How to Lose Weight without Dieting or Working out

Weight is a major problem for many people. Losing weight is not an easy job. The toughest part is controlling your diet, eating less and starving, and exercising too much above all this. Do not put so much strain on yourself. There are a few simple tricks that help you lose weight without the pains of dieting or working out. Read on to know what you need to do.

lose weight without dieting

1) Go the vegetarian way:

Sticking to vegetables helps you avoid a lot of calories. They help in proper metabolism and keep your system clean. Moreover, meats contain more fats and cholesterol too.

2) Add green tea to your diet:

Green tea increases metabolism and helps your body burn calories. It makes you refreshed and also helps lose weight.

3) Do regular yoga:

Yoga is great for your health and also losing weight. It creates a sort of self awareness and makes you eat only a much as you want, and not a bit more.

4) Give your body more time to sleep:

Sleeping a bit more than usual will help you lose weight. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep per day increases your appetite and makes you feel hungry. You could lose almost 14 pounds in a year if you get extra hour of sleep every night.

5) Have a variety of vegetables for your meal:

Various Vegetables and Fruits

Instead of the usual one vegetable, try serving 3 vegetables. This will make you eat more. Having more vegetables makes you lose weight.

6) Stick to whole grains:

Brown rice, oats, barley, whole wheat and buckwheat are great for losing weight. They are also good for controlling cholesterol.

7) Find your eating pause:

Most people have this pause, when they drop the fork. Once you reach this moment, do not eat any more. Stop your meals here, as it is a small indication that your tummy is full.

8) Hang out skinny clothes:

Favorite Dress or Jeans inspires

Take a pair of jeans, or your favorite dress, to fit in to which you need to lose a bit of weight. Hang it up as your prize and keep your eye on it to inspire you in your weight loss.

9) Reduce sugar consumption:

Reducing sugar consumption in your juices, or soda can help you save a lot of calories. Try using lemon, mint or frozen strawberries instead.

10) Avoid bacons:

You could save up to 100 calories and lose 10 pounds a year by skipping bacon. Look for other alternatives.

11) Set a specific time for your meals:

Decide a specific amount of time, say 20 minutes, and become a slow eater. Learn to enjoy your meal completely and make your meal last till the time is up. Eating slowly gives your brain time to understand that you are full, and prevents you from over eating.

12) Change your glass:

Instead of a tumbler that is short and wide, use a tall and thin glass. It helps you cut down on liquid calories. You will drink less juice, wine or whatever beverage you are having.

13) Add soup to your diet:

Having soup before your meal makes you eat slowly and also controls your appetite. Say a strict no to creamy soups or those with high calorie content.

14) Use smaller plates:

Bigger plates make you take larger serve and eat more. Get smaller plates to take smaller portions. This eventually helps you eat lesser. You could about 100 to 200 calories per day and reduce 10 to 20 pounds of weight.

15) Control alcohol consumption:

Alcohol contains lots of calories, and cutting down helps you save calories and lose weight. Try some non-alcoholic beverage with low calories.

16) Prefer to have red sauce:

Use tomato based sauces instead of the other varieties. They have fewer calories and lesser fat than the cream based ones. When you have your pasta, remember to make note of the portion size too.

17) Do not eat out:

Eat your meals at home, at least for 5 days a week. Eating out makes you over eat and also add a lot of calories to your body.

18) Take optimum portions of food:

Have a definite amount of food at the correct time. Take small packs of snack and restrict to it.

19) Celebrate for every milestone:

celebrate every small milestone

Each time you reach your milestone of losing a few kilos, or cutting down some calories, celebrate. Give yourself a small gift and pamper yourself. This will encourage you to work more.

20) Remember the 80%:

Eat until you are 80% full. Stop your meals once you reach that point. This has been found to be a really effective way to lose weight. A good idea to do this is to take 20% less food on your plate when you sit down to eat.

21) Chew some mint gum that is strong:

Chewing gum control appetite

Mint gum with a strong flavor will help you control your appetite when you feel like snacking any time. It helps you control mindless snacking.

22) Try to burn an extra 100 calories:

Other than dieting, try to burn an extra 100 calories. You have the following ways to do this:

  • Take a 20 minute walk for 1 mile
  • Spend 20 minutes clearing the weeds in your garden or plating some flowers
  • Use the lawn mower to mow for some 20 minutes
  • Do some chores in your house for 30 minutes
  • Do some jogging exercises for 10 minutes

23) Follow these rules when you eat out:

  • Go with a friend
  • Get an appetizer instead of a meal
  • Order the smallest portion
  • Pack half the meal before eating
  • Choose enough vegetables and salads

24) Make your pizza healthier:

Top your pizza with vegetables, use less fat cheese, or a thin crust. These are healthier and help you shed pounds.

These small tricks and tips will help you go a long way in losing weight. Stay slim and stay fit. Have any other ideas share through comments. We will add to the list the best ones 🙂

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