How to Do Maha or Siddha Yoga – Schedule and Benefits

Yoga is an age old practice in India, which has gained wide popularity in other parts of the world as well. It makes your physically and also helps in providing you a healthy mind and soul. Practicing yoga daily can remove all negative thoughts from your mind and make you think positively. You can also protect your body from various diseases with yoga. Moreover, there are many yoga postures that can help you lose weight very effectively. There are different types of yoga. Each has its own benefits.

Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) Schedule Benefits

What is Maha yoga?

Maha yoga is a different type of yoga that you must surely try practicing at home. As you know, any yoga session includes warm-up exercises, yoga asanas or poses, pranayama or breathing exercises, and meditation. When you practice yoga at home, make sure that you practice all these to get the best benefits. This will keep you rejuvenated and energetic throughout the day.

Maha yoga is also known as ‘great yoga’. This yoga is said to be the designation of than first three Tantras of the Nyingma school of Tibetian Buddhism. Even though it has a touch of Buddhism in it, this yoga is different from Zen meditation.

Maha yoga is known for its healing power and it also has a masculine touch to it. Maha yoga puts more emphasis on Dhyana (meditation) than asanas. In Maha yoga, the person who practices it enters himself in Samadhi (a state of deep relaxation or deep meditation).

Mahayoga postures helps in training your body in such a way that you will feel calm and relaxed. Practicing it regularly can remove all negative energy and tension from you. Thus it calms your mind and increases your metabolism. This way provides more strength to your body.

Maha yoga Schedule and Instructions:

You can practice Maha yoga at home by following the step by step instruction below:

  1. Let the place that you practice Maha yoga be a comfortable and quiet corner of your home far from any noise. This way you will be able to sit, relax and practice Maha yoga without any disturbance or distractions from outside.
  2. You have to practice this yoga by sitting on a yoga mat, a cloth or a blanket. In yogic terms, this cloth or mat is called ‘asana’. Anothjer thing to keep in mind is that you should not change the cloth you use for practicing yoga every day. Keep the same cloth day after day.
  3. You can choose a time frame for practicing yoga. It can be about 15 to 30 minutes for beginners. You can practice meditation for as much time as you can. But because of the fast pace of life, it not possible to meditate for more than a fixed time period. So, you can select a time frame that is suitable for you.
  4. Once you sit on the yoga mat, close your eyes and try to focus your attention on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply throughout the session. You have to keep your eyes closed till you reach the end of the session.
  5. Place you hands and knees in Dhyana mudra. This means that you have to sit cross legged, with your back straight. Place your hands on your lap in such a way that your right hand is on your left hand. Keep your fingers fully stretched. Let the four fingers rest on the each other and the thumbs face upwards towards one another diagonally. Palms should be facing upwards. Sitting in this pose helps in increasing your concentration.
  6. Let the divine energy engulf you. Concentrate and let the divine energy enter your body with full force. Feel the energy filling your body. This helps in rejuvenating your body.
  7. Keep concentrating on this energy and do not let your mind get distracted from it. This energy also plays an important role in the activation the energy chakras in your body. Make sure that you are still breathing deeply and completely.
  8. If you feel that your mind is getting distracted by thoughts, try not to suppress your thoughts. In order to change your chain of thoughts, you can concentrate on your body parts, and the energy running through your body, the effect of the energy in your body and so on. With practice, you will be able to concentrate better, without getting distracted.
  9. Remain in this state for about 10 to 15 minutes in the beginning. Later on you can increase the time to 30 or 45 minutes.
  10. Now you can release yourself from meditation. Do this by slowly palming your hands and placing them over your eyes. By doing so, the energy that you have created by keeping your hands in Dhyana mudra will get transferred to your body through your eyes.

Maha yoga Benefits:

Maha yoga offers lots of benefits to those who practice it regularly with dedication. Here are the benefits of Maha yoga:

  • Practicing Maha yoga regularly helps in improving the levels of your concentration.
  • This yoga is great for improving your endurance capacity.
  • It is very beneficial for controlling the process of your thoughts.
  • You can improve your thinking capacity by practicing Maha yoga regularly.
  • Practicing this yoga is very beneficial for an overall improvement in your mind, body and soul.

Learning new things is always good for your mind and body. So, try to practice Maha yoga at home regularly. This will surely make you think and act positively. It will bring positive changes to your body as well your mind and soul.

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