How to prepare Ginger tea? Simmering, Steeping methods

Are you suffering from suffering from cold and cough? Then it’s time to get some health conscious this winter season with some ginger tea for everyone. Why I’m suggesting ginger tea is because it has good medicinal properties in it for curing your body ailments and improving your immunity towards cough and cold. The best part is that it can be easily prepared at home by anyone. Follow the below instructions from us on

How to prepare a strong Ginger tea:

ginger tea preparation ways`

Ingredients Required:

Fresh Ginger – about 3 ounces

Boiled Water – 3 cups

Optional ingredients for taste:

Honey/Brown sugar – just to add taste

Lemon juice – optional as well to add taste

Apple – optional too for taste

Best Ginger tea preparing method:

a) Take the ginger and wash it thoroughly under the tap to remove the mud/dirt from it. It’s not necessary for you to peel the skin from ginger or rub it hard. Just clean the dirt that will do.

b) However if you are not comfortable to use ginger along with its skin you can peel it off too.

c) Take the washed ginger and chop/slice it into small medium sized pieces

d) Now take some hot water into a bowl and warm it for few minutes

e) Pour the boiling water into the sliced ginger bowl and steep it for five minutes by covering the bowl with a lid in order to prevent the aroma of ginger fading out. This is called steeping method of preparing ginger tea

f) There is another method called simmering method of preparing ginger tea. In this method you are going to add the sliced ginger to the boiling water and then let it simmer on a low flame for 15-20 minutes. Ensure you are covering the bowl/saucepan with lid as well

g) When the tea is in boiling state you can add some sweeteners like honey/apple/lemon juice to get a flavored taste. Best suggestion would be not to go with sweeteners.

h) After preparing the tea with any of the above suggested methods take the hot ginger tea and strain the liquid from it using a mesh strainer

i) Serve it hot to get rid of cough and cold

j) You can also serve it cold by strong it in refrigerator. However this isn’t effective for treating cough or cold

k) Finally best advice to on drinking ginger tea is to have not more than 2-3 cups(keep it 2 cups). Excess dosage may not be good for your health.

Now that you’ve understood best ways to prepare ginger tea it’s important for you to understand its benefits as well.

Benefits of drinking ginger tea:

1) Treats Cough and cold very effectively

2) Improves blood circulation and your muscle fitness

3) Improves digestion system and keeps your stomach healthy

4) Controls blood sugar levels in diabetes patients

5) Women suffering from menstrual problems this is an excellent remedy

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