Long Thick Hair Secrets from Different Generations to Steal

You must have seen how long and beautiful hair your grandmother must be having in her old pictures. Most of the older generations have long and healthy hair. This is because they follow the natural methods to treat their hair. There are many ancient Indian long hair secrets that you may not be aware of. Here are some for you!

Long Thick Hair Secrets

Long Hair Secrets Passed Down From Generation To Generation:


Besides making tasty dishes with aarhar dal, you can also use it for treating your hair. Take a handful of aarhar and soak it in water for about 12 hours. Now remove the dal and use the water to wash your hair. This helps in repairing damaged hair and also makes your hair silky and soft. By using this regularly, your hair will start to grow longer.

Almond, castor, olive and jojoba oil:

Mix almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and jojoba oil well and apply this on your scalp and hair. Wait for about half an hour and then wash with water and a mild shampoo. This will make your hair soft and silky as well as longer.

Curry leaves:

Take some curry leaves and clean them. Chop the leaves and add this to the oil that you apply on your hair. Boil the oil for a while, till the leaves become brown and crispy. Cool the oil and store it in a bottle. Apply this oil on your scalp and hair regularly. This will provide you long and strong hair. You can also mix egg with this oil and then apply on your hair. This will provide you smooth and silky hair. This oil is also good for preventing gray hair.


Fenugreek has amazing effects on hair. It is an excellent spice for log hair. Add fenugreek powder to coconut milk and apply this well on your scalp and hair. Let it remain on your hair for about 40 minutes. Wash off with water and a mild organic shampoo. This helps in providing you healthy hair that grows well.

Hibiscus flowers:

Hibiscus flowers are known to be very beneficial for hair growth. Take a few of these flowers and put them in a bowl of water. Let then soak in the water for two hours. Now remove he flowers and wash your hair with this water. This helps in making your hair grow long. It is also good for making hair soft and smooth. Even hibiscus leaves are good for hair. You can clean your hair and remove all dirt and oil by applying a paste of hibiscus leaves on your hair.


Mix honey, olive oil and egg and apply this mixture on your hair. This will provide you strong hair, which also grows thick and long. This recipe is excellent for long hair.

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is very beneficial for making your hair grow long. Take some jojoba oil and apply this oil on your hair before you go to have your bath. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash off with water and a mild shampoo. This makes your hair strong and long.


Applying oil on your hair is very important. You can apply any oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil and so on. This will prevent dryness of the scalp and keeps your scalp and hair well hydrated. You can even mix two or more oils and then apply on your hair. Warm the oil before you apply it on the hair. This will allow the oil to penetrate deeply in to the scalp and nourish the hair follicles. By applying oil regularly on your hair, you will get healthy and strong hair that grows long.

Shikakai and amla:

Alma is known to be excellent for hair. Shitake helps in making your scalp and hair clean and soft. Mix amla powder and shikakai powder with little water to get a smooth paste. Apply this well on your scalp and hair and then wait for a few minutes. Wash off with water. This acts as a good conditioner and conditions your hair. It is also good for making your hair strong and helps in its growth. You must have seen your grandmother and mother using this for treating hair.


This is a recipe which is used by many of our older generations.  Take some yogurt and apply this on your scalp and hair. Massage your scalp for a few minutes and let the yogurt remain on your hair for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water till all traces of the yogurt are removed. Using this regularly helps in promoting hair growth and also provides you strong hair.

Long hair secrets you can follow without making any preparations:

Cut hair more often – When you color your hair and style it, your hair tends to become frizzy and dry. So, it is a good idea to cut your hair about half inch, so that it grows well.

Do not rub hair – Many of you have the habit of rubbing your hair vigorously, so that your hair dries fast. This is not a good habit because it makes your hair get tangled and thus cause breakage of hair.

A Few Other Good Practices for Getting Long Hair:

  • Keep your hair clean. Cleanse you hair regularly.
  • Brush your hair using a suitable brush, so that the brush does not cause any damage to your scalp or hair.
  • Try to use protective hair styles.
  • The hair tools that you use on your hair must be the correct ones.
  • Try to avoid using any heating techniques on your hair.

Now that you have seen how to take care of your hair properly and get long hair, follow the tips mentioned above and see how your hair will change for the best.

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