Taylor Swift Beauty, Makeup, Diet and Fitness Secrets

Taylor Swift is a well known American singer and song writer. At the young age of 23 she achieved more single hits than most of the artists together. She is known for her country songs. She is best known for The Hunger Games and Letters to Juliet. The movie Hannah Montana is also very famous. She reflects talent, class, elegance and common sense. She is the role model for young girls across the world.

Taylor Swift Beauty Secrets:

Taylor Swift Beauty Secrets

  • Taylor Swift has a naturally beautiful skin and hair. So, she only needs a little extra care to keep her skin and hair healthy and beautiful.
  • She chooses her products with great care and has a few styling rules which she adheres to.
  • She says that she has never had any beauty disasters and that she has never dyed her hair. She says that she surely will never dye her hair.
  • One body product that she loves to use is the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. She says that it makes her feel that she is on a tropical island.
  • She has naturally beautiful hair and she never uses any hair products for the fear of spoiling her beautiful hair.
  • She never misses to apply the night cream every night before she goes to sleep. She also applies the cream in the morning before she applies any makeup on her face.
  • She makes sure that she applies a sun block when she goes out in the sun. This helps in avoiding sunburn and other skin problems caused due to exposure to the sun.

So, you can see that her beauty tips are simple and effective.

Taylor Swift Makeup Secrets:

Taylor Swift Makeup Secrets

  • Taylor says that it was her mother who introduced her to the world of makeup. Her mother used to put tiny bits of makeup whenever she asked for it. She says, ‘She was always really sweet when I wanted to try makeup in middle school and I was horrible about it. She’s always been really cool about it; let’s call it ‘artistic expression”.
  • The makeup essential that she carries with her for everyday use include mascara, eyeliner, a lash curler, lipstick natural brown eye shadows, and Kate Somerville moisturizer. In an interview Taylor said that she loves to use MAC Studio Tech NW 20 and a black gel liner. She adores them because it comes with a brush applicator. This she finds fool proof and prevents the application form getting messy.
  • She cannot live without liquid eyeliner. But you will be shocked to know how she started off with it. She says that she was on plane to Japan about two years back and she had no makeup with her. So she went to the bathroom and used a Sharpie to line her eyes. From that day she started using liquid eyeliner because she saw that it was much easier for her to do.
  • She loves having her hair and makeup done. She says that this makes her look like a better version of herself. She also loves experimenting.

The signature look of Taylor Swift is red lips and winged liner. When drawing, imagine a line extending from your bottom lid in an upward motion. Use this as a guide for the eyeliner to ‘flick’. She has a small trick to make her red lipstick last for a longer time. After applying the red lipstick, she blots it with a tissue. Then she puts powder on the tissue and presses it onto her lips. After that she applies the lipstick again on her lips. This helps in making the lipstick last longer. She takes care not to allow the red lipstick to get on her teeth.

Taylor swift Diet Plan:

Taylor Swift Diet Plan

  • You may be thinking that like other celebrities she also puts herself on crash diet to look slim and trim. But you are wrong. She is a foodie and does not diet or think of cutting down on her food. Taylor Swift loves to eat and she also loves cooking. So, how does she remain fit and fine?
  • She takes a heavy breakfast. The remaining meals of the day are kept light. She tries to stay away from sugary beverages like coffee and aerated drinks as they contain huge amounts of calories.
  • She drinks a lot of water. It is so much that it had made her friends call her an alien.
  • On days when she wants to keep it light, she takes vanilla lattes.
  • Mostly she prefers to eat light foods like salads and sandwiches as well as yogurt on weekdays when she is recoding. But during the weekends she breaks all rules. She eats everything she wants to eat. It is during the weekends that she eats burgers, ice creams, cookies etc, which she loves to eat.
  • Taylor Swift tries to keep stress out of her life because when you are stressed you eat more than that is needed. This can lead to an increase in weight. So, you should remain happy and stay fit.

Taylor Swift Fitness Tips:

Taylor Swift Exercise Fitness Routine

  • Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who have not even an inch of extra fat on her body. She works out very hard to maintain her figure.
  • She believes that one should not workout just because they want to reduce weight or get into shape. This approach can take longer time to show the results you want.
  • She remains healthy and also trains to be in a fit physical shape. This way she can avoid panting on the stage during concerts. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall and she has legs that are fit to become a potential runner.
  • No matter where she is, she does cardio exercise for an hour without fail. She does one hour of cardio workout on her treadmill daily.
  • She loves it when she sweats. She says that sweating helps in preventing fat and also removes toxins from the body.

So, try to follow her tips and look as gorgeous as Taylor Swift.

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