Top Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for Skin, Hair and Health

Drinking water is very essential for your health and it is said that you must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Many people prefer cold water, but drinking hot water is best for your health. It detoxifies your body, increases digestion and blood circulation and hydrates your body. If the water content in your body is lowered, you may suffer from many diseases and infections.

Hot Water benefits skin hair

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for the Skin:

Eliminates root causes of infections:

If you drink hot water regularly, you can protect your skin from acnes, pimples and other such skin problems. Hot water cleanses your body deeply and removes toxins from your body, thus nullifying the root causes of these infections.

Prevents premature ageing:

If you drink hot water daily, you can prevent premature ageing and have a youthful and glowing skin for a long time. This is because it flushes the toxins out of your body and also heals and repairs the cells that are harmed by free radicals. Hot water increases the elasticity of your skin and as a result your skin becomes well-toned, free from wrinkles, young and beautiful.

Turns skin healthy:

Consuming hot water daily hydrates your body and also keeps your body warm. Water is very effective for dry and flaky skin and protects your skin from getting dry. It is also good for maintaining a healthy skin because hot water improves blood circulation in your body provides you a healthy and robust complexion.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for the Hair:

Fights dandruff:

Hot or warm water keeps your scalp and hair hydrated prevents the scalp from getting dry. This in turn prevents the formation of dandruff in your hair.

Healthy and Bright Hair:

By drinking hot water you get a healthy, supple and bright hair. It provides energy to the nerve endings present in your hair roots and make them more active. It also revitalizes you hair and make it look very healthy.

Promotes hair growth:

Each strand of your hair consists of about 25% water and therefore it is important that you drink lots of water every day. Hot water provides great energy to your hair and enhances its activities as well as increases the growth of the hair. Thus you will have thick and healthy hair.

Benefits of Hot Water for Health:

Hot Water benefits health

Cures menstrual cramps:

Girls who suffer from menstrual cramps get relief by drinking hot water. If you add some carom seed to hot water and drink, it is more effective. The warmth of the water has a soothing effect on the muscles of the abdomen and cures cramps and spasms of the abdominal muscles, providing relief.

Detoxifies the body:

Drinking hot water helps you to get rid of toxins from your body. If you are suffering from indigestion, drink hot water early in the morning as well as at night before you go to bed. This is very effective for it. When you drink hot water, the temperature of your body goes up and you start sweating. This cleanses your internal system and keeps it free from toxin. It is all the more effective if you put some lemon juice and honey into it.

Enhances blood circulation and clears nervous system:

Drinking hot water helps daily helps in increasing the blood circulation in your body by burning the excess fat that has accumulated in your body tissues. It also clears the nervous system by breaking down the toxic deposits that are found in the nervous system.  These toxins may have many negative effects on a person’s thought and emotions.

Eases bowel movement:

If your body does not have sufficient water, you may suffer from severe constipation. The stool starts getting accumulating in your intestine and the bowel movement is becomes very slow. This cause discomfort and pain in your stomach. So it is advisable that you drink a glass of hot water every morning in your empty stomach. This helps in decomposing the food particles and makes the movement of the particles easy and smooth, without causing any pain in the intestine.

Heals nasal and throat congestion:

One of the natural remedies for cold, cough and sore throat is to drink plenty of hot water. It helps in dissolving the thick cough or phlegm that accumulates in your respiratory tracts and clears your respiratory tracts, allowing to breath easily and getting you relief from sore throat. Hot water also provides you relief from nasal congestion. By putting a few drops of warm salty water in your nose the congestion gets cleared.

Helps in easy digestion:

Hot water always helps in digestion and makes the process of digestion faster. If you drink cold water after your meal, it may cause the oil in the food to get hardened and make it deposit on the inner walls of your intestine in the form of fat. This may lead to intestinal cancer. But if you take one glass of hot water instead of cold water, all these problems may be solved. Your digestion is also made faster.

Helps in perspiration:

Drinking hot water helps you to perspire, which cools your body. So in places where the climate is hot, you must drink hot water, which helps to keep your body cool and flush out the toxins.

Promotes weight loss:

If you are planning to lose a few pounds of your weight, hot water can be of great help. It stimulates metabolism and helps to break down the adipose tissues that lie under your skin. It is more effective if you take hot water with lemon and honey. As result, you will be able to get rid of your excess weight. So hot water is one of the best solutions for losing weight.

You can see that drinking hot water can work wonders on your health, skin and hair. So start drinking hot water form today and stay fit and fine.

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