Tea Tree Oil for Keloids Treatment – How to Use it Effectively?

Are you looking for a remedy for getting rid of that annoying keloid? Then you must surely try tee tree oil. First of all let us see what keloid is.

Tea Tree Oil for Keloids

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Keloids Definition and Overview:

Keloids appear on the skin as raised and thick overgrowths. They are different from the normal scars on your skin because they are pink, purple or flesh coloured, and have a smooth surface. They do not subside with time. So it becomes necessary to lighten or remove them. Some of them can get smaller in size and become flatter after some time.

Can Keloids Become Cancerous?

Keloids are not harmful. They are just fibrous development on the skin and are fleshy and rubbery to feel. They are non-cancerous and boning. So you need not worry about them. Moreover, they do not cause you any pain. But they are tender to touch and can be itchy. When your skin gets damaged and there is abnormal healing of the wound keloids can appear. This is considered as the main reason of the appearance of keloids on the skin. Skin can suffer from various types of damages like cuts, piercings, chicken pox, burns, skin abrasions, acne, insect bites and so on.

Keloid is formed when there is an excess production of collagen by the body. Collagen is a type of protein and forms the dermal structure. Collagen production is essential for the healing of wounds. When the skin gets infected or when it is under tension, the keloid scars formed get left behind by the skin during the process of healing. According to studies made, people having dark skin have higher chances of suffering form keloids. Your genes also play an important part in the formation of keloids. Keloids are mostly formed in people in the age group of 10 years to 30 years.

Are keoids cured completely? Keloids can resist treatment. So, you cannot cure keloids completely. No permanent cure for keloids is possible. But you need not lose hope. There are home remedies for reducing the irritation and tenderness due to keloids. Tea tree oil is very effective for treating keloids.

Tea Tree Oil Properties:

You get tea tree oil through a process of steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant. This plant is a native of Australia and its leaves have been used for long for making tea. Hence it got the name tea tree. There has been very limited research conducted on the health benefits of tea tree oil. But its importance in treating various skin problems is well known. It can remove scars, abrasions, acne and keloids on the skin. However, it is better to consult your doctor before you start using tea tree oil, especially if you have skin allergy of some kind.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Keloids?

Tea tree oil is great for removing hypertrophic scars and keloids. Some use tea tree oil to curb the growth of keloids and to get relief from the itching and inflammation associated with keloids.

You can apply tea tree oil directly on the affected area or you may mix it with Vitamin E oil and then dab it on the keloids with the help of a sponge. If your skin is sensitive and can suffer from rashes and allergies due to essential oils, then you can dab a few drops of tea tree oil to hot water solution and then use it.

Solution Preparation:

  1. To prepare the hot water solution, you have to take a cup of warm water that is distilled.
  2. Now you can add one teaspoon of sea salt and a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the solution.
  3. After making the solution, you have to soak the area with keloids in this water for about 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat the treatment for two times a day for at least 15 days to get good results.

Tea tree oil is also good for treating keloids that are formed due to ear piercing. All you have to do is to soak a cotton ball in tea tree oil and dab it around the pierced hole. Repeat this 4 to 5 times a week. After dabbing it with the cotton ball soaked in tea tree oil, you have to let the oil stay on the skin for a while. Then you can wash it off with warm water. Sometimes, tea tree oil may turn out to be too strong for the keloid. In that case the bump may return. Then you can try using it in the diluted form.

Home Remedies for Treating Keloids:

Apple cider vinegar:

Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area and massage well. Wait for a while so that it gets absorbed by the skin. After it gets dry, apply it again. Do this several time a day. With regular use you will get positive results within four to five weeks.

Aloe vera:

Clean the affected area of the skin well with lukewarm water and apply aloe vera gel on the scars two times daily.


Apply garlic oil on the scar and wait for 10 minutes. Then you can wash it off with water. You can also use crushed garlic instead of garlic oil if garlic oil is not available.


Apply honey on the affected area and massage well. This will increase blood circulation and help in preventing the accumulation of dead skin dells.

Lemon juice:

Apply freshly squeezed juice of lemon on the affected area of the skin and wait for half an hour. Then wash with lukewarm water. Applying this at least once daily and you will start getting positive results within a few weeks.

Sandalwood and rose water:

Mix rose water with sandalwood powder and make a paste. You may also add some black gram to this paste. Clean the scar with water and apply this paste on the scars before you go to sleep at night. Wash it off in the morning with lukewarm water. You have to apply it regularly for one month for getting positive results.

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