Sugarcane Juice Benefits and Uses for Skin, Hair and Health

Drinking a glass of ice cool sugarcane juice in the hot summers is a great relief and provides you instant energy. Other than being tasty, it has a lot of health benefits also. It is a rich source of various minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and many other nutrients that are greatly beneficial for your skin, hair and health. Drinking sugarcane juice instead of artificial and aerated drinks greatly improves your health.

Sugarcanejuice benefits uses

Some of the benefits of having Sugarcane juice are as follows:

  1. Sugarcane juice not only satisfies your thirst, but also provides you instant energy. This is one of the reasons why it has become a popular drink, especially during the summer time. It is rich in glucose, which fills you with energy and vigor as soon as it is consumed. It also re-hydrates your body. So when you feel tired and dehydrated next time, try having a glass of cool sugarcane juice instead of artificial drinks that are available in the market. You will be amazed at the difference you feel.
  2. In spite of being very sweet to taste and containing high level of sugar, sugarcane juice is considered safe for those who are suffering from diabetes. This is because sugar in it is natural sugar with low glycemic index. This does not cause a steep rise of the blood sugar in diabetic patients. So they can safely drink sugarcane juice instead of aerated drinks, which make the blood sugar level high. Type-2 diabetic patients are however advised to drink the juice in limited amounts and that too after consulting their doctors.
  3. Sugarcane juice contains a large number of minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron, which makes it alkaline in nature. As studies have shown, diseases like cancer have little chance of surviving in alkaline medium. So sugarcane juice is very effective in preventing cancer, especially prostate cancer and breast cancer. This shows that if you drink sugarcane juice, you stand a better chance of preventing cancer.
  4. Sugarcane juice is very effective in increasing the levels of protein in the body. This greatly helps in maintaining the general health of your kidneys. If you take diluted form of sugar cane juice along with lime juice and coconut water, it can reduce the sensation of burning that comes with urinary tract infections, prostatitis, kidney stones and sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. The antioxidants present in sugarcane juice fight infections and greatly improve the immunity system of the body. It is also very good for the liver, protecting the liver from various infections and keeping the levels of bilirubin under control. You must have seen doctors advising patients suffering from jaundice to drink sugarcane juice. This is because of the ability of sugarcane juice to digest easily without applying too much pressure on the liver, and also because it lower the levels of bilirubin.
  6. Sugarcane juice helps in digestion because it is rich in potassium. It helps in maintaining the digestive system and also prevents the occurrence of various types of stomach infections. It is good even for treating constipation and makes your body toxin free and free from waste products.
  7. Being a rich source of minerals, sugarcane juice protects your tooth and saves it from tooth decay. It is also effective in preventing bad breath. So if you want to avoid going to a dentist, have a glass of fresh sugarcane juice regularly. This will provide you healthy and white teeth.
  8. One of the easy ways to know the deficiency of nutrients in your body is to note how healthy your nails are. The condition of your nails tells you if you lack ant nutrients. Brittle and discolored nails with white spots here and there mean that it is high time that you include sugarcane juice in your regular diet. It has all the minerals and nutrients that are able to provide you strong and healthy nails that have a shine of their own, ad look beautiful even without using a nail polish.
  9. Sugarcane juice is found to be very effective for those who suffer from febrile disorders. Febrile disorders means occurrence of fevers, which may also lead to seizures and loss of protein. From the body. It is mostly found in children and infants. If you have sugarcane juice, it helps in recovering the lost protein and helps you recover easily.
  10. Sugarcane juice reduces bad cholesterols and triglycerides in the body and protects the heart from various heart disease and stroke. It also strengthens various organs in the body like stomach, eyes, kidneys, heart, sex organs etc.
  11. Sugarcane contains calcium and phosphorous, which helps in the development of the bones and make your bones strong.
  12. If people suffering from anemia take sugarcane juice regularly, it helps in increasing the level of hemoglobin in their body. This is because it contains high level of iron.
  13. The antioxidants present in sugarcane juice prevent premature ageing and also the damages caused by free radicals in the body.
  14. Alpha hydroxyl acids are very effective and beneficial for a healthy skin. They protect the skin from pimples and acnes, and also reduce the appearance of blemishes on your skin, besides preventing ageing of the skin. They also keep the skin hydrated. Sugarcane juice is one of the natural sources of glycolic acid, which is the most effective alpha hydroxyl acid. Apply the juice on your skin and let it, dry. Then wash off with water. You may also add the sugarcane juice to your face mask or scrub and use it regularly. You will be pleased to see the result.
  15. Sugarcane juice is also good for the hair and helps in the proper growth of the hair, as well as prevents hair fall.

With so many advantages, sugarcane juice is a perfect health drink for you. Make sure that when you buy the juice from the vendor, it is made hygienically, using clean drinking water.

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