Powerful Morning Meditation or Yoga Mantras

Morning is the best time of the day for meditation as it is calm and quiet in the morning. It helps in promoting your transition from the passing moments to a new level, in which you can start your day. The perfect way to enter a meditative state is to chant mantras. Mantras are spiritually oriented and this helps in entering a higher level of enlightenment. Here are some morning mantras that will help you start your day with renewed energy.

morning meditation yoga mantras

Top 10 Meditation Mantras List for Beginners:


This mantra makes you follow the way opposite to the way you follow when you chanted the mantra ‘Yam’. When you practice this, breathe in through your mouth without creating any sound. Now you have to utter the word ‘Ham’, while the air moves in your lungs. Let the cavities of your mouth and throat get filled with the air. When you chant this mantra, the focus is on your throat.

I Am:

Some of the important aspects of meditation are identifying your self-existence as well as recognizing self-power and acknowledging self-divinity. This mantra is right for chanting in the beginning of the day and knowing yourself who you are. Try saying this mantra when you first wake up and this will fill you with joy from your fingers to the toes. ‘I Am’ fills positive energy in you and helps in strengthening your inner self, so that you can succeed in whatever you do.


Love is regarded as the second most important mantra that helps you achieve peace of mind and makes you energetic and full of life. It is a very powerful way to create a lovable atmosphere around you. When you utter the word ‘love’, you feel great and this will show on your appearance as well. When you practice meditation, focus on this physical feeling that you will get by uttering the word ‘love’ repeatedly and loudly. This helps in removing all your anger and depression and you will be filled with love. Try repeating the mantra ‘love’ in the morning and you will see that the things you love will pop up in to your mind.


Some of the morning meditation mantras focus on certain parts of your body and help in improving the functionality of these body parts. ‘Lam’ is one such morning meditation mantra. Chanting this mantra is intended to focus on your spinal cord, especially the base part of the spinal cord. To practice this mantra, you have to place the tip of your tongue on the back of the upper palate. This you can do by bending your tongue up as well as back.


‘Om’ is a mantra that most people chat in the morning. It is a sacred mantra and chanting it is known to create very powerful vibrations. This word is derived from the Sanskrit language. According to the ancient sages, this word is the most elemental sound, which represents universal consciousness. By chanting this mantra, they were able to hear the subtle variations produced by in the nature by wind, thunder, water and so on. When this word is allowed to linger in the throat, it produces a very comfortable sound. You can enter into deep meditative state by chanting the mantra ‘Om’. For this you have to focus on that ultimate silence which produces and absorbs the sound. It is very beneficial for comforting as well as relaxing your soul, whether you are spiritually inclined or not. You can try chanting ‘Om’ before you get up from bed, after doing yoga and before you start any major project. If you feel disconnected and confused, chanting this mantra will help in making you calm enough and relaxed.

Om mani padme hum:

The mantra ‘Om mani padme hum’ means ‘The jewel in the lotus or praise to the jewel in the lotus’, according to Buddhism. You can divide this mantra into six syllables. First three of these syllables denote the adulterated ‘body, speech and mind’, of the person who is practising the meditation and the last three syllables represent the pure and glorious ‘body, speech and mind’ of Buddha. By chanting this morning mantra, you will be taken from an impure state of mind, body and speech to a pure state.


Morning meditation is also done to focus on your abdominal area and to regulate the activities of the abdomen. For this you have to touch the crown of the front segment of the upper palate with the tip of your tongue by curving your tongue. Now utter the word ‘Ram’ by rolling ‘r’ in such way that it sounds like a rumble noise.


This is a natural mantra, which is known to be universal for morning meditation. When you repeat the word ‘So-hum’ the vibration generated is actually a part of your regular breath. The ‘soooo…’ sound is produced when the air enters your lungs. ‘hummmm…’ is produced when the air goes out of your lungs as you exhale. So, it is inhalation and exhalation that you do.


‘Vam’ is a morning mantra that you can practice in the morning as you meditate. This mantra focuses on your genitals and improves the functioning of the genital organs. To practice this mantra, first you have to hold the centre of your lower lip with your upper set of teeth. Place your upper of teeth gently on the lips. Next you have to create a breathy consonant, which sounds like ’Vam’.


This mantra is a part of morning meditation that helps in keeping your cardiac system healthy. When you practice this mantra, the sound created resembles very much the humming sound, as you need to breathe in and out through the mouth and that too audibly. You also have to make sure that the inhalation process is longer.

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