Tips to Use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth & Control Hair Fall

Curry leaves are so called because these leaves are mainly used when you make various curries in India. It is an unavoidable ingredient in many of the dishes that you prepare and add flavor to the dish. They are also called ‘sweet neem leaves’. Other than making the dish tasty and adding a pleasant aroma, it has a lot of health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of these leaves are that they help in preventing diarrhea, can control bad cholesterol in the body and are beneficial for your digestive system. They are also excellent for your hair. Using curry leaves on your hair makes your hair grow strong and healthy, and also provides a glow to your hair. In this article we will discuss about how curry leaves help your hair grow.

Curry Leaves for Hair

How Curry Leaves actually benefit your Hair:

Helps in repairing hair roots:

When you use shampoos and other hair products that contain lots of chemicals on your hair, the roots of your hair get affected and causes damage to the hair. Use of various heating tools and the pollution and dust in the environment also lead to the damage of hair roots. Curry leaves are rich in essential oils that help in repairing the damaged hair roots. Make a smooth paste of curry leaves by grinding them with a little of water. Apply this well on your scalp and hair. This can repair the roots and rejuvenate them. If you apply this paste of curry leaves regularly, it makes your hair follicles strong and leads to increase in hair growth. You can also consume curry leaves. But it has a bitter taste and many find it hard to consume. If you have no problem with its taste, you can consume it. When you have damaged hair, curry leaves act as first aid to your hair and make the roots strong. When the roots are made strong, the hair growth is also increased.

Controls excessive hair fall:

Hair fall may be caused due to various reasons. One of the main causes for hair fall is lack of proteins. Curry leaves contain protein and beta-carotene in high amounts. These can reduce hair fall and increase the rate of growth of your hair. So, if you want your hair to grow healthy and strong, one of the easiest ways is to consume curry leaves regularly. These leaves are also rich sources of antioxidants. Curry leaves help in keeping the scalp well moisturized and hydrated and so makes you hair smooth and glowing. By keeping the hair moisturized, it helps in preventing dandruff caused due to drying of scalp. It is also good for getting rid of dead scalp follicles.

How to Use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth:

Curry leaves hair mask:

Take some curry leaves and grind them well to get a fine paste. Add some yogurt to this paste. Apply this paste on your scalp and massage well with your finger tips. Let this hair mask remain on your scalp and hair for about 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it off with water and a mild shampoo. Apply this paste every week without fail and you will see that your hair has started growing at a fast rate. Not only does it increase hair growth, but it is also good for making your hair smooth and shiny, giving a bounce to hair.

Curry leaves hair tonic:

Pluck some fresh curry leaves from the curry tree and put them in a bowl. Add some coconut oil to the leaves, as coconut oil is excellent for healthy hair. Boil the coconut oil with curry leaves till you see a black residue of the curry leaves at the bottom of the bowl. Now take it out of the flame and keep it aside till it gets cooled. After it cools down, apply the oil on your scalp and hair. Let this oil remain on your hair for about one hour. Then wash off with water and a mild shampoo. By applying this hair tonic on your hair two times a week, you will see that within fifteen days your hair has become stronger and more glowing. With regular use you see great difference in your hair. It increases hair growth at a fast rate. This hair tonic is also good for preventing graying of your hair. So, if you find gray strands of hair, start using this hair tonic and this will prevent further appearance of gray hair. This hair tonic is one of the best remedies for enhancing hair growth and ot prevent various other hair problems like premature graying of hair.

Making tea from curry leaves for your hair:

Curry Leaves Tea for Hair

You may be wondering how it is possible to make tea with curry leaves. But curry leaves tea is also made. Take a small pan and pour some water in it. Add a few curry leaves to the water and boil the water for a few minutes. Squeeze a lime and add the juice of lime to the tea you have made. Also put some sugar to it. Your curry leaf tea is ready. Drink this tea. It is good for your hair. If you drink it daily for at least one week, you will soon start getting positive results. In addition to increasing the hair growth, this tea helps in making your hair smooth and lustrous. It also aids in preventing graying of hair. Digestive problems can also cause various hair problems. Curry leaves are good for your digestive system and this way prevents many of the hair problems connected with digestion.

So, if you have any hair problems consume curry leaves and also use these leaves as a hair pack on your hair. You will soon get a strong and healthy hair that is black, shiny and smooth.

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    What is the right time to consume curry leaves tea?

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    Can it turn the grey hairs black again. If I consume it on daily basis.

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    Once the hair has turned grey, it cannot be turned out black again. But ofcourse we can really delay greying of hair further.

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    We can apply curry leaves hair tonic daily

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