Taylor Swift’s Diet Eating Plan, Fitness & Workout Secrets

Taylor Swift is and American singer, actor and song writer, who was born on 13th December, 1989. In spite of her busy schedule, she manages to keep her body fit and beautiful. You will never see extra pounds on her body. She takes care to have healthy and balanced food and also workout to keep her body fit and in perfect condition. Apart from these, she always tries to stay in good spirits. If you are keen to know about her diet plans and how she keeps her body in god shape, read on.

Taylor Swift Daily Diet Plan and Eating Habits:

Taylor Swift Diet Plan

The diet plan fitness secrets of Taylor swift are as interesting to her fans as her latest albums and film appearances. If you think that she acquired her thin figure by starving herself, you are wrong. She never starves herself nor does she cut down lots of dishes from her meals. She maintains a healthy eating habit and goes for a workout regularly to get the hourglass figure that many of her fans admire.

Eats Favorite foods on weekends:

Everyone loves to have his or her favorite foods once in a while, even if that food is high in calories. Taylor Swift also consumes her favorite food occasionally. On weekends, she has calorie heavy foods of her choice without thinking about the calories she may gain from it. She likes to have tiny burger and fries during such times. She also loves ice-creams and does not hesitate to have a scoop of ice-cream. Cookies and toffees made by her mother are also her weakness and she loves to gorge on them.

Foods in her refrigerator:

Some of the common foods that she always keeps in her refrigerator include eggs and ham. Eggs are mostly used for making breakfast. She loves to have thinly sliced ham. Apart from drinking water, she prefers to have orange juice. This also she keeps in her refrigerator. Once in a while she also drinks diet coke. She prefers to have Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Hydrates the body with water and fluids:

According to Taylor Swift, you have to keep your body well hydrated to have a fit and well toned body. So, she takes care to drink lots of water and other fluids. She drinks about 10 bottles of water per day. She never misses it. She is so particular about it that she always carries a case in her vehicle. Some of her friends crack jokes about it. But Taylor Swift knows very well how beneficial water is for the body.

Healthy eating during week days:

On week days she makes sure that she eats healthy. She has salads, yogurt and sandwiches most of the time. She makes sure that she never takes sugary drinks. Usually she takes light meals, but enough to keep her healthy and in good spirits. She chooses salads to get over the cravings for sweets. Sometimes she adds a lot of vegetables and fish in salads so that she gets the necessary nutrients.

Self cooking Girl:

She likes to cook when she gets time, specially baking. She bakes cookies when she feels like. In winter she makes pumpkin breads for her family. Another of her favorites is Starbucks and she prefers pumpkin spice latte. She also loves to try and cook new and easy-to-make dishes at times. Sometimes she cooks chicken and pasta for her friends and family.

Tasty and Healthy Snacking:

When she is on tour or outside her home, it becomes necessary for her to have snacks. She tries to have healthy snacks although at times she gives in to her cravings for cheeseburgers. She drinks Swift Shake, which is a drink that was made by Dr. Oz especially for her. The ingredients in it include peanuts butter, dried cranberries, chocolate chips and ground flaxseed.

Expert View on the Diet Habits of Taylor Swift:

Diet experts and nutritionists say that the diet plan followed by Taylor Swift is almost perfect for the young generation who are obsessed with slim figure. She eats light without going to the extremes, drinks plenty of water and reaches out for junk foods only occasionally. She avoids sugary beverages that can make her put on weight. She also makes it a point to have her favorite food items occasionally, thus satisfying her taste buds.

Taylor Swift’s Exercise and Fitness Routine:

Taylor Swift Exercise Fitness Routine

Image credits: @Taylor Swift Instagram

Along with the right diet, she tries her best to keep her body slim and well toned. She does cardio routine exercise. She does workout that help her stay fit and energetic.

Likes to Sweat it out:

Swift does not mind sweating lot to keep fat at bay. She does not care how she looks when she does workout and sweat a lot. She believes the concept of getting rid of toxins from the body through sweating and workout.

No obsession with being thin:

Although Swift consider workout as very important, it is not for the purpose of attaining pencil slim figure. She is not obsessed with pencil slim figure. According to her, you should not workout for losing weight and slimming down. This can put a stop to your progress. Workout should be a part of your routine for getting a healthy and toned body and to increase the energy levels.

Regular exercise regime:

She follows a regular workout regime. Every morning she runs several miles, so that she can stay in high spirits. She also does other workouts. She goes to the gym and does vigorous workout.

Uses treadmill:

Taylor is very tall and she has got lean legs, which add to her beauty. So, she makes sure that her legs are well toned and always in good shape. For this she runs on a treadmill.

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