What is Therapeutic Nutrition – Its Definition and Benefits

To stay healthy and fit you need to eat proper food that contains all the essential nutrients and that too at proper time. Nutritional therapy was once thought as ineffective, but now is getting popular with dietitians. Many people are resolving to therapeutic nutrition to get relief from various diseases and allergies.

What does Therapeutic Nutrition mean?

What is Therapeutic Nutrition

Therapeutic nutrition makes you aware that the main reason for various ailments is the eating habits followed by the present day generation. Unhealthy eating habits are responsible for causing various diseases. So, this therapy encourages people to have a proper diet that is capable of reversing the effects caused by wrong eating habits. According to this therapy, you suffer from certain diseases because your diet lacks in certain minerals and vitamins, or you take in excess of these vitamins and minerals. Choosing the right food is the best way to keep a check on the vitamins and minerals you take in and therefore this therapy involves taking the correct diet to ward off these diseases.

How do you use therapeutic nutrition?

A very efficient therapy:

Have you ever thought that you can use diet to make yourself healthy? Well, therapeutic nutrition is a fine example for this. In this therapy the nutrition specialists and dietitians first find out the disease that a person is suffering from and also the vitamins in which the person is lacking. After figuring all these out, they chart out a diet plan that focus on treating the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body and ensuring adequate supply of these vitamins and minerals. Gradually the body starts getting sufficient supply of the nutrition it is lacking and then you will notice that the disease also tarts getting removed from the body. In some cases your body gets completely rid of the disease and you will be as healthy as ever. So, you can see that this therapy is very simple and at the same time extremely effective. It is very easy follow and the result is very satisfactory.

Proper Nutrition Therapy:

This special therapy has cured many diseases that were found to be incurable by many other means of treatment. This therapy has been found to be very effective in treating various allergies and problems connected with it, which is of a great concern to many of the teenage girls and boys. Most of these allergies, which showed no positive results with any other treatment, have faded away with therapeutic nutrition. If you are suffering from various problems like hair fall, rough skin, acne, dandruff, skin rashes, and other such ailments, you need not worry any more. Just take the correct food and in the right quantity. Also make it a point to have your meals at fixed times every day. This is sure to solve all your problems concerned with beauty and health. You can consult an experienced dietitian and get help from him as to which food you must eat and which to avoid.

Role of Nutrition in Low –immunity:

Some of you are more prone to viral fevers, cough, common cold etc, compared to other people, who hardly suffer from such symptoms. As soon as there is a change in weather, you are affected with common cold and flu. This is because your body is not that much immune. So it is necessary that you check your immunity levels. One of the reasons for low immunity is the imbalance of vitamins in the body. This makes you get fever and cold easily and very fast. In nutrition therapy, the dietitians try to track down these problems and make you consume food rich in vitamins and minerals that your body lacks in. This helps in building up a strong immune system and you will see that you no longer suffer from frequent colds and fever. So ext time when the weather changes you need not have any worries about getting down with fever and cold.

Tea – Helps you in lifting your mood and has great nutritional value:

One of the main reasons for getting short tempered and for mood swings, anxiety, stress and agitation is the fluctuation in the hormones present in your body. Some of the foods you consume can help in promoting the vitamins that plays a vital role in calming the hormones in the body. This in turn makes you more calm and composed and helps in lowering the blood pressure. Green tea in this case is regarded as a gift given by God to human beings, which helps in correcting the hormonal imbalance. Drinking green tea aids in flushing out all the harmful toxins from your body, making your body detoxified. This corrects hormonal imbalance and makes you calm. So, if you feel that you are getting irritated or snappy, just have a glass of green tea. This will calm you down and make you behave normally.

Nutritional Deficiencies and ailments:

There are many people who suffer from frequent attacks of migraine. One of the main reasons for this is also the diet that you take in. When the diet is deficient in certain vitamins, minerals etc. you will suffer from headaches, migraines etc. Women also suffer from pre-menstrual symptoms as a result of improper diet. They get menstrual cramps and also suffer from extreme mood swings. These are corrected by taking proper food in sufficient quantities.

Lack of energy and the feeling of tiredness all the time is also because the body is lacking in essential nutrients. Many of you might have tried various treatments but failed to cure it. Therapeutic nutrition tries to solve these problems and cure them. Even depression, which is regarded as an illness of the mind, is treated with therapeutic nutrition.

So have the right food always and this will help you to stay away from various diseases and even cure some of the diseases you are suffering from.

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