Rockabilly or Pinup Makeup Tips and Tutorial for Beginners

A lot of women now are getting back into the 1940s-1960s rockabilly look. Here is how you can do rockabilly makeup and look hot and haut, stunning everyone around you with your look.

Rockabilly Makeup Shows Your:

Show your Killer curves:

Rockabilly Makeup - Curves

The rockabilly makeup helps in flaunting your curves, and also brings about the skinny jean looks with black and red combo makeup too. You can wear ballerinas or flat platform shoes and try more funky hair styles, and bring back the forties look also.

Stunning Makeup Looks:

Rockabilly or Pinup Makeup Looks

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The best part of rockabilly makeup is that it can stun the world around. With this makeup, you will look like a porcelain doll. You can always flaunt the edgy look also. It makes you look very girly and accentuates your feminine features.

Rockabilly Makeup Tutorial:

Here you will have an idea as to how to do rockabilly makeup.

  1. The look is that of a porcelain doll; Make the eye makeup stronger and try dominant red colour for your lips. The look should be like ‘I want it, and I know how to get it’.
  2. First off all cleanse your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water and face wash and then rinse your face with cool water. Pat your face dry using a soft and clean towel. Next you can apply a toner and moisturizer. Toner helps in restoring the natural pH of your skin and also makes large pores look smaller in size. Dip a cotton ball in toner and wipe your face and neck with this cotton ball. Avoid your eyes and lips. Moisturizer helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Apply moisturizer on your face and the neck. This helps to keep the look intact for a longer time. After applying the moisturizer, you have to wait for a few seconds to allow the moisturizer sink into your skin.
  3. Apply primer on your face, so that your makeup is able get a grip onto your face. Primer helps in filling the pores on your skin and makes your skin look smooth and soft. Primer also helps the foundation to stay for a longer time on your face. All you have to do is to simply dot the primer on to your face and blend it well.
  4. To get a flawless look, make sure to apply a foundation of reputed brand. It should be such that it spreads across the face, lids and neck evenly, making your skin look even and flawless. Make sure that you blend the foundation well, especially around the sides of your face and the jaw line. Do not let any harsh line on your face. This will make you look as if you have worn a mask.
  5. Now use a concealer to hide any blemishes and under eye bags. Pin-up rockabilly models were well known for their flawless complexion. So, make sure that you too cover the blemishes and get a flawless skin. Just pat the concealer over the blemish and then blend the edges into your foundation. You can use a small brush or cosmetic sponge for blending. If you are using a colour-correcting concealer, then you have to apply it first and then a regular concealer that matches your foundation. Here is how you can choose the right colour-correcting concealer:
  • If you want to cover any red areas, like the pimples, you can use green concealer.
  • If you have a fair skin and want to cover your under eye bags, you can dab some peach or pink concealer.
  • If you have olive or tan skin and you want to conceal your under eye dark circles, try to dab some yellow eye concealer.
  1. Once you have applied the foundation properly on your face, apply a translucent powder on your face. To achieve the porcelain look, make sure that you use tones that are one or two shades lighter than the skin tone of your face. This helps in bringing a vintage glam look.
  2. Next you have to do the eye makeup. When you do the eyes, remember that you will need thickness for the upper lashes. You can achieve this by using branded eyeliners or a pencil. Start lining your eyes from the inner corners and then go all the way to the outer corners of your eyes. When you use the pencil, take care to be on the lash line. Apply a little loose powder to secure the look. Do not smudge. Do not line your lower lash lines. This helps in bringing the vintage glam look.
  3. Mascara is essential for the rockabilly makeup. You can use volumizing mascara on your lashes. This can bring out the battling of the eyes, which is quite girly. To get this look, you will have to apply two or three coats of mascara on your lashes, taking care to do it only on the lash ends and not the entire length of the lashes. Otherwise it can clump and spoil the look.
  4. Make your lips defined and bold. You can choose a dark blood red colour for your lips. Make the inner portion look soft. So, contour your lips and fill the insides with the colour. This makes a perfect lip makeup.
  5. You hair style should also resemble the hairstyle of the forties. It should be elaborate, quirky and fun. Use lots of pins for the neat updos and the pony tail look. This will give the forties look. Rockabilly makeup means you have to use trendy colures and funky styles. You need not try too hard to get that look.

Most women prefer to wear checks or flannel skirts with the rockabilly makeup. But you can try your own outfits and look chic.

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