Sunken (Hollow) Eyes – Causes, Treatment and Remedies

Sunken eyes appear as you get older and can appear due to many reasons. It can be external like stress and tension, as well as internal like lack of sleep, improper diet and dehydration. This is a condition in which dark circles appear in such a way that your eyes look sunken. You can take medication for treating this problem. There are also home remedies for treating sunken eyes, but it takes longer time to get the desired results.

Sunken Eyes Causes Treatment Remedies

Most Common Reasons for Sunken Eyes:

Here are some top reasons for the appearance of sunken eyes:

  • Bad food habits can lead to sunken eyes. Having too much of food and indigestion can also cause sunken eyes.
  • Body not getting hydrated properly.
  • Consuming too much of coffee or tea is also harmful. This increases your caffeine intake and can cause sunken eyes.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Not taking care to treat dark circles on time. If the treatment is not proper, then also you may get sunken eyes.
  • Stress and tension.
  • Some internal weakness and stomach problems.

How to Repair Sunken Eyes – Home Remedies:

Almond oil:

When you have sunken eyes, the skin around your eyes becomes very delicate and the skin loses most of its nutrients. So, it is essential that you nourish the skin under the eyes to eliminate hollow eyes. Almond oil is good for this purpose. Apply it under your eyes several times a day. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and helps in nourishing your skin. You can also use Vitamin E capsules to treat sunken eyes.

Avoid Vitamin A foods:

Try to reduce foods that contain Vitamin A. It doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid vitamin A rich foods. Intake of Vitamin K and Retinol is beneficial for lightening the area under your eyes. So, consult your doctor and follow his advice for choosing the best supplements of Vitamin K and Retinol. These supplements help in increasing the flow of blood to the under eye area and thus help in lightening the area under your eyes. A good doctor will prescribe you the best medicines that contain Vitamin K and Retinol or proper supplements.

Cosmetic surgical procedures:

Another way to reduce sunken eyes is to go for chemical or cosmetic treatments.

Drinking Water:

Drinking plenty of water is also important for preventing sunken eye conditions. Make sure that you drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Try to cut down the intake of coffee and tea.

Fish oil:

Fish oil is very beneficial for treating sunken eyes as it is rich in omega fatty acids. Apply fish oil topically under your eyes. As soon as you see the formation of sunken eyes or dark circles, apply fish oil over the affected area. This will help in making the skin under your eyes healthy and smooth.

Good Sleep:

Proper sleep is very important for preventing and treating g sunken eyes. When your sleep is deprived, you start noticing dark circles under your eyes, which eventually leads to sunken eyes. Get enough sleep to treat sunken eyes gradually. Make sure that you sleep at least for 7 hours daily. You can also take a small nap in the day time, but make sure that it does not exceed 30 minutes.

Honey+Lemon juice:

You can also use honey and lemon juice and apply it in the same way as mentioned above. This is also great for treating sunken eyes.

Isometric exercises:

Doing simple isometric exercises is an excellent way to get rid of hollow eyes.

Olive+Almond oil:

Take half teaspoon each of pure quality olive oil and almond oil and apply it under your eyes before you go to sleep at night. Massage well with your finger tips and leave it overnight. Continue to apply it for one month. This will help in improving your sunken eye condition.

Raw potato juice:

Raw potato juice is also good for treating sunken eyes. Slice a potato and place them over the affected area. Wait for about 20 minutes. You can also apply the juice of potato in the under eye area to treat sunken eyes. With regular application you will see that there is an improvement in the pigmented spots and the skin becomes soft and healthy.


Sandalwood and honey are very beneficial for treating sunken eyes. Make a pack by mixing sandalwood powder and honey well and apply it under your eyes. As you apply it, lie down flat and make sure that you lift your head slightly up using a rolled towel or a thin pillow. Now put cold slices of potato or cucumber over your eyes and also the honey chandan pack. Let it remain on your eyes for 10 to 12 minutes. This will provide you better results.

Sun screen:

Applying a good quality sun screen lotion on the affected part of the eye area is an effective way to prevent any further damage to the eye area.

Tea bags:

One of the effective ways to treat sunken eyes is use warm or cold tea bags. Keep warm or cold tea bags on your eyes and let them remain there for about 10 minutes. This helps in increasing the circulation of blood around your eye area. This in turn provides your eyes relaxation and helps in reducing dark circles and pigmentation. With regular use of these tea bags, you will succeed in eliminating sunken eyes.

Few Tips for Sunken Eyes:

  • Always wear sun glasses when you go out
  • Ensure that you consume enough water and fluids so that your body remains well hydrated.
  • Try not to take alcohol and carbonated drinks. These make your skin worse.
  • Dark green vegetables are very beneficial for preventing sunken eye conditions.
  • Cold compress using ice cubes is good. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean cloth and massage on the eyes with it.
  • Eat dark green leafy vegetables.

Try these simple home remedies to get rid of sunken eyes before you go to a doctor. These remedies will surely help you improve the condition. If there is no change, then you can go to a doctor.

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