5 Simple Tips and Tricks For Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair

Hair is an integral part of our beauty and when it starts falling it is quite natural that we will panic. The gorgeous long hair within a span of few months’ turns into thin pig tail is something which scares everybody to death. But this seems to be the case for most of us as our busy schedule leaves us with so less time that we tend to neglect our hair assuming that shampooing once in a while is the best way to maintain it. If you tend to neglect it, then you will witness that in no time your hair is breaking off or you are getting split ends. These all are signs that your hair is not receiving adequate food and nourishment that it requires.

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For the busy professionals and everybody else we are presenting some simple tips and tricks that will help your grow naturally.

1) How you wash your hair?
The way you wash your hair is very important as too hot water will lead to greater damage to your hair, but to the contrary coldest water seems to suit just fine for your hair. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo twice a week minimum to keep it clean and healthy. This way the scalp will be clean and will enable the hair growth properly.

2) How about some hot oil massage?
You will relax and your hair will also get the nutrients that it requires for healthy growth of hair. Bring in some aromatic oils or you can use simple coconut oil and warm it up, then gently massage it onto your scalp. This helps in proper blood circulation, which in turn helps the healthy growth of hair.

3) The Mask is good for your hair as well
It is not only the face that gets benefited from good mask but your hair will also feel rejuvenated when you pamper it with some mask. You can prepare an oil mask for your hair by mixing coconut oil and almond oil, massage it then puts a shower cap on. Now without removing the cap blow dry it for about 10 minutes, then you can remove the cap and wash off the hair. The coconut oil is believed to have deep conditioning ingredients and almond oil will help you to get back that lost shine of yours. When the hair will receive the healthy food, then it will start growing automatically.

4) Remember to hide it from the sun
When you know that you will be out there in the sun for the whole day, then it is better that you cover your hair with something so that you can protect it from the pollution and the heat of the sun rays. These causes greater damage to your hair and leads to hair-fall so try to wrap up a scarf around your head so that your hair is not exposed to dust and heat.

5) Sleep tight and increase intake of water
We all know the magic figure 8 but most of us tend to overlook the important factor of 8 hours of sound sleep and 8 glasses of daily intake of water. This will solve not only the hair problem, but most of our problems will be solved if we can keep this in mind and follow it without fail.

Drink more water for hair growth

Also regular trimming will make sure that you don’t get any split ends and that will ensure normal healthy growth of your hair.

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  1. santosh says:

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    • Nikitha says:

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  2. kavita says:

    very nice I like it most

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