Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair ReGrowth and Reversing Grey

Along with being a really healthy vegetable, onions are also great for increasing hair growth and reversing grey hair by application on the scalp. It provides nourishment and circulation to hair follicles and also kills germs and parasites. It also treats fungal infections. Onions contain sulfur, which aids in regenerating hair follicles.

Recent studies showed great results for the effectiveness of onions on hair. According to these results, grey and thinning hair is caused by building up hydrogen peroxide and reduction in catalase, the natural antioxidant. Buildup of hydrogen peroxide causes oxidative stress, which results in graying and thinning of hair. Results from application of onion juice could be seen within a few weeks itself. A study showed 74% of the individuals to have had significant hair growth with this treatment within four weeks.

How to Make Onion Juice:

Onion-Juice for hair treatmentYou need to get some fresh onions to get the juice. Fresh juice is more potent, and it is better you make it in small amounts so that it does not need to be stored for long. You have 3 ways to make onion juice:

1) Juicer:

This is the easiest way you can get your onion juice. You just need to peel the onion and cut it in half to put it in the juicer. It gets your juice ready in seconds.

2) Blender/Food Processor:

Peel your onion and cut it in 4 parts. Put them in your blender or food processor and start blending. Strain the mixture to get the juice only.

3) Grater:

Peel your onion and cut into half. Grate the 2 halves over a dish. Strain the mixture to take only the juice.

How to Use on your Hair:

onion-juice-hair-loss-2 weeksImage source

Before applying it, first you must test it on a small area to assure that you are not allergic to it. It is natural, but too strong. It is better to be careful

Every day, apply the juice to your scalp and massage it lightly in to your hair. This will help it get absorbed by stimulating the hair follicles.

Leave it on for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You may find the smell to be too strong, but the effects are amazing. You could leave it on at night and wash off before going to bed to avoid smelling onions all day. This method will help your hair loss reversal in just 2 weeks itself.

In case you are allergic to onions, or need any other option, ginseng is another common remedy for thinning air.

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35 Responses

  1. hemant says:

    is this guarenteed solution to regrow hair?

  2. vijeta rathi says:

    Only washing it off with water or to use shampoo?

    • Nikitha says:

      ideal is washing off with water. If there is strong smell of onions on hair, use a very mild shampoo/conditioner. However ensure you are not allergic to onions. Test it before using

    • Suzette says:

      I wash it off with shampoo twice then conditioner, because it reeks.

  3. blessy says:

    Does it help in turning gray hair to dark?

  4. dhanya says:

    how long it could be used for reversing grey hair? If grey hair starts to reverse, is it should be stopped or we have to apply regularly? please mention that also. Thank you

  5. chandru says:

    how long it could be used for reversing grey hair? If grey hair starts to reverse, is it should be stopped or we have to apply regularly? please mention that also. Thank you

  6. lucky says:

    Can i store onion juice in refrigerating
    For 1 week?

  7. annu says:

    pls tell me how should apply

  8. huda says:

    IM facing a lot of hairfall..thinning..n I hv a few grey hair too…cn my problem b solved soon?plzz may I no how long will it tk for reversing grey hair?

  9. mahesh punjabi says:

    i don’t have hairs on my head can onion juice will help for hair regrowth please reply

  10. shiva says:

    Ky onion k juice ko sr p laggane se dubara baal aa skte h

  11. bhawna says:

    My daughter is 4 yrs old. Can I mix orange juice in olive oil and apply on my daughter’s scalp. ? Is it safe?

    • Nikitha says:

      yes you can use. however be careful if your daughter is allergic to olive oil or onions. some kids i noticed have allergic symptoms when they use onions or they might find the smell not good

  12. bhawna says:

    Sorry onion juice in olive oil

  13. md asfar says:

    Kya onion ka ras lagane k baad use towel se dhakna zaruri h
    Or mai onion ka ras lagane k 1 ghanta baaad mai sirf paani se hair ko wash kr leta hu kya muje hair ko mild shampoo se wash krna chahiye

    • Nikitha says:

      kuch logon ko onion ki allery rahti hein. pani se wash karne ke baad bhi smeel aata hein. Wun logon ko mild shampoo use karna chahiye. agar aapko koin allergy nahi hein tho sirf pani use karne warna mild shampoo bhi use karna

  14. sam says:

    main lagvag 3-4 wks use kiya but isse aur jada hairfall hone lage…so mene band kardiya its coz of allergic or smthing else….

  15. ThinER says:

    I’ve heard that it works for hair that has already fallen out. Is this true?

  16. vijay kumar says:

    I am use onions juice almost one month,but does not found any nikitha mam

  17. rizy Ramay says:

    I am using onion juice from past 6 months but I got little brown hair with not a very good health and its also not stopping my hair lose

    • Nikitha says:

      If you are having health issues its better you consult a dermatologist before taking any treatment further. All the remedies i suggest here are for those who are healthy without having any skin allergies or infections before. If you have any diseases or problems you need to consult your physician immediately before proceeding with any treatments

  18. Ruchi says:

    Hi mam actually my hair turns white at the roots due to chemical colour I used can it reverse my white hair roots..50% hair roots turned white at the center of my long it will take to reverse..

  19. jack says:

    this should be done everyday?

  20. rgaby says:

    I have horrible hair fall and my hair has become very very thin because of this. I have used onion juice for the past THREE days and I already see the difference in how much hair is falling out. I can’t believe it…just three days! Anyway, I can’t wait to see the coming benefits from continued use. So excited! ^_^

    The smell is a bit strong but I don’t mind because the benefits are worth it.

  21. shiva says:

    Sir mere Baal breach ke wajah se hair loss hua mai ne onion ka jusi 2 week task hair ke jaado me masaj kiya ouski wajh se mere Baal aur tut gaye its not work its harmful effects on my hair

  22. Iesha says:

    Kya ye daily lagana hai

  23. ashwin says:

    main ek baat sab ko bata ki onion juice not effective for heredity hair blood or biotin se bante hai so aap patanjali ka anwla juice ja sevan kare or rosted soyabin khaye good dies se kafi effect rahta hai
    any one can reply me on my mail

  24. ashwin says:

    hair lod kam use kare kyu ki onion juice lagate hai to oil kam hoga to wo root main jayega nahi to wo scalp par hi terta rahta… loss nerve or blood circulation ka problum hai running kare or yoga kare

  25. nazeena says:

    Hi how long it take to reverse grey hair from black

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