Lactose Free Diet Plan: What Foods you can eat?

Have you heard of Lactose Intolerance? It is a food allergy that is very common in all parts of the world. It is estimated that about 60-70% of people in India suffer from lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar you get from milk and other dairy products. If you are sensitive to lactose, you will experience various symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramping and so on when they consume milk or any other dairy products.

Lactose Free Diet Foods

So, if you suffer from lactose allergy, you must avoid any diet that contains lactose. This means that you have to read the food labels properly and ensure that whatever you buy is free from lactose. Other than milk and dairy products, you must also avoid foods like dried potato mixes, milk-based breads, waffles, rolls, muffins, macaroni mixes that come in packets, other poultry items and so on, as they may also contain lactose.

Gluten and Lactose Free Diet Foods List:


Bacon is one of the favorite foods of all those who love to consume meat. It is considered as one of the top non-vegetarian food items in the world. It is free from lactose and therefore a good choice for people on lactose free diet. It has lots of health benefits. It is great for removing fat from your body. Protein is found in high quantities in bacon and therefore it is excellent for a healthy heart.


Barley is one of the top 10 foods that are ideal for people on a lactose free diet. It is known as ‘jau’ in India and it can greatly help in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. Barley is a wholesome food and it keeps your whole body healthy and fit. By consuming barley, you can lower your body weight and keep it under control. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. You can retain the elasticity of your skin by consuming barley. Barley water is good for those who suffer from kidney and bladder ailments.

Corn tortilla chips:

Corn tortilla chips are very tasty and also healthy. They are lots more healthy than potato chips. Eating of corn tortilla chips is recommended by USDA also. If you are on a lactose free diet, corn tortilla chips are a good choice. These chips are rich in fiber, which is very effective for proper functioning of the digestive tract. Fiber also helps in absorbing extra water present in the body. This way it aids in preventing constipation.


Egg is a healthy food and most people include it in their regular diet. You can have it various forms and they provide you with a variety of nutrients essential for your body. It is perfect for those who are on a lactose free diet. Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. By consuming eggs, you can keep yourself free from heart attacks, eye problems, strokes etc. They are good for your skin as well.


Oats are regarded as one of the healthiest foods you can have. People who are health conscious include oats in their daily diet. The harvesting of oats is during the fall, but you get them throughout the year. They are easy to prepare and takes only a little time. So, even if you are busy, you get time to prepare oats. oats are healthy and has got lots of health benefits. they are free from lactose and are rich sources of fiber and nutrients that are needed for the body. By consuming oats regularly, you can maintain a healthy body. It is also good for those who are on a weight loss diet.


Peas are not only free from lactose, but also a storehouse of various nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Green peas are rich sources of dietary fiber, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, copper, manganese, Vitamin K, potassium and so on. It is also low in calories and therefore good for weight management. Consuming them increases your immune system and provides you with energy. It is also good for preventing aging of the skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. You will have healthy heart and bones by consuming peas.


Pasta is yummy and loved by majority of people all over the world. It is also healthy and free from lactose. Moreover, pasta is low in sodium and free from cholesterol. However, some ready to eat pasta may contain lactose. So you must read the label on the pack properly before you buy the packet.


Rice, as you know, is lactose free. You get it easily in the market. It is healthy and has got lots of health benefits. It also supplies you with energy as it is rich in carbohydrates. Brown rice is better than white rice. It is rich in fiber, calcium and minerals. It is also good for the health of your heart.


Tofu is a good substitute for meat among the vegetarians. It is made from soybean curd and is gluten-free and low in fat. Proteins and vitamins are found in high amounts in tofu. It is free from lactose and delicious to taste. You can prepare it easily and it makes a healthy food. Consuming tofu helps in controlling blood pressure and improves the health of your heart. It is also good for slowing down aging of the skin and preventing hair loss.

Water-based breads:

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you must avoid milk-based breads and buy water=based breads instead. They are now available easily in the market. Some of the common types of water-based breads that are available are French breads, Jewish rye breads and so on.

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