlets, which can be defined without using any hair product. They are usually dry. This hair also has 3 sub categories. First kind can be well defined and is silky in texture. Second kind has spiral and springy curls and is very frizzy. The third kind has oily curls.

Curled and Coiled:

This consists of tightly curled and coiled hair. It keeps its shape whether it is wet or dry. It is extremely dry it also has three sub categories.

Tips to Improve Texture of Hair:

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is rich in various nutrients that help your hair grow better. You can use it as a conditioner, which helps in hair growth and making it stronger. It can also reduce tangles and prevent hair fall.


Alma is also good for improving hair texture to a great extent. They are good sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. Using amla helps in improving hair growth and adding shine to your hair. Amla hair packs or raw amla mixed with coconut oil can nourish your hair and make your hair voluminous.

Coconut oil:

Coconut has the ability to improve hair structure. It keeps your hair moisturized and promotes growth of hair. It also prevents split ends and hair breakage. By massaging your scalp regularly with coconut oil you can make your hair grow long.


Eggs are rich sources of protein and help in giving you long and thick hair. It can make your hair shafts stronger and improve the hair texture. The nutrients in it are good for preventing breakage. Applying hair pack made of eggs and olive oil helps in giving you thick and shiny hair.

Green tea:

Green tea is not only good for your health but also great for your hair. It helps in improving the growth of your hair and also conditions your hair. It is rich in polyphenols and vitamin C, which help in making your hair lustrous and beautiful.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, and helps in making your hair thick and full by stimulating hair growth.


Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, which is good for making your hair grow long and thick. Oranges can boost up the volume of your hair and improve your hair texture.

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