Noni Juice for Weight Loss: How to Take – Benefits – Review

You must have heard of various food stuffs that help you lose weight, but many of you must not be aware that even a fruit juice can help you lose weight. This juice is extracted from the fruit that grows on the plant Morinda citrifolia, which grows well in the Caribbean region as well as Australia and South East Asia. Noni juice, as it is called, has lots of health benefits and is a wonderful cure for various diseases. It is good for your health and also an ideal solution for losing weight. If you cannot get fresh Nono juice, there is the option to get noni extracts in the form of capsules and pulp powder. They are also as good for your health as the fresh juice.

How to take Noni Juice?

You can drink noni juice all alone, yet it’s generally best when blended with different ingredients. You can drink it by diluting in water, mix it up with some vegetable juice, or even blend it with freshly pressed fruit juice for a refreshing beverage.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss Noni Juice:

Noni Juice Health Benefits

Balances pH – Noni juice is excellent for getting you relief from acidity and maintains the pH balance of the body. So, this juice reduces the risks of various diseases and damages caused to the tissues as a result of higher acid levels in the body.

Detoxification – Often toxins and unhealthy germs get collected in your digestive tract. This can affect your health. Noni juice helps in flushing them out of the body and thus detoxifies your body. It also makes sure that the functioning of the digestive system is smooth and proper.

Manages blood sugar levels – Noni juice is good for maintaining the levels of blood sugar in the body. So consuming this juice is beneficial for treating diabetes and hypoglycemia and it plays a great role in maintaining the health of pancreas.

Proper organ functioning – Noni juice makes sure that the organs of your body like liver, kidneys, stomach etc are functioning properly.

Prevents and treats menstrual related issues – By consuming noni juice regularly, you can get rid of various problems like fibroids in the uterus and menstrual cramps. It is also good for regulating the menstrual cycle.

Regulates melanin – Noni juice is good for the health of pineal glands and maintains the synthesis of melanin in the body. By maintaining the levels of melanin in the macular region, you can prevent macular degeneration and blindness.

Rich in nutrients – Noni juice is a rich source of essential nutrients like potassium, Vitamin A and C, niacin and calcium. These are antioxidants that help the body to get rid of the harmful free radicals. As a result your body is protected from infections and diseases. It also promotes proper growth of the cells.

Rich anti-inflammatory properties – Drinking noni juice gets you relief from joint pains and arthritis because of the anti-inflammatory properties of this juice. The calcium in this juice keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Reduces blood pressure – Noni juice is rich in selenium, phytonutrients, Vitamin C etc which fight against the free radicals and protect your blood vessel walls from the damages caused by them. Scopoletin is a compound in noni juice that can reduce the blood pressure. It is alkaline in nature and therefore keeps the body fluids from getting too acidic. This has an adverse affect on free radicals and damages them. Proxeronin in this juice produces xeronine, which helps in lowering stress and thus the blood pressure. Tryptophan present in noni juice also helps in the production of serotonin and other important substances in the blood.

Treats intestinal problems – Various problems of the intestine like diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel movement and many other such issues are cured by consuming noni juice regularly. This is because noni juice is rich in soluble fiber as well as various minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the health of the intestine.

General Review of Noni Juice:

  1. Noni juice is excellent for those who are obese and want to reduce their weight. This juice has various properties that help in reducing your weight. Noni juice is rich in all the essential nutrients that help in keeping you healthy and it also improves your immunity power and increases stamina. By consuming noni juice, you can increase your endurance power and strength.  As a result, you can do exercises and workouts better and the increased stamina helps you to go on to higher intensity workouts without draining your energy. As you do more workouts, the excess fat in your body gets burnt fast, thus making the weight loss procedure more effective.
  2. Noni juice helps in giving a boost to the metabolic activities in the body because of the presence of antioxidants in it. The nitric acid produced in the body by this juice takes in energy for the body from the fat cells. As a result, the fat deposits in the body is reduced or removed from the body, which leads to weight loss. Consuming this juice increases your energy and elevates your mood. Noni juice is a storehouse of antioxidants. It also helps in cleansing your digestive system by reducing the parasites in the tract. This leads to a reduction in the fat content of the body. There are various exercises and diets that help you lose weight, but when you use noni juice to reduce weight, there are no side effects and you hardy gain any weight after you stop consuming noni juice. Researches have not been done much on the benefits of noni juice for losing weight, but those who consume noni juke are very much sure about the health benefits of this wonderful juice.

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Noni Juice Weight Loss Review


Although noni juice is said to be beneficial for all and has least side effects, four kinds of people are advised not to take noni juice for the purpose of weight loss. This include people who are heat patients and taking anticoagulant medicines, people who have undergone kidney transplant, nursing or pregnant mothers, and those who have had a transplant.

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