Side Effects of Eating Too Many Carrots on Skin and Health

Carrots are crunchy and are orange in colour. They are also found in other colours like red, white, purple and yellow. You can add them to many salads and even eat them raw as a snack. Carrots contain high amounts of beta carotene. This gets converted to Vitamin A when it enters the body. Consuming two carrots daily can provide you about 300% RDA of Vitamin A. Carrots also contain other vitamins like Vitamin C, K and A, and minerals like magnesium and potassium.  Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex are found in small quantities in carrots. One cup of carrot juice contains only 80 calories. So, it is ideal for people on a weight loss regime.

Eating Too Many Carrots

Carrots Side Effects:

Carrots are every healthy and offer you a lot of benefits. It is a must in your regular diet. But make sure that you do not eat them in excess. This is because when you consume them in excess, they can cause some side effects. Some of the side effects of carrots are as follows.

Can cause flatulence:

Carrots are good for the proper functioning of your digestive system as they contain dietary fibre in them. Fibre keeps your stomach full for a longer time and prevents you from overeating. This way you will be able to maintain your weight. But consuming too many carrots may adversely affect your digestive system. About 12 gm of carbohydrates and 4 gm of fibre are present in carrots. When you eat too much fibre, the fibre and carbohydrates do not get digested in your intestine. They may become fermented in the colon. This can lead to the formation of gas in the intestine. As a result, you suffer from stomach cramps, bloating and gas trap.

Can lead to allergic reactions:

Some people can be hypersensitive to carrots. These people suffer from some common side effects of carrots like skin rashes, hives, diarrhoea, anaphylactic reactions and swelling. These allergies as caused because of the presence of the allergen in carrot pollen. Allergens present in carrot are quite similar to the allergens found in strawberries, potato, mustard and nuts. So, people who are allergic to these vegetable should be cautious when they consume carrots.

High sugar content:

People suffering from diabetes should be cautious when consuming carrots. This is because carrots contain sugar in high levels, with a glycemic index of 97. When you consume carrots, the sugar in it gets converted to glucose and raises the levels of sugar in the body. The best way to consume carrots for diabetic people is to steam them and consume them in small quantities.

Interaction with specific existing diseases:

People suffering from bowel problems, diabetes, low sugar level and hormone problems should consult their doctor before they include carrots in their regular diet. This is because carrots can interact with these diseases and trigger the symptoms, so that the condition gets worse.

Not recommended for breast feeding women:

Carrots are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the body. But according to studies made, carrot can change the colour of breast milk. So, it is recommended that breast feeding women should avoid consuming carrot juice in excess.

Nutrient absorption:

Fibre is known to interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium and other nutrients in the body. So, when you consume carrots in excess, there may be a deficiency of these nutrients, which are important for your body. Carrots also lack fat and protein, which are essential for your body.


According to studies made, carrots are said to contain 26 pesticides. Out of these 26 pesticides, 8 are said to cause cancer and 16 can interfere with the hormones in the body. 3 of these pesticides cause nervous problems while 7 cause reproductive or development problems. So, you have to limit the intake of carrots to keep these pesticides out of your body.

Skin discolouration:

When you consume carrots in excess, it can leave your skin abnormally yellow to orange in colour. This discoloration is caused by beta carotene present in carrots, which is a carotenoid present in high amounts in carrot.

When you consume too many carrots the level of beta carotene in the body increases. Some part of it gets converted into Vitamin A, which is essential for the body. It is good for our eyes and protects your eyes from various eye diseases. The excess of carotene in the body will make your skin look abnormally yellow, almost orange in colour.

This skin discolouration is known as carotenemia or carotenoderma. This can be identified as discoloration of the hands, palms, face and soles of the feet. This condition does not cause any harm to your body and you can reverse it by lowering the levels of carotene in the body.

Unsafe for infants:

Some studies show that carrots can be unsafe for small children. So, small babies should be given only small amounts of carrot.

Withdrawal effects:

Some people have a habit of consuming carrots every day. This can lead to a craving for carrots. Irritability, insomnia, water brash and nervousness are some of the negative effects of withdrawal from the habit.

Although carrots have some side effects, they also have immense health benefits. So, you should not completely avoid carrots. You can have them in moderate amounts. But be aware of their side effects and make sure that you do not consume them in excess. This way you can stay healthy.

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