Princess Mary of Denmark: Beauty, Makeup & Fitness Secrets

Princess Mary is known for her beauty and style. She is the princes of Denmark and is an Austrian by birth. But she adopted the citizenship of Denmark after her marriage. She has her own sense of style that makes her one of the most fashionable royals of the world.

Princess Mary of Denmark

Beauty Secrets of Princess Mary:

Princess Mary of Denmark is not like any other princesses who follow different trends and styles. Instead, she is professionally engaged with the fashion industry. She not only looks pretty and wear gorgeous dresses, but also creates fashion for the rest of the world. Nature has blessed with enough beauty, so she need not take too much care to look beautiful.

Blazing brown magic:

Princess Mary of Denmark has brown hair and eyes. With her twinkling eyes and silky smooth hair, she is one of the prettiest princesses and fashion divas around the globe.

Fashion connection:

Princess Mary is a mixture of style and grace. Whatever dress she wears, she manages to look absolutely stunning. She prefers to wear four colours most, which are yellow, magenta, nude and black. Apart from these colours she also looks stunning in other colours as well.

Gowns galore:

She loves wearing gowns. In many of the royal events she is seen in long an flowy gowns as if in a fairy tale. Her unique style of dressing has given her a position in the list of best dressed celebrities in the world. She is usually seen wearing exclusive designer wears of Prada, Hugo Boss, Malene Birger and some other topmost designers.

Love for shoes:

Have you heard of the fairy tale of Cinderella and how she meets her prince? The story of Princess Mary and Prince Frederick is quite similar to this fairy tale. He was the royal highness and she was a common woman. They met and fell in love, and the world got a beautiful princess to look up to. Being an absolute fashion diva, Princess Mary has a perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. She is a lean and tall woman. She carries pumps with grace in most of the events she takes part.

Radiant skin:

Princess Mary has a glowing skin, which is admired by women all over the world. She has a fair complexion and shine comes to her baby-smooth skin naturally. You can say that she looks very much like a princess from a Disney-themed fairyland. Denmark being pollution free place, has played an important part in keeping her skin clear and smooth. The food items of Denmark also are skin-friendly and help in keeping her skin healthy and glowing. Olive oil and salmon is the key to a flawless skin. This is true for the skin of Princess Mary also.

Variations in style:

She is not one that bores the world with a single look. You can spot her in various outfits like casuals, gowns, elegant dresses, bodycon dresses, pants with sequined tops, formals and so on. She carries each and every dress with confidence.

Makeup Secrets:

Being a natural beauty, Princes Mary does not need too much makeup to make herself beautiful. She never prefers unnatural or heavy makeup. Usually she is bare faced, but manages to look as beautiful as ever. Usually she wears bare or nude base. This complements her skin tone perfectly. A little of rose red blush and baby pink or coral shades lip gloss are all that is added. With that she is ready to go out for any event.

Her eye makeup:

She prefers subtle eye shadow shades that help in making her gleaming eyes pop even more. Her all time favourite is shimmery champaign or beige coloured eye shadow. She is for less eye shadow and more of mascara. If she uses eyeshadows, she uses the darkest one along the lash line and a subtle neutral one along the crease. She curls and adds lots of mascara on her lashes by using her favourite mascaras.

Her lip makeup:

She apples the lipstick with her index finger.  According to her, the finger tip has the shape of the lipstick, so that you can apply it perfectly and it gives your lip a stained look.  This way your lips will look fuller.

For cheeks:

on the cheeks she applies fresh pink blushes.

Fitness Mantras:

She has a glass of wine, which helps in boosting her immunity. During the evening dinners and royal events she is often seen with a glass of red wine. She is a mother of 2 and godmother of 5. But she still manages to look young and energetic. She is an active member of WHO’s anti-obesity campaign. She is good in sports also, like basketball and hockey. She has been playing these games since her childhood.

She has a well toned body, which is the result of the active lifestyle that she follows. It includes jogging. She does it regularly around the gardens of the palace. She also does horse riding, Pilates, yoga, swimming and boxing. She also goes to the gym regularly. According to her trainer Jacob Sondergaard, she likes body awareness exercises and heavy resistance training, and full body movements with dumbbells and barbells.

If you think that royal beauties are just plastic dolls, you are wrong. They can be women of steel, as in the case of Princess Mary of Denmark. She is an active socialite and supports various good causes for making the society a better one. So, you can say that she is a woman of substance.

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