Princess Letizia of Spain: Beauty, Makeup & Fitness Secrets

Princess Letizia is a Spanish beauty. She is well known for her beauty and smartness. She is probably even more beautiful than the Hollywood divas. Unlike other royal beauties, who mostly appear in royal gowns and tiaras, she is very modern.

Princess Letizia of Spain

She was born on 15 September, 1972 in a middle-class family. She is the eldest daughter of Jesus Jose Ortiz Alvarez, who was also a journalist. Before her marriage, she was a journalist and news anchor.

Beauty Secrets of Princess Letizia:

Black and white:

She is 41 years old and is the mother of 2. She looks stunning in all vibrant colours. But black and white are her signature colours. Looking at her wardrobe will tell you her devotion towards these two colours. She loves wearing these two colours. This Spanish queen looked stunning on her wedding day. Her wedding gown as well as various other dresses is designed by the famous fashion designer Manuel Pertgaz.

Just like other people, she loves brands. Her wedding gown caught the attention of people all over the world. It was woven of silk, had high collars and was made of lace. She usually prefers to wear knee length black or white bodycon dresses. At a recent event in the royal palace in Madrid, she appeared in an elegant black coloured gown and looked amazing in it.

Golden hair:

Princes Letizia is actually royal! Unlike other royals, she sticks to this century. She has long brunette hair, with which she mesmerises the whole world. Mostly she appears with straight hair that is kept open. But on some evening events she appears with curly hair as well. She knows very well that variety is the spice of life. So she never sticks to one style alone.

Shoes everywhere:

Princess Letzia is considered as one of the most fashionable royal heads of the modern times. She loves to wear heels. Pumps, ballerinas and stilettos are some of the shoes she likes to wear. She takes care to keep it simple. She is seen wearing a sequined dress with simple and plain heels. On the other hand, if she is wearing a simple dress, she pairs it with sequined and sparkling heels. Princess Letizia has her own trademark style that has fascinated all women in Spain.

Style is all about taking risks:

Princess Letizia is never afraid to experiment with her looks. She is ready to take risks with this. She has once appeared in a blush long gown in a high profile wedding in the year 2011, and has surprised the world. It was designed by her favourite designer Felipe Varela. She always keeps the media busy with her fashions trends and canny outfits.

Makeup Secrets:

She is a modern woman and is smart, sexy, elegant and royal. She knows very well how to make her beautiful skin shine all the more. Her skin looks so healthy and glowing, that she looks as if she is in her twenties. Her skin is naturally beautiful and she takes care to keep her skin look even younger with her makeup ticks.

She makes sure that she goes to the spa regularly and has facials, toning and so on. She also does de-stress exercises. All these have given her a body of gold. She is very radiant and is noticed for her style, looks and even the fragrance she uses.

Few of her makeup secrets are:

  • She never uses makeup overly and her makeup never breaks. She usually uses green eyeliner. This helps increasing the radiance of her sparkling eyes. Sometimes she also uses brown eyeliner.
  • You will always find a tint of coral pink colour on her cheeks. It looks very natural and the strokes are perfect.
  • To make her lips look beautiful and perfect, she applies a dash of mild pink lipstick on her lips. Sometimes she also uses mauve. On formal meeting this royal lady prefers to keep it loud.

Fitness secrets:

A strong independent woman:

Princess Letizia is a style icon that many women look up to. It not only her wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle that make her look like a diva. She is smart and independent and this has helped in enhancing her beauty.

Playing Sports Benefits her:

In spite of being the mother of two, she still has a fabulous body. Her body is so perfect in shape that she can wear any outfit and look stunning in it. One of the reasons for her perfect body shape is her love for sports.

Tennis Lover:

She knows how to play tennis. She is also interested in skiing and sailing. She is very adventurous and not just a plastic woman. Princes Letizia is one who is naturally thin. So she does not have a tendency to put on weight.

Diet Secrets:

Watery vegetables in her diet:

Princess Letizia eats lots of watery vegetables like celery. But she avoids broccoli, cauliflower and other gas producing vegetables. Her diet includes watery vegetables and fruits like lettuce, celery, cucumber, watermelon, oranges, grapes etc. Al these flush out the toxins from the body and helps in banishing bloat. She avoids carbs like bread, rice, cookies and pasta. These foods are rich sources of sugar. This means that your body first burns off the sugar rather than the stored fat. Chocolate is her weakness.

Now that you have seen the beauty, fitness and makeup secrets of Princess Letizia, try to follow them and see how it makes you look fabulous and smart like her.

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