How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks – Diet chart (Min 6kgs)

A slim figure is the dream of every woman. Everyone wants to stay fit and get rid of that extra flab. Daily work out and exercise is very important to stay fit. But, there is something that needs to be done along with it to maintain your weight, have a proper diet. A good diet schedule is needed to lose weight and get slim. Dieting does not mean skipping food or not eating at all. It means eating what is nutritious and healthy. You must get all the necessary nutrition and cut down on the unwanted carbohydrates. Follow this regime for four weeks, and you are sure to get the desired results.

Loose Weight in 4 weeks - Diet Tips and Plan

First, remember the following points:

  1. After 7:30, no salt
  2. Avoid aerated drinks
  3. No mango or banana
  4. Potato and rice is a strict no
  5. Artificial juices should be avoided
  6. At least half an hour daily, you must exercise. Aerobics is the best idea. If you cannot go to the gym, do it at home.
  7. Do a breathing exercise for 20 minutes daily.

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Now, follow this diet chart:

Week 1

8:00 am: wake up. Have 2 glasses of methi seeds water, 5 almonds soaked overnight with the skin, and 1 kali mirch.

For the water, you just have to soak 1 tsp methi seeds in 2 glasses of water, strain the seeds out and drink the water.

9:00 am: 1 toast with salad/chutney/amul lite butter/hung curd dressing.

11:30 am: Any 1 fruit you prefer.

1:30 pm: Salad before you start your meal (it prevents you from over eating by filling you up), 1 bran chapatti, 1 bowl of dal.

5:00 pm: A cup of milk or tea with 2 marie biscuits. You could also go for a small bowl of bhunna chana or popcorn.

7:30 pm: Salad before your meal, 1 bran chapatti with vegetable (no rajma, channa or kadhi).

8:30 pm: A fruit.

Week 2

8:00 am: 2 glasses of tulsi leaves’ water, 5 soaked almonds and 1 kali mirch.

9:00 am: Same as week 1

11:30 am: A fruit

1:30 pm: Salad, 1 sandwich with paneer filling or egg whites.

5:00 pm: A cup of milk and 2 biscuits.

7:30 pm: Same as week 1, but now you could take channa, rajma or kadhi.

8:30 pm: A fruit

Week 3

8:00 am: Same as week 1

9:00 am: A glass of milk and a fruit you wish

11:30 am: A fruit

1:30 pm: 1 bran chapatti with any vegetable

5:00 pm: Same as week 1

7:30 pm: steamed or roasted chicken or fish (3 pcs) and salad for the non-vegetarians.

For the veggies:

1 bowl dal, 1 bowl curd and salad, or

1 bowl veg, 1 bowl curd and salad

8:30 pm: A fruit

Week 4

8:00 am: Same as week 1

9:00 am: A glass of cold coffee and toast

11:30 am: A fruit

1:30 pm: Any of the following options:

  • A bowl of sprouts with fruits
  • 2 bowls of vegetables with salads
  • A bowl of dalia and a toast
  • A bowl of vegetables and a toast
  • A bowl of kadhi and a quarter plate of rice

5:00 pm: Same as week 1

7:30 pm: A bran chapatti with a owl of vegetables

8:30 pm: A fruit

At the end of the month, you will see the results. A minimum of 3 – 6 kgs will surely be lost. All you have to do is strictly follow the diet plan.

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  1. Jaimi Oza says:

    Hi actually I want to lose 6kg in a month and I m a kidney transplant patient and I can do only do very few exercises like trademill and very less dieting. So can you plz suggest me a vegitarian diet plan and exercise? Which has less sugar, protein and potassium.
    Thank you

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