Natural Ways to Curl your Hair: 6 Best Methods

There are many natural ways to get curly hair. This does not involve the use of chemicals on your hair and heating of the hair to get curls. So they do not harm your hair and prevent scalp irritation, itching and dandruff formation.

Natural Ways to Curl Hair

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Some of the Easiest Ways to Get Curly Hair are:

Method 1:

This is the easiest and simplest way to make our hair get curls. All you have to do is to braid your wet hair and keep it overnight. The next day you will see that you have got a curly hair. For small tight curls take small sections of the hair and make braids. Open the braids the next morning and you will get the desired spiral curls on your hair. If you prefer loose round curls, make a few, say three to four, braids on your hair. However, these curls are temporary and go off once you wash your hair.

Method 2:

Tying your hair high up on your head in a bun is another easy way to get curls on your hair. Comb your hair and take all the hair up to the crown. Twist the hair tightly, wrap it and then tie it in a bun on the top of your head. Keep it in place with elastic pins, so that the hair stays as it is and do not fall down. You can keep it in this way for a few hours or keep it overnight for best results. Next morning open the bun and you will see that your hair has attained beautiful wavy curls. Set the hair with spray so that the curls stay for a longer period of time. Although it is an easy method, it will not work properly if you have a silky hair. It works for those who have a hair texture that is normal. You may also make a number of small buns on your head and this will give you big round curls. You have to keep the buns overnight to get really beautiful curls.

Method 3:

You can also use small strips of cloth to make curls on your hair. Even unused socks may be used for the same purpose. This method is done with damp hair. Take your hair in sections. The smaller the sections of your hair, the tighter will be the curls you get and if you want big round curls, take larger sections of hair. Now place the strip of cloth or the sock on the tip of your hair and roll it. Continue rolling it till you reach the part of the hair from where you wish the curls to begin. Now tie at the ends. Let it remain that way overnight and then when you untie the cloth strip or the sock, you will see lovely curls on your hair. Pass your fingers through the hair so that your hair gets a bounce. It is also necessary to comb you hair. Just a slight combing is enough.

Method 4:

This method is done using Velcro rollers. Here also you need damp hair. Comb your hair well to make it free from any knots and tangles. Now take the hair in to sections, bigger or smaller sections, according to the type of curls you want. Take one section of hair at a time and start rolling Velcro rollers with the hair inwards or outwards. Secure the rolled hair tight with a butterfly clip. After rolling all the sections of the hair, blow dry with warm air for about 5 minutes, and then with cold air for 3 to 4 minutes. Leave the hair rolled for 15 minutes and then open the hair. You will be amazed at the lovely curls that you have got.

Method 5:

Make a few sections of your wet hair and twist them tight. Tie them below with a rubber band. You can leave then for a few hours or overnight and then untie the hair. This provides you beautiful curls that you will love to have. Just run your fingers through the hair and let it remain loose.

A few Points to Remember before You do these Methods:

  • Do these methods with damp hair instead of wet hair. If you comb and twist wet hair, it will make the hair brittle and leads to breaking of the hair strands.
  • Never comb wet hair unless it is really essential.
  • When you use Velcro rollers and other such products, roll the hair carefully with lots of care. If not, it may lead to breakage of the hair.
  • Try not to tie your hair tight with hair bands or use any other hair accessories at night. If you tie your hair very tight at night time, it will increase the pressure on your scalp and this may lead to headaches and breakage of hair.

Method 6:

This method is done using tissue paper. This consists of a number of steps.

Step 1:

Wash your hair with shampoo and then dry your hair with a towel so that it is damp and not wet with water dripping. This method is effective only on washed hair as oily and greasy hair cannot get the curls. Now apply a hydrating serum on your hair so that the hair is made soft and shiny. Remove all the knots and tangles from your hair by combing your hair. Lay down a tissue paper that is clean in two piles. Roll the tissue paper into a cylindrical form.

Step 2:

Take a small part of your hair and place the tissue paper that is rolled at the tip of the hair. The hair should be slightly damp as it will help you to curl the hair easily.

Step 3:

Now start rolling the tissue paper with the hair.

Step 4:

When you reach the end of the hair secure the hair and tissue paper by knotting the paper with the hair. Leave the hair for 4 to 5 hours or overnight. When you loosen your hair you will get curly and bouncy hair that looks beautiful.

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