Reasons for Weight Loss – Healthy Diet Tips to Gain Weight

Getting a slim and fit body is everybody’s dream. But nobody wants to look skinny and too thin. No one wants to look fat either. Though you will find so many people talking about how to lose weight, hardly a few are there to help the skinny people to gain weight. Often people go for artificial products to gain weight. These products which have unwanted side effects lead you to compromise on your health. So your attempt to gain weight and stay healthy will in fact go in vain leaving you fat and unhealthy.

There are so many natural ways to gain weight. But its effects depend on the reason because of which you are underweight. The reasons behind weight loss can be either physical or psychological. Let us see some of the most common reasons among them:

Possible Physical reasons for Weight Loss:

Weight Loss Possible Reasons

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Cancer: a person suffering from cancer will often go through rapid weight loss, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite and inability to gain weight.

Crash Diet and Starvation: crash diet and starvation are the ways adopted by many women to become slim and trim. But this is not a healthy way to lose weight. Crash diet and starvation may help in losing weight, but it also prevents the body from getting essential nutrients. Instead of this it is better to go for a balanced diet and regular exercise to reduce weight.

Diabetes: diabetes can move you to any side of the weight chart. It can lead to both obesity and weight loss. If your family has a history of diabetes and you experience thirst, urination and fatigue quite often, you need to be cautious and consult a doctor soon.

Depression: it is the most common psychological reason behind weight loss. It can make you feel fatigued, make you unable to do simple tasks properly and can also lead to loss of appetite which eventually leads to weight loss.

HIV AIDS: HIV AIDS is also lightly referred by many as the ‘slim disease’. This is because this condition prevents the suffering patient from gaining weight and also leads to weight loss.

Hereditary factors: a person can be underweight because of genetic factors also. If the parents are underweight, there is chance for the children to be underweight too.

Hyperthyroidism: hormone thyroxin produced by the thyroid glands is important for the keeping body metabolism, height and weight within the limits. So if the functioning of the thyroid glands is disrupted, it will lead to deranging of body metabolism, heartbeat and body temperature, thus leading to weight loss. If you are having overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism you might see symptoms such as high temperature, excessive sweating, fatigue, increased heartbeat and weight loss even if eating properly.

Liver and Kidney disease: liver problems can lead to loss of appetite and various gastrointestinal problems which in a way leads to weight loss. People suffering from problems related to kidney also suffer from weight loss because it also leads to lack of appetite and fever.

Medicines: having some strong medicines such as antibiotics can also lead to weight loss. This is because they come with many side effects including loss of appetite which leads to depriving body from essential nutrients and weight loss.

Tuberculosis: tuberculosis is a curable disease if found out and treated from the initial stages itself. But this disease is also accompanied with coughing, night sweat, extreme fatigue and weight loss.

Ways to Overcome Underweight Problems:

Underweight Problems - Workout

Daily work out to gain weight:

Gaining weight is not only about adding some extra pounds to your body; it can also be about building some muscles. Going for a daily work out will help in making your muscles stronger and also will add mass to your body.

Include calories in your diet:

To add half a kilo to your current weight you will have to have 250 calories more than what you have daily. Increase your calorie intake by eating foods such as pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits and nuts. But avoid junk foods and cereal bars from your diet. To gain weight you have to eat foods that are high in calories. So go for high calorie vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, lettuce, spinach, pumpkins etc. add enough amount of meat and dairy products to your diet.

Increase the number of meals:

Another simple way to increase weight is to increase the number of meals that you have daily. Make it a habit of having six meals in a day. Have three big meals and rest as small meals. Make your breakfast, lunch and dinner heavy and rich in calories. A heavy dinner is good for gaining weight. This is because the body metabolism in not as active when you sleep after dinner as compared to when you are awake. Also lets yourself indulge in food items such a pizzas, cakes, and burgers once in a while.

Increase portion intake along with calories:

Increasing only calories in diet won’t do well. You will also have to increase the amount of protein intake. Add eggs, lean meat, fish, pulses and dairy products to be part of your diet. Fish such as tuna and mackerel which are rich in oil can help you in increasing the weight.

Weight gain supplements:

You can also gain weight by adding additional supplements to your diet. If diet and regular exercise is not helping you out in gaining weight, then food supplements are your way to go. But make sure you consult with a doctor before opting for such weight gainer supplements.

Gaining weight will not happen overnight. You need to work hard for it with lot of patience and perseverance. Having healthy and good food, along with daily exercise will help you in gaining weight. Make your six meal healthy high calorie diet plan and exercise daily. Follow all the above steps carefully and your dream of overcoming underweight problem for a healthy and fit body will not be far away.

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