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Every person wants healthy and beautiful hair. But, for that you need to take good care of your hair. Hair is a very important part of the overall appearance of a person, and needs to be well maintained. Read on for a few tips to make your hair strong and healthy.

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Brushing Hair luster:

Brushing is a very important part of your hair care regime. It increases the luster of your hair and helps spread the natural oils all through the length on your hair. This must be done only as much as needed. Over-doing the brushing process can lead to other harmful effects like breakage and damage to your hair. Plastic brushes are something that you need to avoid, as they can lead to breakage of your hair.

Be Careful with Hair Products:

Using heat on your hair affects it badly. It only strips off all the moisture left in your hair and makes it really frizzy and dry. Over using heat can also burn your hair and cause damage. As such, be careful when you use and iron/curl or straighteners. Use such things only when absolutely necessary. Make sure you use a hair protector before using such equipment.

Clarifying shampoo:

Clarifying shampoo is very useful for your hair. You can use once in a month to get rid of all the build up on your hair. Having a build-up of different kinds of products can lessen the effectiveness of the shampoos and conditioners that you sue. Using a clarifying shampoo will eliminate this problem.

Choose Good Brand:

The shampoo and conditioner you use must be of the same brand and type. They will be designed specifically for any hair type, and will complement each other. Using a single line will give better results. As such, go for the same product when you by them.

Don’t Rub Hair:

Use only the pat dry method to dry your hair. Rubbing your hair must be avoided. Even though it helps dry you hair faster, a lot of hair can break and fall off in the process.

Friction on Hair:

Use a satin pillow cover to sleep on. This controls any breakage of hair caused due to friction while sleeping. Materials like cotton have a rough texture that causes a lot of friction.

Healthy Food for Hair:

The most important thing to have healthy hair is to eat right. You need to nourish your body from inside. Vitamins, proteins, iron, and other minerals are very important to have long, thick, and healthy hair. You can also use some supplements if you do not get the necessary nutrients from your diet.

Hair Masks:

Hair masks help a lot in protecting your hair and nourishing it. Depending on your hair type, use a good hair mask. Using a wrong hair mask can also create problems. So, do good research and choose a suitable one.

Hot Water on Hair:

You must never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water strips off the moisture from your hair and makes it dry and frizzy. You need not use freezing cold water either. You can just stick to water at the room temperature to keep your hair strong and protected.

Hair Protection:

Make sure you keep your hair protected from the wind, rain, and sun, at all times. Getting your hair exposed to the dirt, pollution, wind, heat, and excessive sun causes a lot of damage. It can cause dirt to build up, and even makes your hair and scalp dry. As such, your hair and scalp become prone to infections. A good idea is to always use an umbrella or hat to cover your hair. Using a dupatta for covering will also help.

Oiling of Hair is necessary:

Oiling your hair is very important for good and healthy hair. You can use any mild and gentle shampoo to wash off the oil. You must also oil your scalp, but be careful not to overdo t. if you use too much oil, you will have to use more shampoo to wash it off. Too much shampoo strips out the natural oils in your scalp and hair too. This makes your hair even drier.

Shampooing for Hair:

As you all know, wet hair is quite weak and fragile to break off very easily if you meddle with it. So, be careful when you use shampoo. The shaft and root become susceptible to all kinds of damage when wet. If you are harsh, your hair starts breaking off. Moreover, you must never brush your hair when wet. It can break off when you do that. Wait for your hair to dry out.

Tying Hair badly?

When you tie your hair, try not to use too tight hair ties. You can use any scrunchies which have a cloth tied around them. Using tight hair ties hold your hair tightly. This increases the friction, and can lead to breakage of hair.

Teasing of Hair:

Teasing your hair will spoil the hair texture and make it more frizzy and damaged. Even though the process gives a voluminous look to your hair, it causes significant damage.

Use Moisturizer:

After washing your hair, make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner. Your hair could become really frizzy if you do not condition it well. So, never step out without proper conditioning.

When and How much Conditioner to use?

When you use a conditioner, it is important that you use it in the correct manner. Conditioners are made for the purpose of keeping your hair well moisturized by sealing the moisture content in the hair shaft. It must not be used on your scalp. You must start applying the conditioner from at least 2 inches away from your scalp. Using too much conditioner will make your hair and scalp too oily and greasy. As such, use just an optimum amount.

What to do while Sleeping?

Before sleeping at night, make sure you braid your hair loosely. This helps avoid any frizzy hair while sleeping. Using a side braid will be even better. When you leave your open, it tends to get knotted. So, you will need t pull and brush it in the morning to get rid of the knots. When you brush too much your hair tends to become frizzy. So, better avoid all this mess.

Having healthy hair is easy to achieve and maintain if you follow these simple tips and include them in your daily beauty regime.

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