What is Laughter Yoga – Benefits for your Skin and Health

Laughter yoga or Hasyayoga is a simple and powerful life changing form of exercise practice that involves prolonged voluntary laughter. It was founded by Dr. Madan kataria in 1995 as a therapy to relieve tensions and for the treatment of many health problems. Staying happy and laughing heartily is always good for your health and helps you forget all your worries ad tensions.  A good laugh certainly makes you more relaxed and happy. So it is a good idea to practice laughter yoga to make you relax and become more energetic.

laughter yoga benefits skin health

In today’s busy world you are always in a hurry to reach your goals and you get hardly any time to unwind yourself and get in to a lighter mood. Laughter yoga helps you to get relief from all tensions and worries. Now there are many clubs where you can practice this yoga with other people in a group. This makes it even more interesting and effective. You can practice it at home by following the under mentioned steps.

Steps to follow when you do laughter yoga:

Extend your hands to heaven:

Lift your hands and extend it, stretching the arms to the sky. Laugh loudly with your arms stretched upwards as if you are praising God and welcoming him.

Greeting laughter:

You must have seen many people who hardly smiles when they meet people. But if you greet others with a wide smile, they will also give you a wide and happy smile in return and it is good for maintaining social relations. So whenever you meet somebody, whether your friends or relatives, greet them with a wide and sincere smile. This helps in giving a good massage to the cheeks and keeps the cheek muscles firm.

Hearty laughter:

To practice this yoga, you only need to spread your hands and look up at the sky. Then laugh as much as you can. Many of you may have problem with laughing in this way and find it odd to laugh for no reason at all. Then all you have to do is to think of any funny incident that has happened in your life recently or think of some really funny jokes that you have read. This will help you in laughing and soon you will be laughing heartily, forgetting all boundaries.

Learn the purpose or need of laughter yoga:

In this fast moving life of today, it is necessary to practice laughter yoga. Even if you are very busy and cannot afford to lose much time, you must surely set aside a little time for laughter yoga. This will help you to remain happy and as a result your social life and relationships will improve. It relieves you from stress and makes you tension free and relaxed.

Lay your hands on the head:

Put your hands on your head and laugh from inside. This way you can get rid of all tensions and worries that have been troubling you and keep your mind relaxed and at peace.

Lay your hands on the chest:

Place your left hand on your chest with the palm towards the chest and then put the palm of your right hand on top your left hand palm. Now shout out “Ha Ha Ha’.

Silent laughter:

Silent laughter is a form of laughter yoga where you laugh loudly, but no sound comes out from your mouth. This practice massages your throat from inside and is good for your throat and preventing any diseases of the throat.

Santa Claus Laughter:

Stand in a pose like you stand in the temple in front of the idol to pray. Now keep your hand in front of your chest in such a way that they press the chest slightly. The thymus gland is in the middle of the chest and you will be pressing this gland by keeping the hands in the middle of the chest. This helps in the activation the gland. Now you have to focus your attention on your stomach and laugh ‘Ho Ho’. Then concentrate on your chest and laugh ‘Ha Ha’.

Tap your feet laughter:

Here the whole attention is given to your feet. Just keep your feet tapping on the ground and say “Hu Hu Hu’. This way you can give a good massage to your mouth and to your feet muscles as well. This keeps your feet muscles relaxed.

Practicing this yoga will make you feel better and happy with your life. After you complete doing laughter yoga chant “OM” loudly 11 times. This produces a vibration which can fill you with positive energy the whole day long.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga for Skin and Health:

  • It may be compared to any aerobic exercise and helps in supplying more oxygen to your body and brain. As a result you will feel more energetic and healthy.
  • If your body is sick and not energetic, you will not be able to lead a happy life. Laughter yoga makes your immune system strong and protects you from various diseases. In addition to that it also helps in the treatment of depression, arthritis, hyper tension, diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, back ache, allergies, headache and so on.
  • Laughter yoga improves your mood and being in a good mood, you can do your task more efficiently and with full concentration.
  • Laughter yoga stimulates the secretion of endorphins, often called laughter hormones, which give you a feeling of happiness and well being.
  • Laughter yoga helps you to cope with challenging times and keep a positive attitude even when you are faced with the most challenging situations.
  • To laugh you need to breathe deeply, and this makes more oxygen to get into your lungs and respiratory system. So it is good for asthma, bronchitis etc. Increased oxygen increases blood circulation also and as a result the cells get more blood and are rejuvenated, helping you to remain young looking.

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