How to melt and remove cellulite from hips and thighs: 20 Tips

Fat accumulation, water retention, skin looseness, connective tissue deformity, toxin infiltration, and inflammation are collectively known as cellulite. Lifestyle factors and hereditary factors cause cellulites. If your lifestyle is completely healthy, there is absolutely no chance of getting affected by cellulite. Though this is not ideally possible, any step in making your lifestyle healthier will surely reflect in the reduction and prevention of cellulite. Here are a number of tips that are sure to help you out in reducing cellulite and getting perfectly toned thighs.

cellulite from hips and thighs

  1. Interval running will help a lot. It burns calories and fats, stimulates the cellulite tissues, and even increases your metabolism. It offers mechanical stimulations to all your cells. There are spinning classes at the gyms, and even cycling exercises that can be done at variable speeds. Both these exercises are examples of low impact interval exercises.
  2. Avoid sugars of all kinds. Sugar causes accumulation of fats, ageing of your skin, and even inflammation issues. Even foods that contain glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, brown sugar, maltose, honey and such ingredients must be avoided.
  3. Salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, halibut, and such kinds of oily fish are very useful; for controlling cellulite. They contain highly unsaturated omega 3 fats, which play a big role in reducing body fat. A number of studies have proven this fact.
  4. Pills, coils, patches and such hormonal contraceptive techniques cause cellulite. Condoms, diaphragms, and other types of contraceptive measures do not form cellulites. You could also get any low estrogen contraceptive pills from your doctor.
  5. Keep away from sweeteners. Aspartame, sucralose, and stevia are things you should avoid. These non-calorific sweeteners only increase your craving for sweet food. So, avoid them and detoxify your body a=from all sweet tastes.
  6. Use a vibration platform to do squats and lunges. The mechanical stimulation you get by performing the exercises twice every week keeps your collagen cells active. Avoid any other exercise on the vibration platform. You could even affect your joints by any other exercises you do.
  7. Consume berries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and such foods instead of bananas, pineapples, dates, mangoes, grapes and other such sweet and fattening fruits. The flavonoids contained in berries give enough support to your connective tissues. Moreover, they even contain a very small amount of calories.
  8. Walking is very useful to control cellulite. Sitting too long causes cellulite. So, you can prevent this by making it a practice to walk to your office and back home every day.
  9. Stay away from fruit juices. These juices provide your body calories that get assimilated too soon. Even carrot and beetroot juice should be avoided. Instead, you could go for whole fruits, or home made smoothies. They are digested in a slow manner. Vegetable juices are good, even though whole vegetables are better and preferable. They give you lots of fibers, too.
  10. Swimming is a very healthy exercise. Keep an hour for swimming at least 2 or 3 times in a week. It offers micro-massages for your thighs and hips it also burns lots of fats.
  11. Before your exercise, keep away from all carbohydrates and sweets for at least two hours. This may block the release of fats, or increase the levels of insulin while you perform your exercise. Immediately after your exercise is the correct time to eat carbohydrates.
  12. Massaging is an effective way to get rid of cellulite. Concentrate on your bums and thighs, and massage them for 10 minutes daily. You just need to do a simple kneading action vigorously. To get a better grip, take some oil or cream. People consider body brushing to be useful, but actually it has no effect. So, there is no need to do it.
  13. Avoid foods like white rice, jacket potatoes, and bread for at least 40 days. These foods behave like sugar, because of the high content of high glycaemic index carbs in them. Without any exercise, these they form fats in your bum.
  14. Try some hot and cold showers. These contrast showers are really good for rejuvenating your body. Blood circulation is given a boost, and so is lymph drainage. Take some 4 or 5 cycles of hot and cold showers. Finish it off with some lukewarm water, and use a good anti-cellulite cream.
  15. Spend one hour on vigorous exercise, and then eat carbohydrates right after that. In this manner, carbohydrates go directly to your muscles. Pasta, brown rice, hard boiled potatoes and German pumpernickel bread are ideal foods.
  16. Reduce smoking. When you smoke, circulation is impaired, and your connective tissues get damaged.
  17. The best time you can indulge in your favorite chocolates is around 5 minutes before your exercise and not more than thirty minutes after your exercise.
  18. Stick to high potassium or low sodium salt instead of the normal salt. Potassium is a diuretic, and does not cause retention of water like sodium.
  19. Go for some dancing classes to effectively tone down your body and even burn calories. Moreover, if you go for any night out, enjoy dancing on the floor other than your usual smoking and drinking.
  20. Get some good stimulation massages that are specifically for cellulite. The results they offer are long term, and work on both, your connective tissue and adipose tissue. The usual old fashioned manual massages offer just temporary results. They drain the lymph and prevent water retention for a small time only.

These small tip and tricks are sure to offer you long term results. Choose the perfect remedy according to your lifestyle and preferences and say good bye to those cellulites forever. Other than these remedies, it is necessary that you choose a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Take good care of your body and live happy.

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