Party Hairstyles Ideas for Wavy Hair: Totally Fun and Chick

Your hairstyle always has an important role in defining your looks. All of us try to have a perfect hairstyle which really suits our face and enhances our looks.  A perfect hair style takes more importance especially on those special occasions in your life. There are different types of hairstyles which suits hairs of different textures. Among those, people with wavy hair are the luckiest as they have a variety of looks that they can experiment for different days and different occasions. Through this article let us try to see eight of the best party hairstyles which suits wavy hair.

Party Hairstyles for Wavy Hair:

Casual glam look or casual up-do hairstyle:

Casual glam look updo

As the name suggests, this look is something simple, elegant and yet glamorous too. Start by gently combing your hair using a smooth brush. Now make a high ponytail using your hair and then by using a curling iron curl the ponytail section by section. Now comb through the sections you have made and then pin it in place using some bobby pin. Finish your hair job with a medium hold spray. This will suit you for any type of occasion. You will not look like having too much make up, will look natural and yet glamorous.

Day Look Hairstyle:

Day Look Hairstyle

The day look is another great looking hairstyle for all those who have a wavy hair. To get this look, first blow dry your hair evenly. When it is done, create a deep middle partition in the hair. Start partitioning from the back of your head by wrapping your hair from the root to its tip on the curling iron. When the curling is done, separate your hair by moving your fingers through them.  When it is done, you can finish off your look by using a shine serum all over your hair. The day look is simple to do and is also suited for all occasions. Go and try it out.

Half Up- Do Look:

Half Updo hairstyle

This look might help you stand out in the crowd. Start by applying some serum on your hair. Now create soft waves on your hair by scrunching your natural hair. Now by using a wet comb slick the hair on the front, back and the sides.  To give some height, poof a bit on the crown part of your hair. When done, you can secure your hair by pinning hair in place using some bobby pins. To give the final touch to your look, use a medium hold spray. This is one of the different looks that you must really try out.

Hassle free or Loose Wave Hairstyle:

Hassle free look Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for those with long curly hair. It helps all those with long curly hair to take the limelight in any party. Ideally any girl with long hair can try this party hairstyle. To get this look, immediately after the shower apply some texturing product on your hair and then comb through the hair. When it is done, part your hair into two sections, creating two long braids. When your hair dries, you can take out the braids and comb through the hair using your fingers. Complete your look by applying some shine spray.

Natural Beach Waves Hairstyle:

Natural Beach Waves Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the most simple and natural looking hairstyle in which you get to flaunt your wavy hair. To get this simple hairstyle for your wavy hair, blow dry your hair by using a round brush. Then create a centre part in your hair and take wide sections of your hair and then wrap it around the curling iron. Hold it like that for a few minutes before releasing it. When done, spray the shine serum throughout the hair. But you need to make sure that you avoid applying it on the roots of the hair. Use your fingers to distribute the serum product evenly throughout the hair. When it is done, finish your hairstyle by using a medium hold spray. Now go and flaunt your hair at beaches without hesitating much.

Pulled back look Hairstyle:

Pulled back look Hairstyle

The pulled back look hairstyle is ideal for occasions such as a party or a dinner. You can start by making a side part. Curl this hair halfway till the end. Now pull the hair into a bun. While doing this leave a few bangs in the front. When this is done secure your hair using some bobby pins. Now create some soft waves in the front by curling the bangs which you have made. You have almost made it now. Finish the look by using a medium hold spray. This will also help your hairstyle last for long time so that you can party hard.

Side ponytail hairstyle:

Side ponytail hairstyle

To get this look, start by applying some hair serum throughout your hair. Now to get soft waves in your hair use some soft brush and comb your hair. When this is done, you can start to create ponytail. Take your hair at one side and tie it up to create a low ponytail. Leave a few side bangs along with this. To keep the effect pretty and romantic leave the face framing curls loose. Now finish your look with a white shine spray.

Versatile Look Hairstyle:

Versatile Look Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the one which suits best for all those who have curly hair. Girls with curly hair can party out in style with this hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, start by blow drying your hair straight with the help of a paddle brush. When it is done, part your hair to the sides and then straighten your hair from the roots to around the eye level. As you straighten and reach till the eye level, use a curling iron and twist your hair slightly. Continue this until it reaches your hair roots. Once you have done with the curling, brush through your hair and create waves. Do the final touch for you party look by pulling your hair to the opposite sides and then finish off with a medium hold spray. You are ready to roll!!

Go and try out these party hairstyles. You will look great in them for any party, dinner date or even a casual day.

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