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Your eyes are the most important part of your face and everyone wish to have healthy and beautiful eyes. Eves differ in shape, size and color. They may be small, round, Asian, almond-shaped, wide, narrow, large etc. People first notice your eyes before they notice the other parts of your face. Some people are blessed with beautiful eyes but there are many who need an eye makeup to make their eyes beautiful. Eye makeup should be done properly and with care.

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Usually people apply foundation on the face and then do the eyes. But this is not the correct procedure, because small specks of the eye makeup may fall on your face and you will have to wipe them off now and then. This wastes your time and also removes the foundation from your face. So you will have to apply the foundation again. So, you must do the eye makeup first and then do the face. If you do the eye makeup first and then find that it does not suit you, you can wipe it off without taking the trouble to clean your face and applying the foundation again. Before you start the eye makeup, you have to take notice of your eye color, its shape and what you don’t like about your eyes, and do the makeup accordingly.

If you are using metallic colors for your eye makeup, make sure that you keep it close to the lash line. If it gets spread below the lash line, your eyes will look droopy and tired, as if you have spent sleepless nights for weeks. It also enhances the fine lines around your eyes and makes you look much older than you really are.

Most of the women are ignorant about what to do to reduce or enhance the shape of the eyes. So first one must learn what eye makeup to do for eyes of different shapes.

Some tips for different eye shape are:

Close-set eyes:

Close set eyes are made to look wider apart by applying the correct eye makeup. When you have close-set eyes, you have to use the high lighter in the inner corners of the eyes. If you wish to use dark eye shadows or do smoky eyes, use it on the outer corner of the eyes only. One thing that you must always remember is that anything hat is shimmery, light, metallic or highlighting must be put on the inner corner of your eyes and those that rare dark and Smokey must be put on the outer corner of the eyes. With close set eyes, you must avoid darkening your eyes all across.

Heavy eyelids:

Heavy eyelids are made to look lighter with the correct eye makeup. When you use eye shadow, use it on the inner corner of the top and bottom of the eyes, no matter what color the eye shadow is. So, even when your eyes are open, you will be able to see able to see the color of the eye shadow. Another thing to remember is that you must not keep the eye brows too much arched. A soft arch is best for those with heavy eyelids. You must also not use frosty eye shadow. Matte contouring eye shade makes your eyes appear to be set in a deeper socket.

Large, rounded or protruding eyes:

Large eyes are good, but if they are rounded or protruding, they do not look good on your face. There are a few tips to correct such eyes with makeup. Use smudged eyeliner instead of hard-edged eye liner and apply the eyeliner and eye shadow in such a way that the rounded outer corners of your eyes look stretched. Apply mascara only on the upper lashes. Cat eye liner make up is said to be best for those having large and rounded eyes.

Small eyes:

Everyone likes to have large eyes. But many have small eyes also. You need not worry. You can make them look large with proper eye makeup. Small eyes look larger by curling the lashes and applying mascara. To the inner rim of the eye you may apply creamy white pencil. You can also add false eyelashes on the lash line of your top eyelid. This makes your eyes look larger.

Small eyelashes:

The only solution for solving the problem of small eyelashes is to use false eyelashes.

The eye makeup that you put in the day time differs from evening eye makeup. During the day time you must use light colors for your eyes and in the evenings you can use dark shades.

Tips for the evening make up are:

  • Prepare your eyes by applying a concealer, which covers the dark circles under your eyes. To cover he dark circles under the eyes, apply three dots of the concealer, one at the inner corner of the eye, where it the darkest, the second one under the pupil and the third one on the outer edge of the eyes. Pat the concealer till it disappears.
  • Apply eye shadow premier to the eye lid. It helps to keep the eye shadow intact for hours. Even rain and a night’s sleep do not spoil the eye shadow if you use eye shadow premier.
  • Apply an eye liner, which may be liquid liners or an eye pencil. Dark eye shadows are also used as eye liners. Wet a brush and dup it in the eye shadow, then put the line close to the upper lashes. On the bottom put the line from the middle of the eyes to the outer edge and smudge it with your finger.
  • Next apply the eye shadow. A three toned shadow is the best and start from the lids to the brow. First use light color, then medium and then the dark color. They must blend into each other perfectly.
  • After the eye shadow, brighten your eyes with a highlighter, highlight your brow, curl the lashes and apply mascara. You are done with your eye makeup.

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