Italian Beauty, Makeup and Diet Secrets Unveiled

The name Italy reminds you of the tasty Italian food, namely pizzas and pasta, and the slim and well maintained men and women there. It is a wonder how the men and women in Italy stay so slim and fit. According to studies made, Italian diet consists of foods that are best for a person to stay healthy. People in Italy know exactly what diet to follow and how to maintain a perfect lifestyle. People here follow the natural ways to keep their body fit and maintain a glowing skin. This they do without performing rigorous exercises.

Italian Beauty Routine and Makeup Secrets:

Italian Beauty Makeup Secrets

  • Italian women are very beautiful and we all like to look beautiful like them. If you want to look like them, first and foremost you have to pamper your hair like the Italian women do. They use natural hair masks regularly. This helps in giving them healthy and glowing hair. You can also give a hot oil massage for your hair. Take some olive oil in a bowl, warm it and apply it on your scalp and hair. Massage your scalp well for a few minutes. You can also cover your hair with a warm towel. This will help the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin of the scalp. After waiting for half an hour you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Hot oil massage is also good for increasing the blood circulation in the scalp and this helps in making your hair grow healthy and strong.
  • Many of you have the habit of buying one skin care product and then buy another brand the next time, even if the first one was good for your skin and gave you positive results. This is not a good practice. You must avoid switching products. Select a good quality skin care product and stick to this brand if it shows good results. If it is not good for your skin, you can try another brand, till you get the correct product.
  • Italian women do not go for pencil thin eyebrows. They like to keep it natural, but in good shape. So, if your eyebrows are thin, try to make it a bit thicker by using black or brown liner pencil. Fill in the thinness with dots using these pencils. This way you can make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller.
  • When Italian women do their makeup, they try to enhance their best features. So, if your brows are your best feature, then keep your brows well shaped and highlight this feature. If you have well shaped and beautiful lips, then use a good lipstick that will help in highlighting your lips and let it stand out. Some women have beautiful eyes. If your eyes are your best features, then apply a bold makeup on your eyes and highlight your eyes. On the other hand, if your cheek bones are the best then you must focus on your cheek bones when you apply makeup on your face. Use a suitable blush on your cheek bones and highlight your cheek bones, so that people take notice of your cheek bones.
  • To make their skin glow, Italian women are said to use a fragrant mixture of blood oranges and olive oil. They mix two teaspoons of virgin olive oil with the juice of blood orange as well as finely grated skin of the fruit. After mixing all the ingredients,. They apply this on their face and neck and massage well. Then they wash it off with cold water. Using this regularly provides a good glow to the skin.

Italian Diet Plan Secrets:

Italian Diet Plan Secrets

  • Italians have their meals not only to satisfy their appetite, but also to enjoy the food. As you know, you have to chew your food properly when you eat your food. Italians always chew their food well and then consume it. During the dining time they enjoy the food they consume and engage themselves in small conversations that relax the atmosphere and help them to enjoy the food. After having their dinner or lunch, they do for a stroll or walk with their loved ones. Usually they do not have snacks in between their meals. In case they have snacks, it will be mainly nuts or any other nutritional foods instead of fries and foods that are not good for health.
  • The main course for Italians includes pasta or any other nutritious Italian food as well as salad. People here prefer to have green salad. The green salad that they consume includes dark green vegetables like dark cabbage, spinach and so on. This is served just before they have their dessert. After cutting the vegetables, it is tossed with a little wine or olive oil. In most of the Italian dishes like pasta and salads, olive oil is used. Olive oil is excellent for having a beautiful and glowing hair as well as a healthy heart. Olive oil is also best for losing weight effectively.
  • Fresh fruits are the main ingredients in Italian desserts. So they are very nutritious and excellent for your health. When you use fresh fruits to make desserts, you need not add any extra sugar as fruits are already sweet and tasty. So, consuming Italian dessert is an excellent way to lose weight easily. This is one of the reasons why Italians maintain a good figure. Fresh seasonal fruits are used in dessert. These fruits are mixed with a little wine or balsamic vinegar. Sugary cakes and cookies are also consumed here, but very rarely. They are taken only on special occasions and not included in regular diet.

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  1. Wow, the girls in the pics are really beautiful and it shows that they are doing their best to maintain their beauty. Most of the points you have mentioned are more suitable to girls but I believe the one about the not switching from one brand product to another ( even when first one is good) and eat a healthy diet and in the right manner ( chew it properly). These days , some people even don’t eat their food properly and they eat as if they are throwing some pieces of bread down their throat.

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