Strength Training Exercise – What is it – Benefits for Body?

What is Strength Training? Definition:

The process of making your musculoskeletal system strong by applying resistance is known as Strength Training. Here a kind of resistance, like dumbbells, machines and resistance bands, is used to make your bones and muscles strong. Even self body weight is used as a resistance for Strength training. It is also known by other names like weight training, resistance training, toning and so on.

Strength Training Exercise Benefits

Why are muscles important?

To move any part of your body, you need muscles. To blink your eyes, to run, jog, climb stairs and so on, muscles are needed. So, for each and every movement you make, you have to use your muscles. Muscles have the ability to contract, relax as well as to release force. If you have more muscles in your body, more is the capacity of your body to burn calories. This means that muscles are metabolically active tissues. This also means higher BMR. This is the most important role of the muscles. Muscles have the power to burn calories as well as to reduce fat, so that your body becomes fit and in good shape. Strength training is very beneficial in developing the muscles. A person burns calories when he does exercise as well as after he completes doing the exercise.

Benefits of Strength Training Exercises or Workouts:

Adds more muscles and burn more calories:

Muscles help in making your body strong as well as in increasing the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). When you lift weight, your body burns calories instantly. Moreover, it also helps in increasing calorie burning when you rest. It is seen that body burns more calories when at rest.

Builds stronger bones:

Most of you may not know that bones are living tissues. With weight training, the bones become stronger. When you do Strength training regularly, the bone density is increased. As a result you are less at a risk of suffering from osteoporosis. This is particularly true for women, who lose a lot of calcium during various phases of their life. Monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child birth and menopause lead to losing of calcium and bone density. As a result, when you reach a certain age, the calcium absorption power of your body gets reduced. So, your bones lose the calcium deposited in them and this gradually results in osteoporosis or weak bones.

Enhances physical and mental well-being:

By undergoing strength training you get more energy to carry out your day to day activities. This exercise improves the flexibility of your body as well as your balance. Researches made have shown that this exercise is capable of reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Strength Training is an excellent way to reduce tension and anxiety. It also helps you to get rid of depression and be in good mood. The health of the brain is increased with regular weight training.

Helps heart:

If you are suffering from any heart problems do strength training and this will help you overcome these problems and protect you from such issues. Studies have shown that strength training is very effective for reducing the bad cholesterol or LDL and increasing the good cholesterol or HDL in the body. Research has also proved that this exercise helps in lowering blood pressure by almost 20%. This is because the flow of blood is increased in the body when you do strength training, especially in the muscles and the heart.

Lose more weight and look slimmer:

Strength training is good for losing excess fat from your body as well. A study made at Penn State University shows that people who lift weight can lose an average of six pounds more than those who do not lift any weight. This is because weight lifting helps in building up your muscles and burning more calories. When you just diet and do not do nay exercise, your body burns fat as well as your muscles. This is not good for your health. When you cut calories as well as exercise your body, the fat is burnt to provide fuel to the body while the muscles are kept intact. This way, the body burns fat but not the muscles. As a result, your body becomes slimmer and well defined.

Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Strength training is said to change the way how your body processes sugar. This it helps in insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.

How to do Strength Training Workout daily routine:

Those who are keen to do strength training sessions are advised to do two upper body and two lower body strength sessions per week. When you do this, remember not to exercise the same muscles on two consecutive days. You also have the option to do a full body workout three times a week. You can do cardio about 15 to 20 minutes before you do strength training to warm up your body, and after the workout to cool down your body. During the rest days between each resistance training routine, you can do cardio and HIIT for a longer period of time.

Tips for Women:

When women lift weight, they never bulk up their muscles as men do because men have high testosterone levels and this is responsible for the muscles to bulk up. Women have no testosterone in their body. So women must never avoid strength training thinking that it may bulk up their muscles. You have to do lots of hard work, lift lots of weight and take proper supplements to get a body like that of body builders. So, instead of becoming muscular like men, women will have a more shapely body by going for strength training. They will be able to achieve lean muscles and burn calories faster than those who do only cardio exercise.

So, if you want to have a slim and well shaped body with lean muscles, try strength training and you are sure to benefit from it.

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