How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home (DIY Manicure)

Beautiful and well maintained nails reflect the personality of a person. A good nail polish can change the look of your nails. But when the nail polish begins to chip off after a few days, you will have to remove the nail polish completely from your nails. You need not go to the salon just to remove your nail polish. You can remove it comfortably sitting at home.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

The Foil Method:

This is a method in which you cover your nails with a cotton ball that is soaked with acetone. Then you have to put a foil over the cotton. This is the most popular method of removing nail polish and also the safest one. If you have ever gone to a salon to remove your nail polish, you would have noticed that they also do the same thing.

To use foil method you need:

  • 10 to 15 cotton balls
  • 10 to 15 strips of aluminium foils. They should be big enough to wrap around your fingers.
  • Gritty nail file
  • Pure acetone
  • Orange stick
  • Petroleum jelly

Removing Shiny Topcoat:

First of all, you have to remove the top shiny coat on your nails, which prevents the paint from chipping. Once you remove this coat, you will find it easier to remove the nail polish. You should have nails that look matte and rough. Take care not to file beyond the top coat because if you do more you may reach your actual nail and cause damage to your nail.

Apply Petroleum Jelly on your nails:

Now you have to apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails. This helps in protecting your akin from the action of acetone.

Simply Place a Cotton Ball or Pad Over Nail:

Dip the cotton ball in acetone and make sure that it is well soaked. This way the gel polish will flake off easily. Make sure that the acetone you use is 100% pure. This makes it more effective. Place the cotton ball soaked in acetone on your nail, completely covering it.

Wrap with Aluminium Foil:

Cut pieces of aluminium foil and wrap the pieces of aluminium foils over the cotton balls. By covering with foil, you can prevent the acetone from getting evaporated. It will soak into the gel polish and help to remove the polish. Wait for about 30 minutes. You can relax and watch your favourite TV programme or movie for 30 minutes.

Check Whether The Mail Polish Is Off:

After 30 minutes, you have to check and see whether the nail polish is flaking off. You can use an orange stick or your nail to push at the end of the polish. If you find that some areas are not flaking off, then you will have to soak it again and wait for another 10 minutes. By this time the polish will come off.

Clean Nails And Wash Your Hands:

After removing the polish, clean your nails well to remove any leftover nail polish. Wash your hands using a soap to remove the acetone from your fingers. This is important because acetone is highly inflammable. Make sure that you store acetone in a cool and dry place. Once you have removed the polish completely and washed your hands, you can apply a nail oil or cream on your nail to protect your nail, as it may look dry.

The Soaking Method:

This method is not very preferable as it takes a longer time and involves soaking of your fingers directly in acetone. The result you get is the same and you need not use cotton balls or foils when you apply this method to remove nail polish.

You will need

  • One large bowl
  • One medium bowl
  • Pure acetone
  • Orange stick
  • Gritty nail file
  • Petroleum jelly

Pour Acetone Into a Beaker:

Take the bigger bowl and fill it with warm water. Make sure that the water is only warm and not hot. You have to take care to keep acetone from extreme heat as it is highly inflammable and can catch fire easily. Now you have to pour acetone into the medium sized bowl and place it in the bigger bowl to double boil it. Leave it in this way for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Buffing Away The Final Top Coat:

As you wait for the acetone to get warm, you can remove the top coat layer of the nail polish using a gritty nail file. Once you have removed the top coating, it should look matte. Now apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails to give it protection from acetone.

Soak Fingers In Acetone Water:

By this time the acetone becomes warm. You have to dip your fingers in warm acetone and let them soak for about 10 to 15 minutes in it. If the polish does not flake off easily, you will have to soak your fingers for a longer time, till the polish starts to flake of.

Remove The Edges of Polish Flakes:

Now try to push the edge of the flaking polish by using an orange stick. You can also use your nails instead of orange stick to remove the flakes. If the polish is still stubborn and is not flaking off, you can soak your fingers for a longer time.

Clean Nails And Wash Your Hands:

Now clean up the leftover nail polish and then wash your hands with soap. This will help in removing the acetone from your fingers. Immediately after this method, your nails will feel and look dry. So, you can apply a nail cream and cuticle oil to prevent your nails from looking dry.

These are two of the best ways to remove nail polish from your nail. Both methods are safe and very effective. Now you do not have to rush to the salon and waist your money and precious time in the process. Try these methods at home and remove your nail polish with ease.

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