How to Prevent Jet Lag – Tips and Cures to Travel Healthier

Jet lag is a temporary disorder that you experience when you travel in air across different time zones. Insomnia, fatigue and some other symptoms are experienced when you suffer from jet lag. Here are some tips that will help you deal with this condition naturally.

Prevent Jet Lag

Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag:

Arriving early benefits:

Arriving early is a good way to treat jet lag. If you are going to attend an event at your destination and you want to appear refreshed and energetic, try to arrive at your destination earlier. You can reach the place a few days early. As a result, your body and your mind will get used o the place and the schedule.

Avoid eating too much:

People who fly regularly know well that the diet you have plays an important role in dealing with jet lag. However there is no proof that diet helps in treating jet lag. But it is said that you should avoid consuming fatty diets or diets that contain high amounts of carbohydrates close before your bedtime. This can disturb your sleep.

Adjust to the schedule change:

While you are on the plane, you can try and adjust to the new schedule. This is an effective method to treat jet lag. To adjust to the new schedule what you have to do first is to change the time on your watch. It is mostly psychological but it can help you a lot to know what you will do in the place where you reach.

While on the plane, try to sleep at the time when it is night at the place you are going to and stay awake during the time when it is daytime at your destination. Remember not to compel it. When you force yourself to sleep, it can make you frustrated and this prevents you from getting the sleep. In that case just take rest.

Follow Different sleep patterns before leaving:

You should try to recreate your new schedule before you leave. This can help you a lot in dealing with jet lag. According to what is suggested by Avelino Verceles, if you are going to the east, you should try to sleep earlier every night. If you are going to the west, you should try sleeping later in night than your usual time. This way you will be able to adjust when you reach your destination.

Try to change your bed time about 30 minutes each night for various nights before you leave. This will also help.

Try to have meals at the time you will have it at your destination. This way you will be able to change your sleeping time also.

Get good sleep without any distractions:

Remember to carry an eye mask and earplugs with you when you are on the plane or at your destination. This help in providing you a good sleep without any distractions. Another thing that you can do to get good sleep is to eliminate distractions from your room. For example, if there is light coming in from the window, you can put a curtain over there to prevent it from entering inside the room and disturbing your sleep.

Move around if possible:

Moving around is an effective way to treat jet lag naturally. You can get up and walk around during your flight instead of just sitting on your seat and sleeping. You may also take some static exercise or do some stretching exercise to make your body energetic.

Once you have reached your destination, remember not to take any heavy exercises before your bed time as this can cause delay in your sleep.

Stay hydrated:

Before you get on the flight and during your flight, make sure that you drink lots of water. This helps in keeping your body hydrated. Even after your flight you will have to drink water. Try to avoid alcohol such as beer and wine, and caffeine like coffee a few hours before you go to sleep. Alcohol along with caffeine can lead to dehydration and remember dehydration during flying is very risky.

Taking Melatonin for jet lag:

Melatonin is considered a good remedy for treating jet lag naturally. Melatonin supplement is said to have the ability to fight against jet lag and to help you sleep. Some studies made have shown that melatonin can reduce jet lag on the flight.

The required dose you have to take is 3 mg of melatonin one or two hours before you go to bed at your destination.

For short term use melatonin is safe. However, if you take it for a long time, it can cause some side effects. So, it is better to take the advice of your doctor before you take melatonin.

Take a hot shower:

Taking a hot shower or bath is said to help in treating jet lag. When you take a hot shower or bath after your flight, your muscles get relaxed and all campiness caused from your travel is gone. This makes you feel relaxed and you will be able o unwind. Once you get out of your bath, your body temperature will come down. This makes you feel sleepy. Taking a hot shower or bath is always a part of your skin care regimen.

Take medication if required:

If you feel you are unable to treat jet lag, then you can consult your doctor and have medication. This will help you to sleep or stay awake as you please.

So, try out the tips given above if you are planning to travel on plane. This will help you treat jet lag and relax yourself.

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