String Bikini Workout – How to do – Benefits

A visit to the beach means you have to look amazing in a bikini. Are you sure that you can flaunt a string bikini? Most of you will say ‘No’ to this question. If you want to look amazing and stun everyone with your fabulous figure in a string bikini, all that you need is a bikini workout. This will enable you to wear your bikini with confidence and amaze everybody.

String Bikini Workout Benefits

Beaches and Bikinis:

We all love to go to the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. In summers it is all the more fun. This along with barely-there bikinis is what makes it more exciting. If you have a fabulous body, the string bikini will make you stunning and turns every head towards you. So, if you want to look sexy and love to get attention, get a perfect figure and flaunt a string bikini.

String Bikini Workout Benefits:

This is easy to do and you have to do it regularly to get the desired results.

This workout guarantees you to:

  • Burn a ton of calories
  • Increase the rate of your heart beat.
  • Burn excess fat.
  • Tone up the important muscle groups in your body.
  • Make you ready to wear your bikini.

You have to do 5 sets of exercises in a row. Make sure that you repeat each exercise at least 8 times. Between each exercise, you can rest for about 20 seconds. After completing one set, you may rest for 1 minute and then start doing the second set of exercises.

How to do String Bikini Exercises to Tone it Up:

Bicep Curls:

  • Perform a few basic stretches to warm up your body before you start the workout.
  • After the warm up exercise, hold a strap in your hand that is stretchy and rubbery. It should be long enough to pull between your feet and hands.
  • Stand on the strap with your feet slightly apart.
  • Now hold the ends of the strap with each hand.
  • Bend your hands at the elbows.
  • As you bend your hands, the strap will offer resistance, like a dumbbell.
  • If you do not have a strap, you can do this exercise with a dumbbell also.
  • After you bend your hand at the elbows, start curling your hands towards your chest. You will feel the pull of the strap as you do this.
  • Return to the initial position and repeat for 8 times.

Dumbbell squat:

  • To do this exercise, you need two dumbbells. Hold one dumbbell in each hand.
  • Stand straight and keep your feet slightly apart from each other.
  • Now you have to bend your knees, till you are in a squatting position. Let your hands rest on either side of your body.
  • Try to rise up and as you rise, bring your hands upwards and raise your hands over your head.
  • Now you have to get to the squat position again and as you do so, lower your hands.
  • Practice this exercise 8 times.

High knee lunges:

  • This exercise is slightly different form the traditional lunges.
  • Here you have to first lunge forward with your left leg.
  • Now keep your left knee at right angles to the floor. Keep your hands on either side of your left foot.
  • Now power up your body so that you get enough strength to raise up and jump high.
  • As you do this high knee jump, you must bring your right knee to your navel and your elbows must be brought to your sides.
  • Now you can get back to the initial position and then you may start the exercise again by jumping high with your other knee.
  • Do this exercise 8 times.

Plank runner:

  • Get on your hands and feet and lie in a plank position. Your face should be down and your arms parallel to your shoulders and exactly below your shoulders.
  • This way, your whole weight is supported by your hands and feet.
  • Keep your body off the floor and make sure that your body is straight and aligned.
  • Now bring one knee towards your chest.
  • Get back to the first position and then bring the other knee inwards, towards our chest.
  • Repeat this exercise for 8 times.

Shoulder squeeze:

  • Stand straight and keep your legs hip width apart.
  • Now hold a strap that is stretchable in your hands.
  • Extend your arms ahead and take care not to bend your elbows.
  • Hold the strap with your hands and your hands must be parallel to your shoulders.
  • Stretch the strap in such a way that your hands are fully extended beside you.
  • Along with this, squeeze your shoulder blades also.
  • You can return to the initial position and repeat it 8 times.

Star Sprawl:

  • Place 4 cones in the shape of a diamond. Each should be at a distance of 8 feet from the other.
  • Now stand to the left of the bottom cone.
  • From here sprint up to the top cone and tap the cone and back peddle to the right side of the back cone and tap it.
  • Now sprint diagonally and tap the left cone.
  • Side shuffle to the right cone and tap it. Then you have to back peddle and get back to the initial position, which is to the left of the back cone.
  • Now perform a sprawl, with your left leg extended and right knee bent towards right elbow. Stand back quickly as possible and then sprawl with your right leg extended and left knee bent towards your left elbow.
  • Repeat it 8 times.

Doing these exercises regularly will soon make your muscles well toned and your body fabulous.

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