Primrose Oil Benefits and Uses for Skin, Hair and Health

Evening primrose is a plant you can find in many places of Southern hemisphere. The evening primrose oil has lots of health benefits and can treat many health problems. It is beneficial for your hair and skin as well.

Primrose Oil Benefits Uses

Benefits of Primrose Oil for Skin:


Hormonal imbalance can lead to the appearance of acne in teens as well as the adults. Acne can be treated naturally also. To get rid of acne, you have to tackle the root problem, which is the hormonal imbalance. Topical treatment cannot offer you relief. Omega 6 fatty acids present in primrose oil help in regulating the hormonal levels and cure the acne caused due to hormonal imbalance. These fatty acids also improve the skin elasticity.

Cures eczema:

If you are suffering from eczema, primrose oil is a good remedy. This is because of the presence of GLA in this oil. It can help in getting you relief from the inflammation, itching, oozing and flaking caused due to eczema.

Reduces clogging of pores:

Primrose contains some essential fatty acids in it. These help in reducing the clogged pores formation and the development of lesions. It is also good for curing the inflation caused due to rosacea. This it does so by controlling the use of nutrients in the skin cells and producing prostaglandins.

Some other benefits of primrose oil for the skin are:

  1. It has anti-aging properties. So using this oil helps in reducing the symptoms of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on your skin, thereby keeping your skin looking young and glowing.
  2. It makes the skin re-produce new skin cells.
  3. It has the ability to lighten dark circles, making them look younger and less tired.
  4. It can make the rough skin smooth and make your skin look beautiful.
  5. It can remove blemishes on the skin and make the skin evenly toned.
  6. It rejuvenates your skin.
  7. If you have an extremely dry skin, primrose oil can hydrate it.
  8. It decreases fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and makes your skin look younger.
  9. It is effective for repairing of the skin cells.
  10. It can give elasticity to your skin. This helps in giving you a firmer skin.

Benefits of Primrose Oil for Nails and Hair:

Makes nails strong:

Primrose oil contains fatty acids in it. This prevents nails from breaking and cracking. It also helps in keeping the nails healthy and strong.

Teats scalp related problems:

Fatty acids in primrose oil are also good for the scalp. It helps in nourishing he scalp and can treating various problems related with scalp. It is said that this oil can improve the growth of hair. It is a proven fact that using this oil can reduce the risk of thinning of hair and hair loss. This is more effective in menopausal woman and people suffering from thyroid problems.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Primrose Oil:

Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD):

It was shown that two thirds of the children suffering from ADHD showed positive results when they were given primrose oil.


Primrose oil can improve nerve impulses. This way it helps in improving the functioning f the brain and preventing brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Alcohol withdrawal:

The presence of GLA in primrose helps in prompting the brain to make prostaglandin E. This helps in preventing alcohol withdrawal symptoms like seizures, depression and so on.  This way it protects your liver and nervous system.

Chronic fatigue syndrome:

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, primrose is a good remedy. All you have to do is to mix evening primrose oil with good fish oil and consume the mixture regularly.

Counter impotence and infertility:

GLA present in evening primrose oil is effective for curing male impotence. This it does so by improving the blood flow. You have to take this oil with Vitamin C and ginkgo biloba for treating this problem. It is also good for improving the uterine function in women, thereby helping women who cannot conceive.

Cures menstrual pain and relieves discomforts:

Primrose oil is great for providing you relief from the discomforts associated with PMS, menstruation, menopause, fibrocystic beasts and endometriosis. It contains GLA, which helps in providing you relief menstrual cramps. It also reduces the premenstrual tenderness of breasts, carbohydrates cravings and so on.


Diabetic patients usually have GLA deficiencies. Primrose oil helps in supplying GLA to the body and is therefore beneficial for diabetic patients. You can have it in the form of capsules or any other form. It is also good for protecting diabetic patients from neuropathy, which is a problem related to nerves in people suffering from diabetes.

Heart problems and anti-inflammatory properties:

Using this oil regularly can help in lowering the cholesterol levels and in controlling the blood pressure. This way it protects you from various problems of the heart. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil help in curing the inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis:

Presence of GLA and various other supplements in primrose oil help in reducing the pain and the inflammation in the joints and swellings caused due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Few Tips before Taking Primrose Oil:

It is better to consult a doctor before you start taking primrose oil, especially if you are under any medication. The dosage of this oil may vary from one person to the other, although generally it is recommended to take 6 to 8 gm per day. For better absorption of this oil into the body, it is advised that you take Vitamin C along with this oil.

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