How to Stop Your Period Early: 10 Best Ways

Periods are often a nightmare for most of the girls. Sometimes, it comes when you have an important event to attend, or when you have an exam. Then it becomes necessary to stop your periods earlier than usual. If you are n such a situation, don’t worry. You can find a solution for this problem with simple ingredients in your home. Remember that once your menses have started, you cannot stop it effectively. But there are many home remedies that help in postponing them or even reduce the flow.

Stop Your Period Early

Ways to Stop your Period:

Angelica root:

For this you need 1 teaspoon of dried angelica root and a cup of boiling water. Steep the root in the boiling water for a few minutes and then strain it. Drink this tea. You can drink it two times a day.

This herb is known as ‘female ginseng’ because it is very effective for the treatment of various menstrual problems. It is a Chinese herbal remedy for stopping the menstrual flow temporarily. Angelica root has the ability to keep the female hormones balanced and to stop the menstrual flow. However, pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid it.

Apple cider vinegar:

You need 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water for this. Mix the apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink it. You can drink three to four glasses when the time approaches.

Like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, thereby reducing the blood flow.

Coconut oil:

You need 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil for this treatment. Just gulp down the coconut oil. If you do not like the taste of coconut oil, you can add it to hot tea and have it. Drink this once and you will get the results within a few hours.

Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants. These help in keeping your menstrual cycle regular and also reduce the flow of blood.

Drink gelatine:

For this you need a small packet of gelatine and a glass of water. Add the gelatine to the water and drink it immediately. Drinking it once is enough for most people. You can repeat it after a few hours if needed.

Many women have tried this remedy and have been able to stop their period for a couple of hours. In Chinese medicine, gelatine is used for treating excessive bleeding. This property of gelatine comes in use to stop menses.

Essential oils:

You need 6 drops of clary sage oil, 6 drops of lavender oil and 2 to 3 drops of almond oil for this method. Mix the two essential oils with the almond oil and then massage the abdominal and pelvic areas with this oil mixture. Let the oil get absorbed into the skin. You can massage this way twice every day. It is found to be very effective for stopping or postponing period.

Clary sage oil helps in relaxing the muscles of the uterus and lavender oil helps in relaxing your nerves. It also reduces stress and makes you feel calm and relaxed.

You should never use this remedy if you are prone to seizers or are suffering from epilepsy.


For this you need ½ to 1 inch of ginger, 1 teaspoon of honey and a cup of hot water. Crush the ginger piece well and let it soak in the hot water for a few minutes. Now you have to strain the water and add honey to the water. Drink this decoction when it is still warm. You can drink two to three cups of ginger tea per day for best results.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which has the ability to interfere with the production of prostaglandin. This is a hormone that is released during menstruation and causes the uterus to expel its lining tissue. In Chinese medicine ginger is used for delaying the onset of menses.

If you are suffering from any bleeding disorders or if you are taking medicines to prevent blood clotting, you should never use this remedy, as ginger is a blood thinner.

Green beans:

Having a balanced diet plays an important role in determining your menstrual cycle. Green beans have the ability reduce the flow during menses and even help in stopping the period in some women. So, include green beans in your regular diet if you want to delay or stop menses. Moreover, green beans are rich sources of calcium. This helps in reducing the pain felt during menses.

Raspberry tea:

For this you need a handful of dried or fresh raspberry leaves of water. Boil the leaves in the water for a few minutes on   low flame. Now let it cool. Strain it and drink a cup of this decoction. You can drink two or three cups of this herbal tea every day.

Raspberry tea is rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed for a woman. You can consume it regularly and even during pregnancy. It is known for its astringent properties. It also helps in relaxing the uterus. As a result, you can reduce blood flow by consuming this tea regularly.

Stop your period with lemon:

You need one lemon and a glass of water for this. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and mix it with water. Drink it. You can do this whenever you want to shorten your periods.

This home remedy has been in practice for ages. Lemon juice has the ability to shorten your period and postpone it. The acidic properties of lemon juice detox the body and is said to help your uterine lining shed fast.

Take a pill:

Many women take contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy. These pills are also good for stopping periods. Contraceptives prevent ovulation and as a result, the shedding of uterine lining is prevented. These pills mainly contain estrogens and progestin, which are the female sex hormones. When you stop taking these pills, you will start having menses.

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    Really! very helpful info for me because after tomorrow I’ve planned a date with my boyfriend. And maybe tomorrow night I’ll have periods… But after reading your article quite happy that I can stop my period for 24 hours…

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    Awesome info, I’m going away with my husband this weekend & of course Aunt flow will be visiting me in a couple o days, I needed to figure out a way to enjoy my time with him without her visiting & not actually being welcomed! Thanks

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