How to make your Lips Pink and Smooth Naturally

Wearing the Pink lip color might not do the trick always instead if you have natural pink lips, then flaunt it by applying lip balm only. Pink lips are one of the most desired things for any girl. Girls hate to have chapped lips or brown lips, but not everybody is blessed with soft and supple pink lips. So, what you can do is try some home remedies to achieve those soft pink lips.

How to make your Lips Pink and Smooth Naturally

These tricks don’t even take up much of your time, but if you follow them regularly then you will definitely get the soft pink luscious lips you want.

Certain precautions to avoid darkening of lips:

  • First of all, stop smoking if you really want to get those pink lips
  • When you are out in the sun use lip balm with minimum SPF 15
  • Remove your lip color with coconut oil or olive oil
  • Do not wear lipstick for the longer period day in and day out
  • Ensure you buy products after checking the expiry date
  • Use sugar as a gentle scrubber on your lips
  • Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice
  • Do not suck your lip when it is dry

Get the pink lips naturally:

  • Mix sugar with cold cream and use it as a scrub for your lips and do this once a week
  • You can use lemon juice to massage your lips

lemon juice for pink lipsImage Credits cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo

  • Mix Malai, honey and the paste of rose petals and apply it on your lips. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. It will help you in removing the dead skin from your lips, leaving it fuller and red in color.
  • You can use a wet toothbrush with soft bristles to exfoliate your lips. If you have chapped lips, then make sure that you apply Vaseline on the toothbrush before rubbing it on your lips in a circular motion.
  • Beetroot juice provides your lips with natural pink color. What you have to do is grind the beet-root and keep it refrigerated, apply the juice every day for 20 minutes and then wash off.

Beetroot Juice for pink smooth LipsImage Credits cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo

  • If you want to get those pink lips naturally then you have to make sure that you have a healthy diet that includes loads of Vitamin A. You can include carrot in your regular diet as it ensures that your Vitamin A intake is perfect.

Carrots - Vitamin A - pink LipsImage Credits cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo

  • Aloe Vera is one thing that has solution for every cause. This time around you have to use Aloe Vera gel to keep your lips moisturized and rosy.


  • Mix one part of castor oil and another part of almond oil, now massage it on your lips to make them get the pink look.
  • Many might not believe this, but you have to try to see the result. Put some mustard oil or Desi ghee on your navel just before you doze off to bed
  • You can also use butter on your lips during bedtime to keep it soft and supple and it also helps in lightening the color of your lips

Fresh Butter - smooth pink lips

  • Mix glycerin, rose petal paste, rose water and lemon juice, now massage your lips with it as this will help you keep your lips moisturized and also provide you with red color naturally.

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