How to do Kundalini Meditation – Its Techniques and Benefits

Have you ever tried any sort of meditation? Meditation provides a lot of benefits to your mind and body.  It always leaves behind a magical experience after every time you do it. There are various types of meditation. Each of them differs in the way they are practiced and also on the benefits that we get by doing it. Of the numerous kinds of meditation, some of the most known ones are Zen meditation, Kundalini meditation and Om meditation.

What is common in all the various types of meditation is concentration and technique. Meditation is nothing but concentration. Whatever be the kind of meditation you do, if you want good results out of it, you need to keep good levels of concentration and follow the right technique. You can do meditation at anytime and anywhere. You just need a quiet place and enough time to practice meditation.

Let us see what kundalini yoga/meditation is, its benefits and how it is done.

What is Kundalini Yoga/Meditation?

What is Kundalini Yoga

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It is a type of meditation that will help in bringing out the energy inside us. It helps in awakening the body, mind and soul of the person who practices it. Kundalini in Sanskrit means coiled like a serpent. And the meditation got its name from this Sanskrit word. This meditation is referred to as a path for self-realization.

Kundalini meditation is very simple and easy to go at home. This article will be of great help to you if you are a beginner with this type of meditation techniques. Here we will discuss how to do kundalini meditation in seven simply steps that will help you easily learn how to do it at home.

How to perform Kundalini meditation – Step by Step Process:

Kundalini Yoga Meditation how toStep 1:

First thing to do is to find a quiet and comfortable place to practice the meditation. The place should be such that you can sit back and relax. Along with this make sure you have enough time to practice this meditation. Pick a piece of cloth or yoga mat for you to do the meditation.

Step 2:

The next step is to make the body understand that you are doing meditation. You are doing this meditation to activate your body. So make sure that your mind and body understands what your intention of doing this is. Meditation will be effective only if your mind and body are in the same page.

Step 3:

Sit in a cross-legged position that you are comfortable with. You can choose to sit in any postures such as sukhasana, padmasana, ardha padmasana or vajrasana, whichever you are comfortable in. the only thing to take care of is that you can’t change your sitting position till the end of meditation. Padmasana is the ideal posture for doing kundalini meditation. But it is the wish of the person who is meditating to choose his own posture, as the comfort of the posture for the person is more important than how you are sitting.

Step 4:

Next step is to close your eyes. You have to keep them closed till the end of the meditation. Now by lifting up your left hand, close your left nostril with the fingers of the left hand. Keeping the left nostril closed like this, breathe through your right nostril. Try to inhale as much as possible only through the right nostril and hold the breath for as long as you can. You will feel the difference. You will feel circulation of energy through your whole body. Now release the breath slowly and completely till you feel flat. After doing this repeat the same procedure with the left nostril also by keeping the right nostril closed.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to concentrate on the energy centre of the body also known as chakra in Sanskrit. Concentrate on the chakra located at the base of the spine. This chakra located here is called muladhara or root chakra. Muladhara is said to be the reason for our existence in the world. Continue to keep on breathing in and out with your nostrils alternatively while you concentrate on the muladhara and try to activate it. Breathe through the right nostril first, and then repeat the procedure through the left nostril.

Step 6:

Now it’s the time to make your imaginations work. Try to visualize the flow of a bright light from the crown of your head. This is where another energy centre sahasra chakra is located. Then try to imagine light flowing from your muladhara also. These two lights flow towards your heart chakra with full force. As you try to imagine this flow of energy in your body, continue the breathing process.

Step 7:

If you succeed in feeling this flow of energy, you will feel some magical difference in your body, and flow of new energy through your body from your head to toe. Following these steps properly will help you feel the divine touch by doing this meditation process. Keep your eyes closed through-out this meditation and just try to concentrate on your breath and relax yourself. You will feel some peace around you. For those who practice it really well, they will feel some connect with the God almighty by doing this meditation and will feel the divine touch on your mind body and soul.

What are the Benefits of Kundalini Meditation?

  • Doing kundalini meditation will help to calm down your brain.
  • It can help in giving you a feeling of oneness with God.
  • It can help you in getting relief from depression and anxiety. It will also help you get rid of wrong feelings such as ego, jealousy and aggression.
  • Doing kundalini meditation regularly can help in increasing your concentration levels.
  • This meditation is one powerful way to make you self-confident. It will also help you feel more independent and powerful.
  • Kundalini meditation will also increase your thinking capacity. It will also increase your level of endurance.

So start to practice this meditation regularly and feel the difference that it brings to your body and soul.

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