Low Carb 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Menu – What Foods to Eat?

Are you looking for a way to lose your extra pounds in a short time? Well, if you want look slim and trim by decreasing your waist size, our 1200 calorie diet plan can help you achieve that. It will help you look beautiful within a short period of time. The most essential thing required for effective weight loss is to consume fewer calories. When you start consuming fewer calories that what is required by the body, the system starts to burn more fats from your body to meet the energy requirements and thus bringing down your weight.

1200 calorie diet plan

The 1200 calorie diet plan is designed in such a way so as to limit the daily calorie intake to 1200 calories. On an average human body requires 1500 calories for women and 2000 calories for men per day. 1200 calorie is the minimum calorie intake required so that a person can remain healthy. If calorie intake is less than this, it can lead to many side effects and even can lead to gaining more weight.

It is crucial to choose what to add and what to avoid in your 1200 calorie diet. Your diet will depend on your taste and your body mass index. Go for a diet which is less in carbohydrates and high in fibre and proteins. Starchy foods such as bread and pasta, sugary products and food items that are high in fat content has to be avoided from your diet to achieve the results you are looking for. Add more of whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, legumes, fruits and vegetables to make your 1200 calorie diet plan complete. We will see one simple 1200 calorie diet plan that you can opt for:

1200 Calorie Diet Plan Menu List:


  • 1 cup of skim milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of bran cereal


  • Tuna sandwich made of whole grain bread and low fat mayo
  • 2 cups of raw vegetable salad. Add carrots, red pepper and celery
  • 1 small apple

Afternoon Snack:

  • Lemon juice
  • Nectarine


  • Half cup of steamed green beans
  • Salad with one cup of lettuce, half cup of cherry tomatoes and half cup of grated carrot.
  • Three oz of grilled chicken breast.
  • One fresh peach

Evening snack:

  • One small pear

You can plan your diet according to your own taste. But try to incorporate the following points into your 1200 low calorie weight loss diet:

  • Carbohydrates are required in fewer quantities so that your body is fit and healthy. Having food containing simple carbohydrates such as fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, sugar digests very quickly and provide less nutritional value and leave you hungry very quickly. Foods items containing complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread and pasta digest slowly and keep you feel full for a long time. They are also essential for a strong immune system.
  • Food containing saturated and trans fat such as margarine, butter, eggs, milk, cheese and red meat are to be avoided as they can lead to weight gain because of their high levels of calories and fats. Try to use olive oil and peanut oil instead of margarine and butter. Also switch red meat from your diet with fish and poultry. Avoid fried foods from your diet.
  • Ensure that you are having good amount of protein. This is essential to maintain your lean tissues while burning away your fat. It also helps in improving your blood glucose levels and prevents any hunger pangs that you might have.
  • Have your food as five or six small meals instead of the usual three large meals. Ensure that these small meals are spread evenly through the day. Try to include each meal with four sections comprising of mostly proteins and non starchy foods. The remaining portions can be of starchy foods and dairy products

Exercise to be followed:

Exercise is equally important along with following the diet plan for achieving weight loss. Though no specific exercises are recommended along with this diet plan, make sure you opt for some moderate exercises. Working out in gym or going for a brisk walk for an hour daily will help you achieve weight loss along with giving you a strong mind and body. But do not strain yourself with excessive exercise as your calorie intake during diet is very low for high levels of physical activities.

The 1200 calorie diet plan has lots of benefits and drawbacks. Let us see what they are:

  • It is very simple and easy to follow as there are no specific restrictions on the type of food you can have.
  • It provides you with a lot of menu choices and eating plans. So you can choose one according to your eating habits, nutrition needs and cooking styles.
  • This diet will be easy on your pocket as it just contains all the things that you daily eat. Nothing special you have to buy to be part of this diet plan.
  • This diet provides enough amount of nutrition while keeping the calorie levels at minimum required levels and hence helps in losing weight.
  • Most nutritionists and health professionals use this diet plan as a basis for developing other weight loss diet plans.
  • This diet plan can be easily adapted to suit your specific dietary concerns.

But the diet plan also comes with the following drawbacks:

  • It is not suitable for everyone.
  • Reduction in calorie intake can lead to reduction in vital nutrients. Hence diet should be carefully planned to prevent nutritional deficiencies.
  • This diet reduces fat consumption. This can cause problem because fats are essential as it helps in protecting against diseases, digestion, and absorption of vitamins, keeping skin and hair healthy.
  • Following things diet can lead to hunger and fatigue for some people.
  • Physically active people should not opt for this diet as their daily calorie requirement will be higher that what this diet provides.

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