What is Paleo/ Caveman Diet Plan – Foods List to Eat & Avoid

What is Paleo Caveman Diet?

Paleolithic diet is the diet that our forefathers used to have. They hunted or gathered the food they required. This is also called Caveman diet and dates back to the Paleolithic era. This diet mainly includes animal and plant protein. This diet is highly nutritious and is based n the theory that human genetics hardly changes. So, the perfect food habits that are best suited for our health would be the diet followed by our forefathers.

Paleo Caveman Diet Plan

Who started the Paleo diet?

This theory has been supported by various gastroenterologists all over the world. They have recommended this diet form for the general well being of human beings. This diet is popularly known as the Paleo diet and includes food items that are very close to the nature. Fish, fruits, vegetables, meat of animal that feed on grass etc are some of the foods included in this diet. Any form of processed foods, including grains, salt and dairy, cannot be included in this diet. According to surveys made, it has been showed that people who follow this diet have better health and are less prone to diseases. Surveys say that the food that human beings started to consume as time passed by, do not suit the body and are not good for our metabolism. This may be the reason why more and more people suffer from obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s in the modern era.

It is true that we may find it difficult to follow the prehistoric food habits completely as our ancestors did. So, the Paleo diet suggests people to stay as close to natural diet as possible. There are many nutritious foods that our forefathers did not have and we may want to include in our regular diet. So, most experts provide us the option to follow an altered Paleo diet, which can help us stay healthy and in good condition. When you start following Paleo diet, you will notice a few changes like a defined weight loss or weight control, healthy and rejuvenated skin tone, sharp and clear vision, good energy levels and a sound sleep. Paleo diet suggests that we consume whole food that is rich in fiber but low in carbohydrates. The food should be able to reduce weight and lower the levels of cholesterol in the body. At the same time, it should be able to provide all the nutrients and minerals that are essential for the body.

Many of you must have followed Paleo diet at some points of your life, without knowing about it. This diet is easy to prepare. You need not follow any elaborate cooking procedure for making the food. So, if you hate cooking, this diet is a relief for you! Many athletes and sportsmen are advised to follow this diet as this diet helps in keeping them in shape and provides all the nutrients necessary for them. You can start with a 30 day trial and watch the changes that it brings to you. So, get started and be healthy and energetic.

List of Paleo Diet Foods to Eat and Avoid:

What to eat:

  • Seafood
  • Lean meat
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Eggs
  • Spices and nuts

Foods to Avoid:

  • Grains and dairy products
  • Refined food products like sugar, oils and salt

Benefits of following Paleo Diet:

  • You will start losing weight once you follow this diet, especially fat. Your body will gradually tune itself to its optimum weight. Once all the extra pounds are shed from your body, you will feel healthier and fit. Your energy levels will increase and you will feel ready to face any task without fear.
  • This diet helps in activating your primal instincts to gather or hunt, making you more energetic and optimistic. After a few weeks of following this diet, you will feel a surge of energy, which increases day by day.
  • When your body is stuffed with food, no matter what kind of food it is, it causes toxins to build up in your body. By following Caveman diet, you will be able to flush out all these toxins from your body. This cleanses your body from inside. This will show on your skin also. Your skin will glow with health.
  • This diet is very effective for making your senses and mind sharper. It makes your connection with the inner self deeper and you will be able to find your thoughts more clearly.
  • By following this diet properly, and consistently, you will be able reduce the risk of heart diseases, certain types of cancers and diabetes.

Yummy Paleo Diet Recipe:

Here is a recipe of Paleo soup that is delicious and healthy. It will leave you licking your fingers.

Leek and sweet potato soup:

Ingredients required:

  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 large leeks that are cleaned well
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 2 sweet potatoes hat are peeled and cut into small cubes
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly grounded pepper

How to Prepare:

  • Sauté the chopped onions in coconut oil till they become golden brown in color
  • Now add leek and garlic to the onion and cook for about 3 minutes
  • Add 4 cups of chicken stalk and sweet potatoes. Boil it. After it starts boiling, reduce the flame and simmer it till the potatoes get cooked.
  • Add salt and pepper for taste and then puree it in a blender. Serve the puree.

This diet helps you to enjoy each and every morsel of your meal. So, try Paleo diet today itself and enjoy its benefits. Following this diet will make you feel younger as well as healthier.

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