How to Do OM Meditation – Procedure, Tips & Benefits

Do you practice meditation at home? If no, try to practice meditation techniques at home. This will bring a divine touch to your life. As you know, meditation has been practiced in India for centuries. Meditation is a perfect way to relax your mind and body. It has no contradictions attached to it as in yoga. If you practice meditation regularly at home, it is sure that you will benefit from it. You can practice meditation in various ways. One such way of meditation is OM meditation.

OM Meditation Tips Benefits

what is OM or AUM meditation?

OM meditation is the traditional way of chanting prayers and mantras. The word ‘OM’ is said to have a divine touch to it. By chanting OM you will be able to connect yourself with God, the Supreme Being. You can pronounce this word as ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ when you practice meditation and chant prayers. Using the OM dhun for practicing meditation has been followed by people for a long time.

OM Meditation Procedure to do:

You can practice OM meditation at home by following the step by step instructions given below:

  • First of all, find a suitable place at your home for practicing meditation. Make sure that the place you choose is calm and away from the noises and disturbances outside. This way you will be able to meditate undisturbed and without any noise to distract you.
  • You have to practice it by sitting on a yoga mat. You can choose a yoga mat or a piece of cloth for this. This cloth is often referred to as ‘asana’ in yogic terms.
  • Time is very important when you practice meditation. You cannot practice it in a hurry. You should have at least 15 to 30 minutes in hand for practicing meditation properly. You can do it in the morning or in the evening according to your convenience.
  • After you sit on the ‘asana’ and relax your body, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This is an important part of OM meditation as this is referred to as ‘Pran dharana’.
  • Start your session by chanting the mantra OM loudly. You can chant this word as many time s as you can till you reach the end of your session.
  • Always keep in mind to end your session by practicing ‘Pran dharana’. So, close your eyes and give your attention to your breathing.
  • Repeat this activity every day. With more practice, you can increase your time for practicing OM meditation.

OM Meditation Technique to Remember:

  • There are different types of pronouncing the word OM. OM and AUM are two ways of pronouncing g this word.
  • There are also various ways in which you can practice OM.
  • In yogic meditation all that is needed to do is to chant the word OM in such a way that the word M is recited more than you recite the first alphabet O.
  • By chanting it in this way, a positive energy is created in the room in which you are meditating. Each type of pronunciation of this word creates different vibrations and therefore gives different effects.

OM Meditation Benefits:

  • OM meditation is said to have the power to cure and prevent various illnesses. When you chant the word OM, a vibration is created. This vibration brings a positive energy into your life. It is believed that by practicing OM meditation, you will be brought closer to God. OM meditation can lead to self-realization and provides you a feeling of being one with the God.
  • If you suffer from stress and anxiety, practice OM meditation. This is a good stress buster. It helps in making your brain calm and relaxed. Studies made have a shown that meditation also can provide you relief from the symptoms that appear after you have undergone thorough a period of traumatic stress disorder. People with low esteem benefit a lot by practicing OM meditation regularly. Om meditation can also increase your concentration levels and your mood.
  • Practicing Om meditation helps in making you free from the tension and worldly things. As a result, you will feel pious and serene.
  • It is said that the word OM contains cosmic positive energy. This gives out positive vibrations and provides you a divine feeling. Meditation has lots of benefits, but among them the most important aspect of meditation is that it helps you to free yourself from the thoughts that can interfere with your thinking process. You can also practice Sakshi Bhavana when you are meditating. Sakshi Bhavana is a process in yoga and this helps you to witness your thoughts coming and going out of your mind.
  • The word OM has the power to make your spinal cord stronger because of the vibration produced as you chant this word. With regular chanting of OM, you can improve the effici0ciency of spinal cord.
  • Other than getting rid of tension, stress and worries, OM meditation can also helps in detoxifying your body. This it does so by increasing the circulation of blood in the body. As a result, more oxygen is supplied to different parts of the body. The constant deep breathing along with the vibration created by chanting OM can help in getting rid of toxins. So, it is believed that OM meditation can make you youthful internally as well as externally.

Meditation is extremely good for your body and mind. It can help you reduce stress and increase peace of mind. By practicing meditation regularly, your mind, body and soul get revitalized. It has the power to keep you rejuvenated throughout your life. So, try practicing OM meditation at home and enjoy its immense benefits.

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