Milk Diet to Lose Weight: How it Helps, Facts & Different Plans

We consume low fat foods in order to reduce weight. Have you ever thought of milk as a weight reducing food? Well, milk also helps you lose weight effectively. Research made have shown that people can get rid of the excess kilos from their body by following an exclusively milk diet.

Milk Diet to Lose Weight

Milk for Weight Loss:

Milk is considered as a super food and it has the ability to cure various problems like dandruff, insomnia, migraines, impotence, appendicitis, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. These problems are often responsible for obesity in people. So, by consuming only milk, you get relief from these issues and this in turn helps in reducing excess weight. You can say that milk tackles with the root cause of obesity, while other weight reducing methods tackle with the effects of obesity rather than the root cause.

According to a study made, women who drank at least one serving of whole milk a day were at a lower risk of gaining weight than the women who drank less of whole milk.

How Does the Milk Diet Help You Lose Weight?

  • When you consume only milk for weight loss, it means that you are not taking in any refined sugars in your diet. Refined sugar, as you know, is one of the main causes for making people obese. Milk is so delicious that you will not crave for sugar.
  • Milk is a storehouse of nutrients and they are in their simplest forms in milk. So, when you consume milk, you are taking in the nutrients that are easily digestible. These nutrients help in keeping your body well nourished and free from any ailments. Milk is packed with all nutrients like vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, enzymes etc.
  • Milk contains high amounts of calcium. According to medical science, calcium can help you lose weight. It is particularly effective for reducing the fat that collects around your abdominal area. You get about 30% of the calcium that you need daily by drinking one cup of milk per day.
  • Milk is also an excellent detoxifying agent. So, if you consume milk daily, you will not need any other food items for detoxifying your body. Even in the traditional; terms, milk is considered as an amazing detoxification agent. Milk never starves your body like other the modern detox methods. So, consume milk instead of maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and the harsh colon cleanse pills that affect your digestive system. Milk can keep your kidney, liver and the digestive system well nourished and healthy. It is also good for strengthening your circulatory system and improving perspiration. All these have an important role in detoxifying your body.
  • By being on a milk diet, you can gain lean muscle mass easily. Lean muscle mass can fight against the deposition fat in your body. As a result you will be able to stay slim and fit.
  • Milk can make you feel full and reduce your appetite. This prevents you from overeating and thus helps in losing weight.

Milk and Weight Loss Facts:

Research on whether milk is good for losing weight has been conducted since 1923, in which year Bernarr Macfadden released his book, ‘The Miracle of Milk’. This book tells you how milk can help you cure a large number of diseases. Macfadden even created a milk diet to help people remain disease free by consuming milk. As years passed by, it was found out that by following this diet one can lose his/her excess body weight as well. This led people consume milk for losing weight.

According to research done by Macfadden, when you follow milk diet, the milk you consume should have 4% butter fat. He also asserts that you should take this diet during the spring or summer months. This is because during these months the cows consume fresh grass, which help in increasing the curative properties of the cows. Since Macfadden recommends this milk diet for recovering from illness, he does not advise that you do exercise when you follow this diet. However, if you are taking milk diet for losing your excess weight, then performing some exercises will also be beneficial in losing the extra pounds.

We know by now that the purpose of milk diet is to treat the body and heal it from all the issues faced by the body, which in turn will help in losing excess weight. The benefits of milk have been so miraculous, that it has helped people to lose as much as 3 pounds of weight every week, by consuming 3 to 4 quarts of milk per day. So, go for a milk diet and gets rid of issues associated with obesity. This will make you healthy and in perfect condition.

How to do the Milk Diet?

Different Milk diet plans for losing weight are:

Radical milk diet:

This type of milk diet is very risky and not usually recommended. This is an extreme weight loss diet and involves lots of risks. Here you have to replace all the foods you consume with milk and minimize your physical activity.

The Supplementary Milk Diet:

Here you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner as usual, but you have to take a glass of milk with every meal. Every time you feel like having some snacks, you can have a glass of milk instead.

The 24/24 diet:

Here you have to consume 24 ounces of semi-skimmed milk every 24 hours. Other than milk, you can have only water as liquid. Have lots of fruits and vegetables and eat lean source of protein, like chicken breasts, once a day. Make sure that you exercise for twenty minutes per day.

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