How to do Moksha Yoga Poses – Sequence – Benefits

Yoga is very beneficial for your overall development and you must try and include it in your daily routine. A complete yoga session consists of warm-up exercises, asanas or poses, breathing techniques or pranayama and meditation. There are many yoga styles which you can easily practice at home.

What is Moksha Yoga?

Moksha yoga is often known as the ancient form of yoga. This yoga is also referred as the new kind of hot yoga. Moksha yoga is often included in hot yoga category. Moksha yoga consists of a series of poses or asanas that are practiced in a heated room.

How to do Moksha Yoga Poses Sequence:

To learn about Moksha yoga and practice it at home, you can follow the instructions and asanas given below.

Warrior Pose:

Warrior Pose II yoga

Warrior pose is also known as Virbhadrasana. To do this asana, you have to stand on the floor in Tadasana pose. Keep your feet about 4 inches apart from each other. Lift up your arms in the air and stretch your arms. Now you have to turn your right leg to 90 degree on the right side. Also turn your left leg in the same direction and stretch it. Make sure that you keep your back straight. Look in the upward direction and close your eyes.

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana or Standing big toe hold:

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana Benefits

Stand straight on the floor in Tadasana pose. Stretch your body as much as it is possible for you. Lift your leg in upward direction and try to hold the toes of your left leg with your left hand. As you do so, look in the right direction. Twist your face to the right side and close your eyes. You can do the same activity with your right leg also.


Utkatasana or Chair pose

To do this pose also you have to stand straight on the floor in Tadasana pose. Bend your knees slightly so that you can bring your thighs parallel to the floor. In this position you look as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Therefore this asana is also known as Utkatasana or the ‘chair pose’. Remain in this pose for a few seconds, so that your knees get a good massage. This helps in preventing joint or knee pain.

Garbhasana or Foetus Pose:

Garbhasana or Foetus Pose

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To do Garbhasana, sit on the floor in Padmasana pose. Now lift your legs a little from the floor, while still sitting on Padmasana pose. Put your left hand between your left thigh and left calf muscle. Similarly, insert your right hand between the thigh and calf muscles of your right leg. Once you have done it, try to catch your left earlobe with your right hand and right earlobe with your left hand. Stay in this pose for a while and keep your eyes closed. In the beginning you may find it difficult to do this asana. But with regular practice you will be able to do it without any difficulty. One thing to remember when you do these asanas is that you must stretch your body within your capacity. Stop stretching as soon as you feel uncomfortable or experience any pain.

Dwikonasana or Double Angle Pose:

Dwikonasana or Double Angle Pose

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This asana is also known as double-angle pose and it is not very difficult to practice. Stand on the floor in Tadasana pose and keep your back straight. Let your feet be 4 inches apart from each other. Take your arms behind you and interlock your fingers. Starch your hands as much as possible. Exhale and bend your body from the hips in such a way that your face and the back are parallel to the floor. Now you have to raise your hands and stretch them out behind you in the upward direction. Bend downwards and try to bring your nose close to your knees. Remain in this pose for a few seconds and keep your eyes closed.

Benefits of Moksha Yoga:

Some of the benefits of Moksha yoga are:

  • If you are looking for a method to lose weight, Moksha yoga is a good choice. You will be able to lose weight naturally by practicing this yoga.
  • Doing this yoga is an effective way to reduce fatigue and get relief from insomnia.
  • Practice Moksha yoga regularly and it will help in giving a good stretch to different parts of your body like arms, spine, shoulders, abdominal muscles, legs and so on. It also makes your body more flexible.
  • It is a good exercise to improve the functioning of your digestive system. It is also good for increasing the circulation of blood in the head and the heart. Moksha yoga is an excellent way to detoxify your body.
  • You can incase the capacity of your lungs with Moksha yoga.
  • Practicing Moksha yoga is an excellent way to keep you rejuvenated and energetic throughout the day.
  • By doing Moksha yoga you will be able to make your spine stronger as most of the poses in it focus on your spine. A healthy and strong spine means you will have a healthy and long life.
  • Moksha yoga has the ability to make you relaxed and calm. It calms your brain and also provides you relief from mild depression. If you are suffering from headaches, do this yoga and you will soon be able to get rid of headache.

Moksha yoga is excellent for helping you lose the extra fat that has accumulated in your body. By practicing this for an hour daily, you can stay fit and healthy throughout your life. It rejuvenates your whole body and keeps your body slim and in good shape.

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