Power Yoga Tips for Building Stamina and Losing Weight

Power yoga is a variation of the original yoga exercise, and includes physical, mental and spiritual exercise. Power yoga came in to practice in the 1990s and has become very popular for the last two decades.

How Power Yoga Is Different From Traditional Yoga?

  • Traditional yoga consists of doing exercises in a certain sequence, but in power yoga you will find no such set patterns.
  • The asanas in power yoga are somewhat different from the asanas that you do in traditional yoga. Moreover, any two asanas in power yoga are never the same.
  • Traditional yoga asanas are usually done slowly and in calmly. In between the asanas there are intervals. But in power yoga the postures you do are done in a random manner and with speed. This needs physical and mental strength.
  • Since traditional yoga asanas are done calmly and in a relaxed manner, you do not sweat much when you do these poses. Power yoga on the other hand, is rigorous and done without any intervals in between. You sweat a lot when you do it.

So, you can say that power yoga enhances your stamina as well as your physical and mental tolerance and stability.

Power Yoga Workout Tips for Beginners:

  • If you are pregnant, you must not do power yoga as it is rigorous and includes lots of physical work. So, consult your doctor before you register your name for a power yoga class.
  • Children who are below 12 years of age are not fit to do power yoga as the core muscles in children are not developed enough to do this workout.
  • You get the best benefits when you do power yoga with an empty stomach. When you decide to do power yoga, it is recommended that you do not eat anything for 3 to 4 hours before you do power yoga.
  • When you practice power yoga, you are to wear loose clothes that are comfortable for you.
  • Instead of choosing books and DVDs for practicing power yoga, it is best to go to professional yoga trainer to teach you power yoga.
  • If you are doing it for the first time, make it slow and steady.
  • You need to have full concentration when you do power yoga.

Power Yoga Benefits:

  • Power yoga helps in removing all toxins from your body and detoxifying your body.
  • If you have stomach problems like acidity, power yoga can help you get relief from it.
  • Power yoga workouts help in burning more calories than any other forms of exercise.
  • Power yoga helps in enhancing the flexibility, strength and resistance power of your body.
  • Doing this workout is an excellent way to increase the circulation of blood in the body and to make your immune system stronger.
  • If you suffer from menstrual problems, practice power yoga and you will get relief from such problems. It is also great for increasing your concentration.

Power Yoga Poses:

For Weight Loss:

Bridge pose:

Bridge Pose or SetuBandhasana

  • Lie on the ground with your knees bent. Your feet should be on the ground and your hands on your sides, with the palms facing the ground.
  • Now apply pressure on your elbows and try to lift your hips from the floor. Make sure that your feet are still on the ground.
  • Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds and try to bring your hands above your head.

Bow pose:

Dhanarasuna - bow pose to reduce weight

  • Lie on the yoga mat flat, with your belly touching the ground.
  • Bend your knees and lift your legs up and bring your heels close to your buttock.
  • Simultaneously, lift your chest and abdomen from the floor. Now your body is shaped like a bow.
  • Breathe normally as you do this pose.

Yoga hurdler stretch:

Yoga hurdler’s stretch benefits

  • Sit comfortably and stretch your legs, one to the left and the other to the right.
  • Bend your left knee and bring your heel close to the inner thighs of your right leg.
  • Now bend forward and touch the toes of your right leg with both your hands. Make sure that your back is straight.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds and then you can repeat the procedure with your other leg.

For overall physical strength and stability:

Crescent lunge:

Crescent lunge yoga benefits

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat and then bend forward and put both your hands in front of your legs. Let the palms of your hands touch the ground.
  • Now pull your right leg backwards as much as it is possible for you and rest your leg on the toes.
  • Along with this, bend your left knee at right angle.
  • Lift your hands up in a Namaste pose.
  • Bend your torso backwards and stay in this pose for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat with your left leg.

Chair pose:

Chair Pose for thighs hips

  • Stand straight with your feet 6 inches apart.
  • Stretch your hands in front of you with the palms facing the floor.
  • Bend your knees and drop down your body a bit, as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Stay for about 1 minute and then relax.

Plank pose:

Plank pose yoga benefits

  • Kneel on the ground and put your hands in front of your knees, with the palms facing the ground.
  • Lift your body from the floor, so that your body is supported on your knees and the palms.
  • Your eyes must look down on the floor.
  • Your body will now be shaped like a plank.

Warrior pose:

Warrior Pose II yoga

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat with your legs 3 feet apart, forming an inverted V.
  • Bend your right knee and let the toes of the right leg point to the right side. As you bend your right knee, your body will drop down a little.
  • Keep your left knee straight. Stretch it more so that your left leg is straight.
  • Let your body be inclined towards the right side, and then lift your both hands upwards.
  • Stay in this pose for 30 seconds and then repeat it with your left side.

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