Pilates Vs Yoga – Differences – Which is Better?

Are you planning to follow a good workout for your body, but confused which physical activity will be the right one for you? Relax! No need to worry. There are various physical exercises that will help you stay healthy and fit. These exercises will rejuvenate you and keep you away from various ailments. Pilates and yoga are perfect for keeping you healthy, fit and in good shape. They are often thrown into the same category. Some people think that yoga is better compared to plates while others think that Pilates is a better option. You must understand that there is a huge difference between the two types of physical activities.

Pilates Vs Yoga Differences

Yoga was practiced for more than 5000 years ago in India and it helps in the better understanding of oneself. Pilates was invented in the early 20th century and the aim of this exercise is to rehabilitate and strengthen the body.

Pilates and yoga have their own pros and cons. Given below are the major differences between the two, so that you can choose one that suits you.

Difference between Yoga and Pilates:

Body strength with yoga:

According to studies made, by practicing yoga three times a week for eight weeks, the flexibility of the body increased by an average of 24%. The participants were able to do six more pushups and 14 more curl-ups.

Body strength with Pilates:

Pilates are very beneficial for making your abdominal muscles stronger. It is also good for the overall flexibility of your body, especially the back, hamstrings and the hip.

Caring your heart with yoga:

People practicing hatha yoga or an hour of power yoga can feel the heat inside the body. This helps in making your cardiovascular system healthy. It is also good for the whole body.

Caring your heart with Pilates:

Pilates is also very beneficial; for your body. Here you may feel that you have done enough exercise, but your heart will not feel a bit of it. This is milder than the yoga poses but effective for your cardiovascular system. You can say that Pilates is a milder version of the yoga.

Losing weight the right way with yoga:

Practicing yoga for an hour daily is an effective way to lose weight and be in good shape. You also get excellent benefits by practicing Hatha yoga or Bikram yoga for 50 minutes. You can burn about 145 calories in this way. 50 minute power yoga session helps you burn as much as 250 calories.

Losing weight the right way with Pilates:

Pilates workout is considered better than a normal yoga session to lose weight faster. A 50-minute Pilates session helps you to burn 175 calories; while an advanced intensive Pilates workout session helps you burn 375 calories.

Yoga mat:

When you plan to practice yoga, you need a yoga mat on which you can practice. Choosing the right yoga mat is important. A typical yoga mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. Yoga mats are usually thinner than the Pilates mats. Usually they are of 4mm thick. You have to choose the right mat for practicing the yoga asanas.

Pilates mat:

Pilates mats are almost similar to yoga mat in appearance. They are also 68 to 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The main difference between the yoga mats and Pilates mats lies in their thickness. Pilates mats are usually of 8 mm thickness. The thickness may increase up to 15 mm in some mats. Another difference is that few of the Pilates mats come with cushions. These cushions are needed for practicing exercises that requires you to lie down sideways.

Secrets to increasing body strength with yoga:

Yoga asanas are very beneficial for the various physical movements of your body. These movements help in toning up your body muscles, providing your body a good shape and increasing the flexibility of your body. A complete yoga session includes various asanas, breathing exercises and meditation. All these help in providing you a healthy body as well as a healthy mind and soul.

Secrets to increasing body strength with Pilates:

By practicing Pilates every day, you can tone your abdominal muscles and the body muscles and keep them strong. The flexibility of your body will be increased by practicing it regularly. It also helps in opening up your hips and shoulders.

Yoga – Bonus benefits:

Yoga gets you inner peace. It is good for lowering the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone present in your body. Even after one session of yoga you can experience it. It is also very beneficial for reducing the intensity of hot flashes by about 30%. Yoga is better than traditional exercises for lowering the back pain. If you suffer from arthritis, practice yoga regularly and you will get relief.

Pilates – Bonus benefits:

Pilates cannot make your muscles longer as some claim. It will not lengthen you muscles but helps in strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. This, along with increased flexibility of the body, plays a great role in improving your posture. So, you appear to be taller and leaner.

Now that you have seen the differences between Yoga and Pilates, you can choose one that suits you. If you are sure of what you require, then it becomes easier to choose between the two types of exercises. For those who want to achieve a perfect body balance coupled with spiritual peace, yoga is the right option for. If strengthening your body is your goal, then you can try Pilates and you will succeed in achieving strong body.

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