Does Sunscreen Lotion Cause Cancer Risk: Facts for You

All beauticians advise you to apply sunscreen on your skin before you go out. But have you any idea whether it is good for your skin or not? It can contain chemicals that may harm your skin and cause various skin problems. The sunscreens that you get in the market nowadays are said to cause more harm than good to the body. We use sunscreen to protect our body from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent various diseases associated with it. They are also used to prevent skin cancer. By applying sunscreen one can enjoy the sunlight without any worries of suffering from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. But, it is now found out that sunscreens can also cause cancer and it can affect the natural functioning of various hormones in the body. If you are confused, read on and you will get an answer to all your queries!

Does Sunscreen Lotion Cause Cancer

Chemicals Present in Sunscreens –¬†Are They Harmful For your Body?

  • The sunscreen that you use helps in protecting your skin in one of the two ways. It either uses the natural minerals and components, or manmade components. Various research done have shown that the retinyl palmitate (a form of vitamin A) in sunscreen can react with UV rays and cause cancer in mice.
  • Sunscreens contain a sun blocking agent in it called oxybenzone. Studies made on animals have shown that this chemical can upset the normal hormone balance in them. It also has the ability to leach through the skin.
  • However, when the effect of the same chemical was studied on humans, the result received was conflicting. On humans the chemicals did not show any harmful effect. A number of dermatologists and researchers have published their reports saying that the compounds used in sunscreens are safe for their skin and health; so as to convince people and allay their fears.
  • Many of the sunscreen ingredients and UV rays are said to produce free radicals that can cause damage to the DNA and the skin cells, thus increasing the process of ageing and causing skin cancer. But a good quality and effective sunscreen prevents more damage than the damage it causes. Sunscreens are found to be far better in preventing sunburns than causing damage to the skin due to free radicals.
  • For being on the safer side, you can still choose sunscreens that do not contain such chemicals in them. Many of the dermatologists suggest using sunscreens with contain avobenzone or mexoryl SX base. You may also try the natural variery.

Are Nanoparticles (Zinc and Titanium) in Sunscreens harmful?

  • Modern sunscreens contain tiny crystals of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in them. Many researchers have shown concern about their presence. Some have claimed that they found out that the nano particles in zinc can kill colon cells. Titanium particles are said to cause genetic damage when experimented in mouse.
  • However, there is no proof that these tiny particles are powerful enough to harm healthy skin. Moreover, it takes higher dose of these particles to harm your skin than the amount that oyu apply on your skin. So they are considered harmless for the skin.
  • The researchers and dermatologists therefore state that the mineral sunscreens are still a good option for protecting your ski from the sun.

Does Sunscreen Really Prevent and Protect from Skin Cancer?

  • Till recently, the claim that sunscreen prevented the skin cancer (melanoma) was as thin as paper. Then last year, a randomized control trial was published in Australia, which changed all preconceptions.
  • Here a study was conducted on people who had used sunscreen for more than 10 years and suffered les form melanoma. This was a solid proof that sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, especially for the cosmetic industry. Dermatologists and researchers also support this theory.
  • In spite of getting this proof, there have been uncertainties, as many cancer magazines report that sunscreens can cause skin cancer and other health problems. Many people who had gone to the beach after applying sunscreen in their skin have reported to have suffered from sunburns and bright red marks on their body. These are the risk factors of cancer. So, this has made many people confused.
  • The dermatologists say that most of the people who have suffered sunburns and red marks on their skin in spite of applying sunscreens tend to have spent long hours in the sunlight. As a result, they fail to get enough protection from the rays of the sun and finally suffer from melanoma.
  • When you apply the sunscreen on your body, make sure that you apply it thickly on the skin. It is also important that you apply it properly on all exposed parts of your skin. Otherwise, your body will not get enough protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • The researchers and dermatologists all across the world are of the opinion that applying sunscreen is the right method to prevent skin diseases that are caused by the UV rays of the sun. But, along with applying sunscreen, you must also try to take other precautions like wearing proper clothing, hat and so on. It is also important to carry an umbrella with you whenever you go out in the sun. This way you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.

So, when you buy a sunscreen for yourself, keep in mind the points discussed above and buy according. You will be able to enjoy the sun without causing any harm to your skin.

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